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July 20, 2007


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I can't say I got teary-eyed, but I did squirm during the description of the baby whose labor was induced 2 weeks ago in a botched plan-b type adoption. Very...descriptive. How is no one beating the living piss out of Kyle by the way? Or Michael? Or Kayla for that matter?

And in that situation, what kid pulls out a picture of his "dad" to show the mother of his own rape-baby and also happens to be his half sister? I think if I were him I'd be spewing into a garbage can a-la the guy on that one episode of Law and Order: CI.

It's copy and paste time baby.
"I didn't include you in our plans, anyway." Oh SNAP!
"[*Frema takes a deep breath, rubs belly reassuringly, reminds herself she has not recently overdosed on antidepressants.*]" Nor have you been raped by your brother. So yeah, you're okay. But are you starting to see how your emotions change on being able to read and think about such horrible things? Like, the other day I was listening to the TLF soundtrack, in particular "How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye", and I cried and cried and cried...while still trying to sing...while driving. Not very safe but I couldn't help myself. I listened to that song a thousand times when it came out and it never had that sort of impact on me. Now that I'm a mom though, I had to turn it off. Serioulsy, I couldn't make it through the song.
Anywho, back to TLF. Kyle actually asked if he could see Katherine? He's got just as big of balls as Michael, and Kayla for that matter (well, you know, if she had balls). I mean, what on earth does he have to say to her? "I'm sorry I raped you and left you along, in the dark, on the ground. And I'm sorry I have super swimmers?" What? Seriously.
I'm really surprised Jenna actually wanted to hug Kayla as much as she wanted to hit her. I thought the bitch was gonna go Girlfight on her ass.
As for this? "I'm eighty-percent sure I'll skip next week since a lot of us will be gone." Psh. I guess next week I'll have to do without TLF and Molly's Friday photos since you will all be up in Chicago hanging out together. It sucks to not be one of the cool kids. (sniff, sniff, Liz had better represent me well) Damn BlogHer, screwing up my weekly reads. It's okay though, I've been preparing myself for such an announcement (that you won't post TLF next week) and also, I don't want to see Part II end either! So, it's okay.
And so ends the longest comment ever.

I'm with Hily. I too copied the "[*Frema takes a deep breath, rubs belly reassuringly, reminds herself she has not recently overdosed on antidepressants.*]" part. Because hello...did not have sex with your brother.

So yeah, you're officially safe.

My best friend in high school's brother is named Brock. Their mom always said she named him after her favorite soap opera character. I love that you represented also!!

I did not cry. But, like David McNelis I did squirm. And maybe gag a little.

Dr. Frema, will you deliver my next child? You've got mad medical skillz.

(Maybe you'll give us some awesome TLF spoilers at BlogHer.)

(And also, just you wait for my Monday post. Kyle in the house!)

Oh my... I don't even know what to say. Little Frema really was all about the details...

I've got the shakes after reading that. Or maybe I'm just hyped up after my super-healthy lunch of McD's cheeseburger, fries, and hot fudge sundae.

"She saw everything, and was quite aware of what was going on. Or so it seemed." Mmmm, forshadowing of the best kind!

It will be strange (and sad) without TLF for two weeks but I have to agree that the good side is that it draws out the end of Part 2 with Lil' Frema's mad writing skillz; but I'm also looking forward to reading the new, improved, collaborative version as well. So torn.

VirginiaGal: Don't worry, I wouldn't abandon TLF two weeks in a row! I'll definitely post before the camping trip.

Damn, what a collection of bitches and assholes!! But all so wonderfully... well, tragic! I can't believe Michael stayed behind with Kayla--way to go from the hero of your own teenage past to a total douche. I mean, sure Jenna hasn't been perfect, but there is seriously no excuse for that kind of behavior right now. And dang... that poor baby... it got me all freaked out and I'm nowhere near pregnant. Note to self: Don't sleep with a secret half-brother and then attempt a sloppy abortion.

"But are you starting to see how your emotions change on being able to read and think about such horrible things?"

This is so true! Motherhood definitely changes things, as do other events.

Poor little Katrina. You really made me squirm with her description. Yikes!

Also, I love how Kyle actually wants to SEE Katherine after everything he caused. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was Michael's kid, with that nerve.

Can one little reader possibly persuade you to not skip next week?!???? TLF MAKE MY DAY! It's a week away and I'm already sad that you might not post the next installment. I'm not going to BlogHer, I'll be stuck at work and wishing for an update! (GUILT TRIP!) :)

Maybe we could use this crisis as an opportunity to test out the new TLF modus. Frema could just post *the first line* of the next installment next Friday, and over the ensuing week we could continue it, line by line, or paragraph by paragraph, in the comments. And in two weeks we can see how Lil' Frema smoked us all.

Zing! Oh snap! This episode was seriously like watching a boxing match... you know, all but the emotional delivery. Poor Katherine. I'm surprised how well Jenna kept it together- I guess the meds are paying off.

Also, I wanted to slap Kyle with his concern. Too late for that, little asshole, too too late. I have to laugh at how insanely funny it is that Jenna unwravelled Kay's whole identity (and Cassie's) at a glance while Michael was like, "what?!" I'd like to see him dictating the next chapter just so I can see where the planet stopped rotating for him.

On an unrelated note, at least for this episode-- I have been asked by my boss this week to put together a bunch of spread sheets for upper management, which involves alot of back-tracking and researching what is where, etc. All I kept thinking was- I just landed the Folger's account! TLF comes full circle;)

PS- They let Jenna AND Michael come into the OR with Katherine? That was blowing my mind (and not because I'm secretly in the mind-set of 1955), but I just didn't know how else she would see them cutting her.

For that matter... did they even take her to the OR? It occurs to me that there is no mention of leaving her hospital room. I'll just take lil' Frema's medical skillz for what they're worth.

ok i just got started and now i find i don't even get next week? i should have waited...*sigh* tee heee

yeah ok i was teary eyed.. that was just sad


all i got to say bout the guys is


"All I kept thinking was- I just landed the Folger's account!"

Bwahaha! Now I'm going to be thinking that whenever I get some huge new responsibility at work.

Every time I think I realize just how stupid Michael is, Li'l Frema proves me wrong. He's a douchebag and a moron. Nice.

I would have been kicking some ass if I was Jenna.

The description totally creeped me out.

And that little shit, Kyle, has got some damn nerve being all concerned!

It's okay to skip this weekend! Your readers will be in utter suspense until next weekend!! :) I love you. Pat your tummy for little Freeluka for me!!

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