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July 27, 2007


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Thank you for working TypePad...I love you!
"So heeeeeeeere I aaaaaaaaam, with ooooooopen aaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaarms..."
I think I may be putting two and two together and know why you are so forgiving of Kyle but that's all I'll say about that.
Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. You know, I forgot how bad I felt for her in the beginning of TLF. I forgot how much she loved David and how hurt she was that Jenna took him when she was supposed to be helping her out. I guess TLF has kind of come full circle since now Kayla is sleeping with Jenna's husband. I wanted to puke when she said "my Michael."
I might be confused (because wow, a lot of shit has happened) but why does Kyle seem to know that Katherine is his sister in the beginning of this post ("my SISTER or your LOVER?") but seems just as shocked, as if he's just realizing it after Kayla explains her f-ed up life to him ("My sister...My God!")? Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Do you understand what I just asked? If not, I'll call Liz later and you can explain it to her or something. (I still can't believe Liz has like met yall (yes, I say yall) and I, like, heard you say "Hi Hilary" through the phone this morning after you were done drying your hair....just crazy!)

Kyle redeemed? Not all the way.
Cassie? Maybe.
Kayla? Heck no! Seems to me she still has some explaining left to do.

How did Kay(la) not bitch-slap her son when he confessed to RAPING HIS SISTER! I mean, I would think (and I am no expert by any means, so this may just be dumb guy talking here) that she would be especially sensitive and outraged over rape, being a victim herself. Then again, I suppose I can't totally put myself in her shoes.

Good episode though, I didn't laugh as much as in some, but for the story to be tragic there should be some non-comedic parts. I did laugh about Ninja Gaiden and the song segway into "A Song For Momma."

And to think, I'll get to talk to you about this at lunch today! Woo hoo!

Why does David have to go there? Rubbing it in and shit. I'm all excited because I could simply hear your voice over the phone this morning but he has to one up me with the lunch thing. Why you gotta do that David? Huh?


Thank you so much for posting this!!! WOO HOO FOR TLF! :)

Now I just have to get through the rest of the day...ugh. Hope you're having fun at BlogHer!

I'm all in favor of forgiveness and everything, but Kyle is still evil - he RAPED her!!

Kyle: Momma, the thing is... I raped my sister, just like what happened to you, I'm so sorreeeeee!

Kayla: Oh, it's okay sweetie, that doesn't shock or horrify me as a former rape victim whatsoever, let's go eat cookies and sing kumbaya!

So yeah, I still think Kyle is pretty much scum! Although now he's scum with a huge guilt complex and tons of baggage, so you know, that sucks for him. But dude, Katherine got RAPED by her first love and lost her baby in a horrific way. That's not right, man!

Kayla: "A month later I was pregnant."

Really? David's super sperm took a WHOLE MONTH to make their way up Kayla's special place and impregnate her? Somehow I thought he might have had faster swimmers than that.

Your commentary this week is superb. I'll probably be laughing all weekend over "You're still grounded! No sex for a week."

Bah. No! I am apparently a coldhearted reader, haha.

(Who giggles everytime Lil Frema writes "angery".)

Good, give that baby something to eat. We like good eating babys.

Sorry Hill! Didn't mean to rain on the phone parade!

I'm with alyndabear - I giggle every time I read "angery"!

And, seriously, not enough cursing. I think the revelation that Kyle and Katherine are related and that Kayla's been fooling around with Katherine's "dad" would have warranted at least a few f-bombs.

I'll blame it on your youth!

my commentary on tlf this week doesn't have much to do with the new scene- but! since my nephew's been watching the star wars movies non-stinkin'-stop recently, i've realized something. Lucas and Leigh? Luke and Leia? Unbeknownst to them brother on sister action? wooo, lil Frema, was that intentional? also, was this already discussed?

Hilary: I'm catching what you're throwing! The only thing that can explain Kyle's shock later in the post is that, at the beginning, I don't think his connection to Katherine seemed real. Being the kid that he is, I think he focused more on the love stuff, like the baby, and the affair, and it wasn't until Kayla actually laid it all out there that it really sunk in for him.

Art Nerd: The Lucas/Leigh Luke/Leia thing? Totally a coincidence!

I'm not sure how Kyle is more upset that David isn't his dad then the fact THAT HE RAPED HIS OWN SISTER! And Kay, you need to get that kid in some serious therapy. STAT.

I'm not sure Kyle can be forgiven. I need him to be more sincere in his guilt. Is that bad of me?

The song that I kept getting? Lay it! On the liiiine! Haha

Nope, sorry Kyle. No love here.

I am still more sorry for Katherine. She's been through a lot. Kyle is winning points with me. I think he's just a confused kid with an effed up mom.

no redeption for the jerk none

as for kayla dude she has such issues... always gettin even.. always takin never bein happy with what she's got

Yes! No TLF post this week-- I get to come redeem myself and still say that I commented on the current episode. That being said...

I'm a little disappointed with the way the "big news" played out. For all that is tragic, this news should have been rage-envoking, life-altering, therapy-inducing... and nothing. A hug from the aunt.

I pictured this moment being among the most dramatic to be had. Maybe it's still coming. I'll wait patiently. But I'd like to see Kyle get at least a light slam from the adults in his life. At least clueless Michael should care that his poor daughter was raped by his would- be step son. No? Bueller? Anyone?

I need some follow-up on that one. Okay, waiting. That's what I'll do.

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