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July 06, 2007


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These poor kids. These poor, poor kids.
Michael does have some massive balls. But then again, all men who think they can have two women at one time do or they would never have a wife and a whore on the side to begin with.
As much of an asshole Michael is, Jenna doesn't fair too well either calling his cheating ass out in front of the kids. Now, now...they don't need to know about his whore. Leave them out of it.
Oh the irony (and confusion) here. Jenna, who's baby was killed by Kayla, kills Kayla's baby's baby. Is she going to take out Kayla's new baby as well? Can she make it two ladies and gents? We shall see.
Holy crap I can't wait for next week but then again, the end is near boohoohoo.

Wooo!! To be fair though, can anyone in this story (ok, any of the adults) actually accuse anyone else of being an asshole? To get a bit biblical, splinter in someone else's eye, not noticing the log in your own etc. I wasn't aware that miscarrying involved a lot of ambiotic fluid either... I mean, I never thought about what happened to it before... How long is it since the drug overdose induced miscarriage anyway?

Somehow I missed last week's TLF! Now I just can't get past the "There's still something swimming around in there" line... GOLDEN.

What is.....
Third Base?

I'm with Kathie, when was the OD?....I could use a visual aid timeline (and am just too darned tired today to do it myself).

And damn, is anyone more crazy than Katherine? Well, maybe your mom, but still, babbling on the stairs. Her half-brother really did a number on her.

I also can't wait until Jenna finds out that Kayla is the other woman....again!

SJ: 3rd Bass! Very good!

(FYI: I totally didn't remember the group's name and had a hell of a time finding it on Yahoo! Damn nursery rhymes!)

Kathie and David: I think it's been a month or two since the overdose, but the story doesn't clarify. I don't think lil' Frema intended for very much time to pass in between.

The best is that this is all happening on Christmas morning. Way to really screw up your kids for the rest of their lives.

(And where is the Baby Jesus? Why is he not looking over this sad family on this most Holy of days?!)

Um yeah, so is Kathrine having her baby? What the crap? Isn't she only like 4 weeks along? Creepy.

My head assplode from all of this!!!! Ahhhhhhh! Holy crap! I don't even know where to begin. I guess Michael's be wanting to slap the shit outta Jenna since they were teenagers, huh? Probably wasn't expecting her to kick his ass though.

I cannot believe they would do all that in front of their kids. Why is it that Leigh is the only one that is bothered by the fact that Katherine is sitting there talking to herself?

I am on edge waiting for next week!

Oh, holy crap. How does Michael buy pants with enough crotch room to house those ginormous balls of his?

I can't wait for next week. I have a feeling the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan (but hopefully nobody will be rubbing it all over their faces this time).

It would not be TLF if the airing of the affair didn't happen on Christmas morning, and then spark the death of yet another baby. Popping! More popping! I have a feeling poor little Katrina's not going to make it. There's something very All My Children Janet-esque about Katherine's crazy conversations with Katrina. When she speaks to Katrina, I can't help but picture Janet (Natalie) in a dark bobbed wig and glasses, throwing (her sister) down into a well. (No fear! Natalie lived and then something happened to her and Trevor ended up with Janet from another planet anyway.) Please tell me you remember this storyline - it's classic early 90's AMC.

I can't WAIT for next week!!

Holy crap! What a week!!!

And with this line, right here:

""Baby." I reached for him, but he held on to his sister, who was gazing at him with great admiration."

You've left yourself with a perfect opening for the sequel in which two twins are unable to deny their growing, and TABOO, attraction to one another. Brilliant!

That Michael... definitely needed the kick in the balls. Damnit, Katherine, getting in the way like that.

(And I've been totally staring at the rumble & burst stomach sentence for five minutes, and I still don't get it. Lil Frema is much cleverer than I.)

And the hits! Just! Keep! On! Coming!

I'm sorry, was that inappropriate? :-) But these people seem to be the Reigning Family of Inappropriateville!

Also, I love Angela's idea for the third installment. So VC Andrews I could die.

i am waiting for the 11th, I am so excited.
love auntie

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