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July 02, 2007


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How exciting! I hope this place will hold even more special memories for you guys. And I hear ya about the first floor- holy lack of privacy, batman!

Good to hear the move went off well.

I had a slogan-related "my ass" moment right before I moved to Madison.

Remember how ComEd had those commercials about "we'll stay up late so you can have power and heat in your house?"

Well, our power went out the day before Thanksgiving and was finally restored...twenty-two hours later. We were cooking in the kitchen with flashlights over the stove...it was like being in a galley of a submarine.

"Up all night so you can have power" my ass.

So glad the move went well. The situation with AT&T? Ohhhhh we need to swap stories. Damn Dish Network, the headache of my life. Pardon me while I go stick my head in the oven...

169 minutes? I saw that I thought there's no way I'd have that much patience. And then to be hung up on?? I would have thrown the phone through the wall (well maybe not if I just moved in!)

Glad the move went well apart from said technical difficulty. Good luck getting that straightened out!

I like the order of importance of the remaining items (finishing touches and AMC first, then freaking out over exposure on 1st floor).

I am glad the move went well. There was a lot of good help, except for the phone company. First floor will be a positive.

I am glad that the move went all right. AT &T is probably busy trying to control the Internet rather than trying to provide real service to their customers. Apparently, "Your World Delivered" means how AT&T plans to deliver your world of what you see online.

See this link for more information Save the Internet.

All the new iphone users were hogging up ATT...

I have similar horror stories of Comcast (our local phone/internet/cable behemoth) trying to ruin my life. I think it took me a total of three days off from work to get our phone line installed. They gave me a $20 credit for my troubles, which worked out to something like 10 cents for every hour I spent waiting for them.

Glad the move went well!

On hold for 169 minutes and all you get is a dailtone? You are pregnant and didn't even break anything or throw anything? You are seriously a better person than I am.

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