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August 16, 2007


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Hooray for belly pics!!! You look sooo adorable!!! Oh and Freka, you look great too. Have to give the little one some credit too, right?

I think all of the movement is definitely a good sign. I just hope she settles down at night when it is time for bed. With any luck she'll get on your sleep schedule before she is even born. ;-)

I'm totally craving sour cream and onion chips now.

Frema, you look GREAT. And that belly is too perfect. I want to rub it all day! ;-)

I love that you have Luke's old dresser and your rocker. That is very special.

December 10th, here we come!

Holy crap are you a freakin' adorable pregnant woman!

Holy crap, Frema! That baby is really growing in there because you've gotten bigger since I saw you at BlogHer. (And that is a compliment NOT a "you're fat" statement)
You look PRESHUS. It's probably a good thing you weren't showing as much at BlogHer because I don't know if I would be able to resist the urge to rub that belly now!
And um. Your boobies? Nuff said.

I agree that you look so cute and adorable! I know grown women usually don't like to be called cute and adorable - sorry about that.

Depending on your goals for your childbirth classes, you may want to consider going through a private teacher rather than (or in addition to ) the hospital :-) The hospital classes are great to teach you about hospital policies and how things will happen during the typical epidural birth. If you desire something besides the typical epidural birth (and I'm not saying you SHOULD, just IF you do), I would go to a private teacher :-) My personal favorites are Hypnobabies and the Bradley method. There are a lot of eclectic teachers that cover all sorts of methods.

Wow, it has been a while since you posted a picture! You look great, and I like your Pooh jammies. :)

You look so gorgeous!

Oh my gosh! You're pregnant! Wow, it really has been awhile since I've seen a preggy picture. Oh and ditto on the pooh jammies.

Holy crap!! You look fantastic!! I know I just saw you a few weeks ago, but that baby is growing in leaps and bounds. The picture made me misty-eyed. Damn pregnancy hormones. Oh wait, that's you. What's my excuse?

You look fantastic! If Freka really does turn out to be an Olympic Gymnast, at least you & Luke will get really REALLY nice presents on your birthdays. ;)

What a beautiful belly!

You look awesome! I love baby bellies - damn, I have baby fever BAD! I won't be at St. Joe's this weekend, which is good for you because I'd seriously spend the meeting rubbing your belly - in an envious sort of way, not a creepy one.

Thats our girls. What a joy!

You look lovely as always. Those six pregnancy tests must be accurate, you really do look pregnant.

Yeay for belly pics! You look fantastic! And by the way, I love your term "fetal shenanigans"... it's much cuter than teenage shenanigans;)

Oh wow. You look great!

I love that you are wearing the same bottoms as in the first belly pic.

You look fantastic!! I love the Pooh pants.

You look beautiful.

You are the cutest damn pregnant woman!! You look fantastic!! I totally wanna rub the belly, but I don't wanna draw back a nub.

you look beatiful and all this talk about being preggers and seeing all the beatiful baby pics on the blogs i read is really giving me a hankering for another baby. not that the two i have arne't keeping me busy mind you but it seems when they hit two yrs old a real bad bout of babyitis hits and you want another.. *sigh* whats a girl to do?

I love that you are wearing Pooh! pants. And that you call your bouncing gymnast "Freka." So awesome.

C'mon...you look mahvelous...as welcome as a flower in May.

Pregnant women attain a certain level of beauty that is hard to define, but it places them above other women.

Oh, and, don't feel bad...sour cream and onion Ruffles kick ass. Midway through a bag myself.

Adorable! :) You look so cute!

That is one impressive belly! Best of luck in keeping the hands of strangers off. Good for Freka letting you know she's up and about-minimizes the worrying for me. I totally hear you about the skin - along with extra shine, I'm sporting extra zits (face) and painful eczema patches (rest of me). Mmm sexy.

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