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August 01, 2007


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Thanks for the links to the sessions you attended. I can't wait to read up on the ways to build traffic. I'm always looking for more people to bore with my life in the city.

I try to not write all about Babboo on my site. But this reminds me that I need to be careful about what I do write about him. I'd hate for him to grow up and hate me for pictures and stories I posted.

Thanks for this post. I look forward to part II.

You are a great example of someone who was there for the conference and not just the socializing. I hope that the founders of BH manage to stop by and read this post. Very informative.

Thanks so much for posting this. As someone who couldn't attend, I appreciate hearing about the sessions and not just about who you met and had (virgin - for you!) cocktails with. I get a little annoyed when the other "attendees" only blog about the social aspect. It alienates readers, like me, who didn't attend.

You went to some of the sessions I wish I had gone to. Though I was happy with the ones I did go to, I sort of wish I could have been in more than one place at one time. And I heard about the "pick a topic and stick with it" and I call bullshit too. Plenty of people are successful at "life" blogging.

Yeah, the mommy blogging session was interesting a lot more focused on monetization than I would have expected. I do think that it would be interesting to have a panel in the future on logistics of mommy blogging, which like you've said, include what to do when your "subject" grows up and wants his naked baby pictures taken down.

Thanks for posting this. When I first thought about how I'd like to go to Blogher, I immediately thought of the social aspects. But then I remembered it was a conference and my first thought was, "What in the world do they talk about?" I had a vague idea, but it's nice to get a more solid understanding (am too lazy to visit the actual blogher website, obviously) of what the actual sessions are like.

I really appreciated this post, especially the part about Mommy-blogging. Since I'm so new at this, I feel like I'm still trying to find my way, and these comments will make me really sit down and think about my approach to things.


Thanks for this. I agree about the alienating those of us who didn't attend aspect of lots of writings about BlogHer. I'm still looking at the building traffic link you posted. I need more hits!

I also think that if I only ever wrote about being a professor, who would read my site? Don't you all want to know when I fall and break myself? Boring!

I saw you several times in sessions and kept meaning to pop over and introduce myself, but I kept finding myself waylaid by, say, lemon bars!

I agree that the branding session was kind of a floppy fish of all different topics, but I'd recently read Penelope's book and was excited to hear what she'd have to say. As a newspaper reporter who has thus far taken a rather age-old and prescribed path to all her jobs (door-knocking until my hand bleeds), I am SO not into career books, but hers is totally cool and has some really brilliant tips in it. Her blog, www.blog.penelopetrunk.com, is also chock full o' tips. It so happens that I'm job-searching now in preparation for a move, and I feel like it gave me some nice tricks to bust out in my pursuits.

During the session, I appreciated her honesty in terms of how she thinks that bloggers need to define who they are and what they're about, because finding a niche is so important in all types of media. To that end, the two blogs I discovered during the conference that I thought were the smartest at grabbing an untapped niche were www.askpatty.com (which I've already put to use for my own car questions!) and the blog at www.themodernwomansdivorceguide.com (which I hope to god never to need, but have plenty of friends who could benefit from it).

Anyway, sorry for hijacking your post -- just wanted to add my two cents. Congrats on your adorable growing beeb, too, btw!

i have to say that i think i went in to blogging fairly naively. i never considered the weirdos or the future consequences of blogging on my child.

i think about it from time to time --sometimes i try to avoid it altogether. sometimes i'm all gung-ho about "keeping it real!" and other times, i think that the time will come when henry googles himself and says "ma! you wrote about my BUTT?!"

thanks also for the links to the sessions--especially about driving traffic. though molly and i both attended the "yay for small blogs" session, who doesn't want fresh members of the audience?

sounds like a lot of good info.. and things to consider;)

glad you ahd a good time and learned something to!!

i liked your pics as well.

Thanks for the info. I am considering starting up my blog again. What do you think?

Great summaries here! You're right on the mom blogging stuff in regard to being mindful of what you write. I try to stay pretty well grounded in what I write about my kids, and always know that they will be able to read it in the future. I also think that it's much easier to write about babies, which is why I tend to mention more about Jack than I do KJ. The older the kids get, I feel the need to guard their privacy a bit more. KWIM?

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