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August 02, 2007


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I found AMC BORING the past couple days. Seriously. I am over the following: Ava, Greenlee, and I was over Josh, but I went to a concert tonight and a cute Josh lookalike stood next to me, so I think I'm giving him another chance.

Also, why does Kendall's second baby get to have a real name when her first son's name is Spike. I thought we'd eventually get to know his real name?

I'm impressed that you can watch AMC every day. As much as I love Days and Passions, I never could sit through every episode...there's just so much repetition. You are a truly devoted person, An inspiration, if you will.

Geez, I really hope you are able to rest and relax this weekend. Sound like you really need it.

Have a good weekend and have fun on your camping trip!

I've checked out your Parents.com blog a couple of times, and there was one that I wanted to leave a comment on but was too lazy to register and all that. It was the one where you wrote about parenting books. I had a similar post a couple of weeks ago, you might remember. I just wanted to say (and I hope this isn't assvice, I'm just saying) that, even though I took an anti-book stance, there are some books that have been very helpful to me. I like the "Dummies" books because they are strictly informative. If you pick one up, you read what you were looking to read. They don't throw in crazy stuff about how dangerous hairspray is or how awful it is to NOT breastfeed (unless you pick up a copy of Hairspray Dangers for Dummies, but then you had it coming, right?)And they're not pushy at all. I've read about 4 of them, and they've been great.

Have a great camping trip!

I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing, and peaceful camping trip. You deserve it.

Good for you for taking a break! Have a wonderful time camping!!

Have a great weekend!

So I was just wondering, because maybe I missed it. Did you find out the gender of your baby?! Because I've noticed a few times you've referred to the baby as a 'her'. I'm all ansy now, haha!

You are just a writing machine sister! I don't know how you find time to write and do the ten zillion other things you do in a day, in addition to working full time. I truly look up to you and admire you. I love you so much and it was fun camping this weekend with you and the family. ;)

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