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August 31, 2007


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I don't even know what a trackback is, really (and the wiki page didn't clarify much since I'm kind of slow), all I know is you're supposed to turn them off or suffer pornographic robot comments on year old posts. Or something. Tell your students THAT.

So sorry! The week flew by so fast! I promise to work on it next week. As for the trackback, once I'm off the bus and in my office I'll make sure you have one handy.

Church? For real? That's just creepy. She's seen the movie, right?

And I think your belly looks awesome. Good work. The one year I was an adjunct at USI, I had just the epiphany you did - but came to the conclusion that surely, my professors were not the clueless idiots I so definitely am.

Kitties! I loves me some kitties!! :)

I'll see if I can put together a lil Frema worthy recap of TLF: The Sequel. :)

Have a good holiday weekend!

Another thing, too, is a lot of personal blogs have trackbacks disabled (my running blog does, and I'm pretty sure my general and brew blogs do, too), because it's just another way for the spammers to get you.

But yay kittens! They are way cute.

I could find a few trackbacks on my site and send them your way if you need examples for your class.

I have had a really busy week and completely spaced summarizing TLF. Can I get an extension until Tuesday, Professor Frema? Pretty please?

Those kittens are almost as adorable as your pregnant belly.

I didn't see Pet Cemetery until I was in college, and it disturbed me deeply. In no way am I even remotely okay with 3-year-old boys laughing while they kill their parents. I was so upset after I watched that movie -- especially because I was expecting it to be about, you know, PETS.

The vertical stripes are so slimming!

I haven't the faintest what a trackback is. (And only recently did a friend explain what de.lic.ious and digg.this and whatever else those things are, are. Apparently just a whole nother way to obsess and, presumably, monetize.) I think I did get a track back once - totally spam. I'm not really sure what the point of it was, though.

Basically, TrackBacks provide a way to let a blogger know you've referenced one of their entries in your post. When we link to blogs using permalinks, our readers know that we're referring to another blog, but the blog author has no idea. The TrackBack puts a link on their entry to yours. So it's good advertising for you, too.

You look great!! The baby belly is adorable!

So are the kitties.

oh my god

your belly is beatiful.. good luck with school;)

the cat thing? creepy totally

Got here thru Mandajuice, just wanted to say hi. Cute kitten and belly pics!

So much cuteness in one post...cats, your shirt, your uber-cute belly. The section of you featured in that photo looks absolutely fabulous! Freka's big debut will be so amazing!

What cute top surrounding our sweet baby... The cats are very cute too. Your mother certainly has a knack for naming the pets.

The teaching of new knowledge is best done by the knowledge creator. I think that gives you a big edge in your present class. You are and were right on the start of the blog mode of communication.

Cat are fun, but the baby is better.

Oh my stars, the cuteness, so much of it at once!!

Don't take it personally about the drop-outs. (Gawd what an awkward sentence,sorry!) I scared away 3 students from my summer class, and countless members of my 4 classes this semester. I think the others stay just to witness the madness. And who knows, you may just pick up some new students this week!

De-lurking here to say congrats on your baby, your belly isn't big at all you look great!

You look spectacular!

Also, my mom hated cats until we adopted our first one about twelve years ago. Within a couple years of that? They had FOUR. Cats are the best. :o)

Your belly is so cute and round. It makes me miss pregnancy. Sniff.

Your class sounds great!

It is funny that this cat has kept a creepy name. We had called him Satan LOL becuase he used to spit at anyone who tried to touch him.

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