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August 09, 2007


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I've missed you!!

I can't wait to hear more about the camping trip.

And 2 weeks, really? That came up FAST!

I don't know how you're doing it all, but friend, I am impressed!

2 weeks IS soon! Holy cow! I can't wait to hear about the teaching once you get started.

You're alive! I saw your Parents post last night, so I figured you were, but I wasn't sure :-) Glad to see you back!

That was a lot of action, for sure. But you have it all figured out. It is all working together.

And I thought planning a wedding was a lot of work. Sheeesh! Get some rest, girl! The baby must be sleepy.

welcome back! i bet that camping trip was fun, but i totally understand the exhaustion level. hell, i'm tired just READING about all your shenanigans!
take all the time and rest you need, frema. brew that baby well and good. we'll be here.

I have NO idea how you are doing everything. One of your many projects would take me to my limits, especially that whole baby thing!

I can't wait to hear about your first day of class, and, of course, all the subsequent days.

Take it easy, doll!

I am also facing the "omg two more weeks what am I going to do wheeee?!" feelings. I don't know how much help I can be, but I know that getting a few profs' syllabi was helpful for me. Even if they're not in the same discipline, you can still get ideas. The offer stands. :)

"And I enjoy doing all of this stuff. What I'm not crazy about is the self-inflicted pressure to excel at everything at once."


Pregnant. I hope, provided the doctor doesn't laugh at the crazy woman who thought she was pregnant for the last two weeks abd could have had that beer after all when I go for my scan next week. Well, you asked ;o)
And yay for you for managing all this stuff at once! I'm in awe!

Wow, two weeks? Holy cow when did that happen?
I've missed you, too. My week hasn't been the same. And now, not to sound like a complete selfish whore but, you are going to post TLF today. Aren't you? (Oh gosh, don't kill me.)

I'd be exhausted after all that and I'm not even pregnant! I don't know how you do it. I think you're going to have to tell Luke you need some extra pampering, because you definitely deserve it.

Geez girl! I don't know how you are doing it! I didn't realize that the class was so soon. I can't wait to hear how it goes, you're gonna be great!

Hey! I'm still here reading, too. Not commenting enough, but still here anyway! I love following your pregnancy, and I'm SOOOO glad mine is over!

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