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August 17, 2007


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Wow. That is starting (key word is Starting here) to really wrap up very neatly. Too neatly, if I know our little Frema.

Michael is a douche. Taking ALL JENNA's family to Kay..LA's house? WTF?

Given the current situation, and your alluding to the hospital being the last time you see Michael, Kay and Jenna together, alive...my money is on an elaborate suicide by Jenna while Michael and the kids are at the lying wench's house.

I still think Cassie's a lesbenum - not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

What the?! Why is everyone ok with everything?! And your commentary about Kyle not being ok with a woman being slapped? Had me rolling.

I also think Cassie likes the ladies.
I think Michael's balls have somehow, miraculously, grown even bigger. I love the word ass wipe. I love that you called Michael an ass wipe. Love it. Because he so is. I hate him. I really do.
If Jenna kills herself, I'm going to be so upset. If anyone deserves some happiness, some true eternal happiness, it's her. I mean her first baby daddy and baby are killed. So she takes on the baby, of the woman who killed them, as her own. Then Michael leaves her for the woman who killed them. Now the little girl she took as her own is going to leave her, too. And she still "seems" calm about everything. Tha hell? I'm predicting Kayla dies. Either by suicide or by Jenna. Is it bad that I hope it's by Jenna? (Hell to the check it is.)
I hate Michael.
I hate Kayla.
I love Jenna.
I totally need to make me a shirt that says TEAM JENNA.
(Wow, step those emotions away from TLF girl....step slowly away. I have become really attached. And it's all going to end next week. sniff sniff)

Poo, I came here with the what I thought would be highly original suggestion that Cassie is gay and has been in love with Kayla all along, and 2 of 4 posters before me said it too. Gutted. Still think it though.
I'm torn about the final chapter next week, in the same way as I was torn about the last Harry Potter book. One the hand, quick, give it here, I want to know what happens! On the other hand, nooooo, after this there will be no more original TLF, ever.

Michael needs to die. The end.

I'm on the Cassie as lesbian train too.

This is seriously the best part of the day for me - breaks up work nicely! And even though there is no more original TLF after the ending, I think the reader submitted/written TLF is going to be AMAZING.

I know we are all loving Jenna here, but come on Jenna...you don't just give up on your family that easily. Shouldn't she fight for her man?

Oh wait, Michale's an ass wipe. No need to fight for him.

And Kathrine, please don't befriend your rapist/brother so that you can discuss the bastard child that you KILLED.

I don't want TLF to end. Ever.

Wow. I don't know who I hate the most, and yet I'll be sorry to say goodbye to them all.

Has Katherine been taken over by a pod person?

Me three (or four, whatever, does it really matter?) on the Cassie liking the ladies band wagon. But what if it is Cassie who decided to do Jenna in because then Kayla can be (happy?) with Michael...and Cassie is trying to be selfless even though she really is in romantic love with Kay(la) and will be forever?

Or, is there another tragic car accident which kills Michael and Jenna in the front seat but leaves the kids, all 3 in the back seat, miraculously unhurt, followed by their being taken in by Kay(la) and Cassie? Oh, the irony that would be!

Kyle: "If I had known Katherine was my SISTER..." Though I do feel better that he's sorry because Katherine was his sister, does that mean he wouldn't have been sorry if he'd done that to another girl?

Did Lil' Frema mention in the side notes what kind of drugs Jenna is on that are keeping her so freakin calm? How in the world can Michael be in love with the woman that tried to take his own wife's life, killed her child and her boyfriend and then lied to him about everything??? WTF!! What kind of effin person is he???

Maybe, secretly, Cassie is in love with Jenna!! How's that for a Part 3 plot point!

*bangs head repeatedly on the computer*

how many fricken times can you slap a woman down before she snaps? why the hell is everyone so concerned about kay?la? and the asswipe? and the rapist?


ok i love it i love to hate the buttwipes and gosh poor jenna

Oh, all I can think is poor, poor Jenna. God, what a totally suck ass life that girl has had. I am just hoping and praying that something happens between this segment and the next that gives her some kind of vindication... Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Can we change TLF to TLS (Sat or Sun) please, so we can find out what happens next? Am intrigued!

I loved Isabel's comment. It's almost exactly what I was going to write. Except for even the first thought of Jenna fighting for her man. Let him go Jenna. He's a jerk.

Also, Katherine should be sainted. Or slapped into reality. I'm not sure which. Rapist still outweighs the brother part.

Poor Jenna. First the Folger's presentation, now this.

Damn! I had this long ass comment typed out and then the power went out!!! Okay, running late getting ready for work, but I have to predict-- the end: either Jenna or Katherine is going to lose their shit and take out the family.

That's the only way it can stay true to it's tragic roots. There cannot be a Full House ending. Not in these parts.

Okay, I said my piece (in under a minute, thank you).

I just came back and re-read this and I'm almost afraid to click to today's (final!) installment. I'm so scared for what's going to happen to Jenna. I'm with Hily in that if anyone deserves a break after all this shit, it's Jenna.

TasterSpoon's comment is simultaneously hilarious and heart breaking. Poor, poor Jenna.

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