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August 24, 2007


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Lucas paints creepy pictures of his sister and skips school to read? Leigh just drops out and goes out on dates with random guys but her mother is perfectly ok with becayse "they make her smile?" Kyle and Kayla went up in flames?! Literally?!

This may be the greatest story ever. I CANNOT wait for 2008!

I haven't looked at anything yet. I just have to say that I can't believe I'm fixing to read the last TLF! Tear. I'll be back in a bit to post my thoughts on the ending.

I read it, but I need to think about it more before I comment. Cuz, you know, that will make me sound more intelligent and all.

Well...when someone asked if I was hot earlier this week, I replied, "Hotter than the southwest on fire." I see now, I was wrong, in fact, it was Kayla and a different David that were, quite literally, as hot or hotter than the southwest on fire.

Way to totally make me feel dumb with my predictions from last week, great job! I was definitely not expecting this. Way to give us that final little twist!

Other thoughts, the Cassie part was really quite sad and very well done I thought. Though I did laugh a little at the 'nails dug into scalp' part.

Is it wrong that I'm already seeing the next installment of this tragic love story staring Leigh with bit parts from Katherine, Jenna, and Lucas? I can already see the webs circling around. Is it also wrong that the first thing I thought about with Kay's suicide was, "well, there goes the life insurance money?" I know I'm obviously not the only one that had that thought (as you pointed out in the commentary)...but still.

Lastly, I was I didn't get my first gray hair till I was 38! I'm 27 and not that I'm salt and peppered, but I've got a few protruding from my melon.

Congrats on finishing a 2 book series and thanks for letting us participate in it. I'm glad that your class went well. As for summaries, I'm thinking I might try to write mine in a Shakesperian sonnet inspired format....though that might not work real well....perhaps pig-latin.

OK...I did not see that coming at all...what a dramatic (and horrible!) way to die!

2008! Come sooner!

Leaving a comment so no one gets angery.

Farewell TLF part deux!!!

I must process the final events before making a full comment, but will raise a toast to Lil' Frema for making all this possible. ::clink::

The bodies were burnt beyond recognition?

No mention of compared dental records?


[email protected] Erika. angery, truely, and stomache are my new favorite words!

I'm so sad that it's over. I'm not entirely shocked at the ending though.

I wonder what it would be like to read "Kayla, Cassie, and Kyle: The Lost Years"

Maybe we could show everyone in detail that no, Cassie is NOT a virgin!

Oh my God! Has Kayla never heard of CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning?? I mean, if I'm going to kill myself in my CAR that's parked in my GARAGE, that's the way I'm going, not gasoline and matches!

I agree with you that Kayla wasn't Michael's "true love". Probably if she had lived longer he would have figured that out himself, but instead he's in love with the memory of the passion they had. Which sucks, because the friendship he and Jenna have will last forever. They're totally getting back together.

As for those kids? My word! They need a firm hand, and soon! I understand Jenna has been through a lot, but it wouldn't be much of a competition for her to win worst mother of the year. You want to drop out of school and date an army of men? Sure honey, if it'll make you smile! That is so bizarre!!

Oh, how I loved Tragic Love Friday though. I'm so sad that it's coming to a close, but I'm so glad we got the meet that crazy cast of characters! Thanks for sharing--and Lil' Frema, thanks for making my Fridays a little more interesting!

Oh wow. Now I know why you always held a special place in your heart for Kyle. I figured he would die but not like that. Poor thing.
And poor Jenna. She's still left all alone. Kayla not only kills her baby and her baby daddy and then takes her husband away from her but then she goes and kills herself as to get to David first. So, now she's got first dibbs on him, too. And that concludes my "Poor Jenna" speech because good Lord woman, WAKE UP and be a parent to your children. She was talking crazy "Kayla talk" there in the end. I had this "Tha hell" look on my face when she was talking about the twins. Oh, and also when she was talking about how she wishes Kayla was "here with me." Really? You are sad that your husband's slut is dead? And you want her back so yall can bond over Bon-bons and ice cream? I loved your commentary there. Good one.
Isn't it amazing that Cassie, being so batshit crazy in the first part, is the one who comes out of all this with the most steady head on her shoulders?
Michael? You're still an ass. I do agree though, I don't think Kayla was his one true love.

I can't believe it's over. Can I just say that I was so hoping there would be a BIG twist, like her "visitor" in the end being David or something. What? People come back from the dead all the effin' time on Soaps.

I've been reading every single week since Nablopomo!

I never suspected suicide. I definitely thought someone would get shot. Also, I too thought Kayla was an idiot because she took the house/garage/car with her, leaving nothing behind for Cassie or Kyle.

Goodbye TLF... *sniff**sniff*

I love how Kayla decided to go out in a "blaze of glory" *snort* and I saw that comment up above that said there were no dental records... so it could be true that Kayla and Kyle are out there somewhere. But! Who are the two dead bodies?
I can't wait till next year.

Glad your class went well!

Has it really been since November?

I have to go back and read them again from the beginning.

Thanks for posting this- it has been great!

I still don't have a complete comment just yet, but I was totally thinking the same thing as Hilary. I was expecting David to walk through the door!

aww I'm sad its over!

Yech, what a gruesome way to go. Though, I got the sense Kayla had died of smoke inhalation by the time Kyle found her. So, good for her. I agree that CO poisoning would have been much neater. I was expecting some awesome Thelma and Louise action with Kayla and Cassie so this was definitely a surprise ending.

That kind police officer who referred to them, to the sobbing Cassie, as "corpses," needs a little sensitivity training.

Way back at the end of TLF 1, I had much higher hopes for Cassie and David's slutty mom.

Leigh "wasn't the boy...so she got the short end of the stick"?? Grr. Jenna should just buy Leigh a dancin' dress and encourage her to "just be nice to the gentlemen - they'll be nice to you." Ugh.




Ain't it the trueth.

Oh. My. Gosh. I am stunned. Way to throw in that double-suicide/up-in-flames twist that I never saw coming! And way to make me almost cry at work with Cassie's whole grave-side shpeal. What a fantastic ending.

(I hate to be nit-picky, but didn't Jenna decline the invitation to go with her family to Kayla's house? How did she end up there with everyone else? Am I probably way over-thinking Tragic Love Friday?)

I am loving some of the theories flying around in these comments. Katherine and Kyle faked their deaths! David should have been the mystery visitor!

Jenna may be a crap mother, but given everything those twins went through it is any wonder they're completely damaged and messed up? I think not. Maybe if Cassie adopted them they'd have a chance of living a normal life...

This is a tragic Friday, because now (much like on Sunday when Big Love finishes for the season) I have to wait until 2008 to continue the goodness! I might have to re-read TLF #1 for some fixes!

Thanks for such an entertaining story and I can't wait to see where we take it next!

Sigh.... See Kyle? It really wasn't your fault... Goodbye TLF! Goodbye!

Eek, I definately would have gone for the carbon monoxide, who wants to burn?! It is a little sad that there will be no TLF for a bit!
Glad to hear your first class went well!

Man, these are some screwed-up characters. I agree, Cassie seems to be the only one who isn't absolutely off her nut by the end.

Now, I am trul(e)y sad that TLF is over, because there will be very little to look forward to on Fridays while I'm slogging away in my dark basement cube. Maybe this time I'll actually take a shot at summarizing part 2. RIP, TLF, and thanks Li'l Frema.

I have so very, truely enjoyed this entire story - parts one and two. It sickens me to my stomache, that it is over. ;o)

Really, I loved reading this. What a great idea you had to post this in parts. It was not only a great story (okay, and I have softened *a little* on Kyle for dying with his mother) but it really was so much to look forward to every Friday.

Very well written, Lil Frema. I could have never predicted the ending, but I think it ended pretty well (other than poor Katherine flying the coop. Shared custody? No?)

Can't wait to read more in 2008.

Counting down the Fridays until we meet again, Tragic Love!

What a run it's been, Frema. Thanks!

(and thanks to lil' Frema, too.)

Oh god, where to start? Poor Leigh and Lucas, they are the true tragedies in this story (well, ok everybody else is tragic too, but as far as "completely innocent bystanders" are concerned) - they discover on Christmas Day that their father is having an affair, and that their elder sister isn't really their sister at all, then they stand and watch their dad's lover and their sister's boyfriend / rapist go up in flames, then their parents get divorced (which, by the way, noooooooooooooooo) and Jenna thinks it's a lack of attention that caused them to drop out of school and turn into a recluse and the village bicycle respectively? *pulls hair out*
I've loved all of TLF, and have already got some ideas for part 3...

Totally thought it was gonna be David walking through the door.
I'm so sad it's over! Seriously, I cried through this whole entry just because I knew it was the last.
Hilary got me hooked so thanks Hil.
And Frema...thank you so much for opening up your notebooks to the world and touching each of us every Friday with TLF.
And just think...now you won't have us bugging you at 8am with "When can we expect TLF?" messages!!
Much love sister!

I believe Dido sang it best ....I won't go down with this shit, I won't poke my eyes out and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door. I'm in love, and always will be.... Tragic Indeed.

So now that I've had a decent night's sleep to mull over the conclusion of lil' Frema's TLF days, let me just say HOLY HELL! Just when I thought I had the ending narrowed (death-check! Jenna or Katherine who each had every right to be full of rage and play the trigger finger- not so much!). I did not see that coming at all! And not only Kayla's suicide- but at the point when Kyle was like, I can't save her again! GAH! And then sat down with her!! That's some dedication! It was then (and only then) that I felt sad for Kyle (the rapist). Completely shocked.

Also shocking-- that Jenna has made it through 38 years- most of it being tragic- and has JUST NOW sprouted her first gray hair. I am SO glad that she and Michael got divorced (because his cheating ass needed to be thrown to the curb)- and despite that fact, I do like that lil' Frema ended with them old friends again.

I have to completely agree with grown-up Frema, when it comes to Kayla being Michael's true love. I think Jenna is his true love (as is evident even in the very end), and Kayla was his escape from a tired marriage, but that's it. Because let's face it, even in part one he never even looked in Kayla's direction.

Moving on, I like that Katherine and Cassie have found each other. The fact that they are not alone is comforting. By the way, I may be adlibbing when I say this, but I visualize them living under a bridge in South Central LA, where they sleep during the day and walk around in long robes with hoods by night, saving people from random purse snatchers and such. Law and Order: TLF Edition.

I see alot of (hidden) potential for the twins... or at least as a jumping point into the next adventures of TLF. All of this being said, I'm definitely glad you decided to share:)

Well played lil' Frema, we'll miss you, but very well played!

Ok, I guess it's time to comment. It's bittersweet, you know. I have loved TLF from the get go. I think it was a great great story and amazing to me that you were 13 years old(?) when you wrote this. I look forward to 2008 and see what that brings for TLF.

On to the story. I was not expecting this ending! Honestly, I was expecting Jenna to finally snap and just go batshit crazy and kill Kayla and Michael (worthless bastard) and possibly Kyle and then go on the run or some other crazy shit. But, once again, Jenna appears to be the sane one. And, really, the friendship between her and Cassie was kind of inevitable, they've both lost quite a bit. I still believe there are some lesbian tendancies there and Lil Frema just didn't get to that part.

My ex-husband never cheated on me with the woman that my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with and I don't invite his stupid ass for dinner! Actually, like I said earlier, I was totally expecting David to come through the door and they would pop open champagne while sharing an evil laugh.

It's Wednesday and I am not just allowing myself to read the final TLF. I just couldn't do it. And honestly, it's all about me, right?

I almost had a heart attack when I read that Kyle and Kayla were both dead. Dude, I did not see that coming.

And tell me this, why did Kayla want to burn herself with pictures? The pictures would be ruined. That is not right. The "lover of old photos" in me hated that part. Cringe. And also, why was Kayla only thinking of the living and not her unborn baby?? That just didn't seem right. I would have thought she would have been the type of person to go on living for the sake of her unborn child.


Kyle loved his momma. And apparently his sister also. Right until the bitter end.

(Although, I'm with OPH, this may all be a faked death. That's what I predict in the sequel. Screw the twins, let's her more about Kyle's new life as "Kylie, a modern girl making her way in the fashion world of NYC".)


When I just had to verify my comment, the code was "Kye". I think it was Kyle contacting me from the dead.

So um yeah, maybe he IS dead after all.

I rather like the ending. Well done, Lil' Frema! And well done, Frema, on the snarky commentary!

im speechless and been trying to think of what i want to say for almost a week now

michale is a dip shit and jenna is an idiot for letting him get away with being a dip shit

hellow on the kids? so what you give up on them? has she learned nothing from everything they have been through? her own children whe worries for less then someone elses?

last thought

family therapy

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