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August 10, 2007


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I'll come back later with my own confrontation.
First, I have to say that Oops, I say "honey" all the time. I'll blame it on being southern. Just like I say "Bless your heart." I don't think I say "sweetie" though.
Second, that [snicker] after "He filled up a part of me..." was the best [snicker] yet.
Third, I think lil' Frema hit a homerun with Katherine's dialogue. She really handed it to Kayla. Rightfully so.
Fourth, "dun dun dun" is right. I said it in my head before I even read it. Oh my!
Fifth, "Grow up...not everything revolves around you."???? Oh no bitch didn't!
Sixth, ....thank you for being a friend.

I think I loved this the best:
Producing illegimitate children with emotionally unavailable men? Hell to the check.

Hell to the check! Woo hoo!

"And what are wee, chopped liver?" Am I the only on who heard this in a Brooklyn accent?

And, since when is Cassie so concerned about how Jenna feels?

I would have kicked Kayla's ass just for setting her whore ass foot on my porch if I was Jenna, but that's just me.

...thank you for being a friend.

What's with Kayla calling everyone by nicknames...like she's so close to them all that she can call them "Mike" and "Kath".

(I heard on NPR this weekend that there is a new Golden Girls erotic art show on display. Can you just imagine Rose's boobies done with oil on canvas?)

And dude, Kayla does have some damn nerve. While everything might NOT revolve around Jenna....it does revolve around her IN HER OWN HOUSE!

What was Katharyn doing at the hospital without her parents by her side? The girl could do to have some support right now. And just sitting there in her bloody gown? Nurse, can we get this girl a fresh gown? STAT.

I'll have to think about a rewrite and come back.

Have a great weekend!!!

Favorite line: "I know I lied, and I'm sorry. I did the best I could." Yeah, lying is the best I could muster, given the circumstances I created...

Isabel, I busted a gut thinking about GG erotic art. Now, that's an oxymoron!

And I'm goint to incorporate "hell to the check" into conversations at least once a day. New fave phrase!

heloooooo she skiped right over the your son raped me part? hell if i'd have heard that i'd been WTF? my son did wha????

then theres the the world dosn't revolve around you? come on she's talking to her self with this one right? please say yes cause man im with you i'd don put her face in the carpet.. ugh

i think i love to hate her

I can't believe we're getting down to the end already! Also, I can't believe poor Katherine couldn't get a CNA into her room for a clean gown. It's Christmas, for Pete's sakes!

Kayla to Katherine: "I did everything I did because I loved you. I always have."

-So, killing Katherine's real father (Kayla's Baby-Daddy) and then whoring around with the man Katherine thought was her father count as things Kayla did because she loved Katherine? Jeez, what's she gonna be like when she really wants to hurt someone?

"I was no good to you."

-Apparently you still aren't, see above plus letting her son (Katherine's half-brother!) get away with rape!

"Jenna and Michael are wonderful to you and love you as their own."

-Apparently her dictionary includes baby-napping under the definition of wonderful.

"It hurt me, but it's been better for you this way."

-Yeah, better until she showed up. Maybe if she had focused less on finding Katherine and more on Kyle he wouldn't have turned out the way he has ... just because he is respectful to her and Cassie doesn't mean he doesn't have some issues with respect to other women. (there, showing the hate!)

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