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September 12, 2007


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Wow I'm the first comment! Woohoo I love you sexpot! lol Are you really going to use cloth diapers?

So glad I could help! And I'm so glad your students found such interesting posts to discuss.

Good luck with all the baby gear decisions. I know it feels like you need to have Everything Ready before Freke arrives, but it isn't really true.

And IMO, you need a hand pump whether or not you get an electric. Sometimes electrics break! Haunt the Internet for a new Avent manual. They retail around $50, but you can probably beat that by $10-$15 with patience and bargain hunting. Google products has a new one listed right now for $37.50.

That's great news that you'll get to work from home so much! Hooray for flexible jobs!

I hear you on that internal furnace that is pregnancy. Every night Brad huddles under the duvet because we (read - I) just have to sleep with the fan on its top speed. And I still wake up sweating at 4am! I loved the Blogrhet link - it's getting added to my links list tonight for sure. I'm not really white even, but HOLY CRAP did those blogs make me realize how many assumptions I make about the appearances of fellow bloggers. Mainly that anyone who writes well is cute and thin and athletic and a million other silly characteristics that TOTALLY don't affect someone's ability to write well. A big THANKS to you for that amazing link!

Even that post made me feel tired for you! It sounds like you've got a lot going on, girlfriend, but working from home sounds divine!

Fingers crossed that you get to keep your Parents gig post-pregnancy!

It is so much fun to read about your pregnancy! There are so many things I have already forgotten about. One is that Ryan found me sexier than ever no matter what I had on or didn't have on or what my skin looked like. It was wild.

You may have already found this site, but here is a good place to find good quality, clean used cloth diapers:


I've bought from there successfully many times and you can save a lot of money.

So great about your new work arrangement!

May I make a suggestion? I checked with my provider of my home owners insurance to run an auto quote for me, $410 less per year plus a discount on my existing policy of 85!! Huge- I know you are renting but if you have renters with a different co. than your auto give them a call.. You never know where you can find "extra" money! :)
Hang in there with the discomfort but smile on the days you dont have to wiggle into real pants! What a blessing.
At this point Im wearing yoga pants to work on fridays, i swear I get more done when my circulation is allowed to flow freely!

Fall is a great time of the year. The trees will have a lot of color. It is not hot any more out side.

Everything is moving along. Yea! The active baby is really neat.

I would strongly consider sticking with an electric pump (and possibly a double one) if you can manage because it makes a WORLD of difference. Not only do you escape those pesky hand cramps from the manual pumps, but you get SO MUCH more milk in a short amount of time. I found the difference to be night and day. Definitely think renting a pump is a great idea, we did that and it worked great. :)

I'm so thankful that I had Pumpkin before the hot weather hit - he was a June baby. I could've never gone through a hot St. Louis summer while pregnant. I was wearing tank tops in the middle of winter, keeping the fan on high, and still sweating like a pig. I feel your (hot) pain, Frema!

Do you remember that scene from Father of the Bride, Part II (shut up) where George is running around the house in a winter coat and gloves? That was my family when I was pregnant with Jack. Our heat bills early that winter were at an all time low, and then just weeks after I had the baby, I couldn't believe the frigid temps I had subjected my family to. Just now, almost two years later, the feeling in KJ's little toes is finally returning.

"Thing One and Thing Two" Snort.

Hurray for comfortably working from home! And I'm impressed that you can do it - I so need the change of location as a mental clue that I should be doing work I get paid for (*though this is written at work, ahem) instead of just lounging around hoping that the magical work completion fairy will come around and wave her magic wand. And why is it that fairies are always referred to in the female gender? Tangent. Sorry.

Ok, back to work it is!

This entry made me laugh multiple times. I'm amazed at how, uncomfortable as you sound, you can still dazzle us all with your wit.

The working from home thing is awesome. I'm hoping to get that perk when my little one comes, too.

My head is spinning from reading all that. Congrats on the Twizzler. It's amazing how a pregnant belly teaches you how to use other ways to get things, lol.

Alyssa was a VERY active baby in utero. Very. Not to scare you or anything, but that activness? Has only escalated. From day one she was a mover. And, now, as a toddler, OMG.

Dude, this post was jammed packed. I loved it.

(and I'm super duper thrilled about you working from home. Good for you!!)

Re: Molly's comment...haha, poor KJ.
I'm not sure if you were reading me or not but I remember being pregnant and blogging about how f-ing hot it was in my office. The air in the building was all sorts of screwed up and it was literally like 85 in the office which you now know translates to 95 when pregnant. I was miserable.
Um, the title of this? No you didn't? :-)
And you have the green light to work from home a lot? How awesome is that!?

God, the hot is awful. I hated to blow dry my hair when I was pregnant the first time, my poor husband was miserable, living with me. I am going to be super pregnant with this one in the winter, I'm looking forward to not wearing a coat!

I just wanted to say how much I love my Ameda double electric pump. I hardly ever use the double part of it, though, I like to pump and do other stuff (like surf the internet) so I like to have one hand free. But I just wanted to say how much I like my Ameda. I had a manual pump at first and I was amazed at how much more productive I was with the electric. You're smart to wait and see because you really won't know until you start, and why waste the money on something that might not be ideal?

The working from home thing is great - I wish more employers would not just allow, but encourage it. I think it could go a long way to solving the gas crisis, I swear.

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