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September 06, 2007


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It's going to be wonderful! And it just keeps getting better and more fun as they get older and then you'll look back and think "I thought I was having fun then, but NOW I'm having fun." I think that every single day.

Oh, and you might check out "Baby Bargains" for some good experience based product evaluations and useful lists of what you really need.

I was thoroughly disappointed when my pediatrician told me "butts only" for assessing baby's temperature. I bought the pacifier kind. What a waste of $7!! Sorry! I jumped in when I wasn't supposed to. Please forgive me.

That is so neat that you have your mom's rocking chair!!! I have Scotty's mom's. I made some cushions for it so it kind of matches Nick's room.

I love the Under the Sea themed bedding! So cute and, also, I love that it isn't pink. Even though pink is my favorite color, I love to see moms who break that norm. Remind me of this if I am ever expecting a baby with a vagina.

Obviously you are overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed for you, but we never doubted your excitement, fyi. :-)

"I think about holding her in the rocking chair my mother used for me when I was first born and stroking the wispy hairs on her head."

Oh GAH! This made me cry.

There will be so many special moments. So, so, so many!

Mine is taking a nap right now.

I love that bedding -- it's adorable! (Even though when you said it was "under the sea" themed I secretly hoped it was little mermaid themed.)

That totally made me cry. What a sweet post that was!

You may not believe it now or when she's born, but each new "phase" of her life is better than the next! While you will not think it can get better than rocking her to sleep, then she will smile and laugh and start to play and may not want to be rocked but it's still so awesome.

I've never used a thermometer on my son and he's more than two. I can't - I mean, I really can't use a rectal thermometer on him, and the only times he's had a fever, I've known it. Because he was HOT and also, because of his behavior. I was insane about getting his crib in place, and his bassinette (which I always spell wrong, forgive me), and then he never would sleep lying down for the first four weeks of his life, and then would only lie down sort of in the upside-down Bobby on our bed for the next eight weeks, or else in the car seat. But yes, wipes and diapers? Holy crap will you go through a lot. No pun intended. Oh, this part is so exciting! It was really one of my favorite parts of my son's life, when he was inside me and banging around in there and I always knew where he was.

Good luck keeping perspective on all this crazy pregnancy and mom stuff. It's hard!

The rectal thermometer, IMO, is not a big deal at all. It goes in like half an inch, and the part that goes in is tiny. It never seemed to bother Noah, although we now use an ear thermometer because it's a lot easier to hold his head still than to strip and diaper change him. :)

BTW, I recommend a kitchen-sink bathtub. It is *so* much easier to stand and bathe a baby than to crouch on the floor and do it. I wish Noah were still small enough for kitchen sink baths.

I love my Medela -- you can always by one used!! I bought mine secondhand for $75.

I had another, cheaper one, and couldn't make it work. I highly recommend it.

My secondhand one, the hospital lactation consultant was even able to test it for us, to make sure it was still working well.

Just what I mean. You two have it all figured out or you will figure it out as you go along. Very nice images about the baby. I want my turn to hold her as soon as I can.

Well, you do look fabulous. The Under the Sea bedding looks perfect for a little girl, whose daddy is a pirate.

I am not that good at making decisions and choices ever. Even when the final outcome is not that important, I might agonize over the process of deciding. I do understand how all the decisions may seem overwhelming. Of course, you will do fine.

The ear thermometer does sound much better and easier to use than a rectal thermometer.

"Under The Sea"... Is that the same as "Little Mermaid?" Love it!!! Can see her now...perfect little girl with her Mommy"s dimples.
Aunt Ruthie

She is absolutely, perfectly wonderful. And you will be a wonderful mother.

I agree with Liz, that last part got me all teary-eyed too. I love following along with your pregnancy through your blog. Makes me excited for when my husband and I can finally start trying for our own little miracle.

Delurking ...

Don't worry about breastfeeding. Have your support system in place (as you clearly already do), do your reading and it will go fine. Turn a deaf ear to the horror stories (cracking! bleeding! agony!). They are the EXCEPTION to the rule .. it's what you were built to do. Lesser women than you have been mightily successful at it, and you will be, too. Piece of cake.

Get a Medela PIS from Craigslist or Ebay and buy new accessories or sterilize the ones it comes with. Those hand-pump jobbies will give you carpal tunnel. The Medela is the way to go and you (or a family member) don't have to spend $300+ on a brand-spankin' new one.

Ear thermometers are inaccurate on babies. Rectal is where it's at. They don't even flinch because you only put it in, like, 1/2 an inch. Seriously. There's nothing to it. Get one with a light-up digital display so you can see it at 4am. In the dark.

Go read AskMoxie's archives, especially on sleep. Forewarned is forearmed!

You're going to be a fantastic mom. You're getting it 100% right so far!!

Aww. You are gonna be so good at this mom thing it's not even funny.

You look great in the pictures and you don't look anything other than pregnant. For some reason every body thinks that an expanding belly gives them a reason to open thier mouth about how you look. When people say rude things such as are you sure you don't have twins in there or other dumb remarks, act as if you did'nt here them correctly and say "I feel great thanks for asking" it makes them ponder, uhh what did I just say to that pregnant woman? Believe me they wont be so quick to comment next time to anyone.

love the crib set. we also had a kidsline one!!

The crib set is a very cute one. Good job, guys!

I had a Lansonin (or whatever..too lazy to google) pump that worked just fine. I'm not sure what the differences were. The King just bought whatever one was at Wal-Mart at 2 am one day. We were desperate.

I've never taken Babboo's temperature correctly. Even though I have a $60 digital thermometer (that was given to us), I can't seem to get it to work.

Awww babies!

As if you needed more advice and information zooming at you, I'm going to chime in anyway. (One thing I've learned as a mother is to nod politely and inside your head say things like, "This woman is a crackpot. Is my smile convincing or does it show that I think she's a loony?" So don't worry, I can't see the "she's a loony" smile while you hit delete!)

I tried a Medela pump with #1 and didn't like it. I got an Avent Isis with #3 and it was heaven. Well, as close as you can get to heaven when you've got plastic sucking things on your tatas... My sister who was a breastfeeding profreakinfessional recommended Lansinoh and lemme tell ya, it's wonderful stuff. Well, as wonderful as stuff can be when it's smeared all over your tatas... As far as butt cream, you're on you're own. I had one child who couldn't use any butt creams and we had to get those RashCare diapers and I had one who we could've smeared mayonnaise or motor oil on his butt and it would've relived the rash and then the last one who never had a rash. Go figure.

My kids are 5, 8 and almost 11 and I'm still getting advice, most of the time unwarranted. See, the closer they get to puberty the more people feel compelled to give you advice again because it's like starting over with a new being. THANK GOD no one has rubbed my belly while they give me advice about my oldest daughter's raging emotional swings. Because that would be wrong, so wrong.

Just checking in real quick and catching up...
I got the "are you sure there aren't two in there" often. That was the one I hated the most. Yes, you asshole, I have had cameras looking into my belly from various directions and unless you want to take a look yourself, I can say that there is only one human being in my belly.
I feel like I'm leaving so much stuff out (from the past few posts) but I know the one thing I NEED to say is how adorable you look. You look just as cute as I knew you would carrying your little bundle of pink joy. And I love your shirts! That green one and the black and white one are so cute.

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