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September 28, 2007


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Outstanding Job Audrey!

I laughed, I cried, I relived the heady days and weekly impatient anticipation of TLF.

I can't wait to see what happens in Part 3...

Wow. That was an AWESOME recap...

My favorite part was reading the best comments and commentaries--my God we are funny! And I got a shout out! That makes me inordinately excited!

I miss TLF so much. I thought I was getting over it. But seeing it here again like this... well, all the feelings have come rushing back!

Holy Cow! Fantastic recap. Who the hell needs haiku's anyway! Audrey definitely deserves any prize that was promised. Like, twice. She might even deserve dinner, with your mom. Way to go.

Also, totally miss TLF, and can't wait for the third and (final?) part of the trilogy to get started!

I definitely miss TLF.

I got so excited when I saw this! I'm definitely missing TLF in my life....I can't wait till we get to TLF 3!!!

This was brilliant.


I can't believe it. The day that I've dreamed of has finally arrived! (Actually, "finally" is a bit of an overstatement. I made Frema wait several weeks for a complete recap, so much of the delay was my fault!)

Thanks for all your kind comments on my recap, guys! Y'all and your moms totally kick ass!

Frema -- thanks for reading my mind and linking to the commenters' blogs. I had great material to work with thanks to you and your readers, so I'm glad that everyone's getting the credit they deserve in the form of linky love.

That recap kicked some serious ass. I LOVE that Audrey picked a best "comment" from each chapter along with the best "commentary". I forgot how good some of them were. I literally giggled out loud at my desk several times because I think I missed some of the comments the first time around...like Isabel saying she thought Kyle was trying to contact her from the dead.
Audrey, thank you for that! It was the bomb diggity.
As for TLF? Well, I feel like a little part of me is dead right now without my weekly TLF dose.

Dude if someone gets to have dinner with your mom, I'd appreciate an invite as well. If I could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would most certainly be your mom.

Audrey's recap is insanely good. I especially love the best commentary and comments. That is true dedication.

Audrey--you should have put your comments as the best. LOL

Love the recap!
Viva TLF! Can't wait for part III!

That was a fantastic recap! Great job!!

I have to say, I still miss TLF every Friday. Please tell me that in all of your spare time in between work and other work and other work and growing a baby you are secretly writing a new edition?

great recap, i can't wait to see what ya'll do with this next.. should be entertainting to the extreme;)

Awesome recap, Audrey!!!! Once again, TLF has had me sitting at my desk laughing out loud!! I missed some of those comments too, like, Hil said! Especially the one about Kyle contacting Isabel from the dead. Freakin priceless!

This was a great wrap up. TLF does live on and this is proof.

I can't even imagine how much work this was for Audrey and Frema to put together. And for your hard work, I thank you.

I'm with Molly-I'm secretly hoping Frema is writing MORE TLF in between her schedule.

And also, dude, I swear Kyle was trying to contact me from the dead. I wouldn't lie about that.

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