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October 16, 2007


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If you notice your number of hits up by a good hundred (thousand) today? It's me, anxiously waiting to see all the pictures. The shower was a great time, and so exciting to see everything coming together. I can't wait to hold that sweet baby!!

For what it worth: I have a Medela pump in style and it works great. Kind of pricey, but worth it. Also: I have given birth with and without medication. You can do it (if that's what you want) your body was made to do this. (But medication was kind of nice too)

yes i would like a slice of that cake please!!!! mmmmm. also your husband is so tall you two are so cute. and wee baby things yay for pink!

Oh how fun! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by either! It seems like just last week I was reading your "I'm pregnant" entry.

And I have to say, HOLY CRAP, Luke is so TALL. I never realized the height difference before. I mean, I knew he was tall and you were petite, but wow!

How exciting!! You are so lucky to have such a great, supportive family :-) I love to see pictures of you with Luke - you look so tiny. And my son really wants a cake like that one.

Congratulations! Whatever you end up deciding for an electric pump, don't forget an Avent Isis manual pump for backup.

I think you know that I managed to break/wear out two electrics, a Medela Pump in Style and an Ameda Purely Yours. Driving frantically to the baby stuff store with way overfull boobies that you expected to pump half an hour or more ago is really not fun.

Congrats on all the adorable baby things!! You look so great. So happy! I can't wait until Freka is here!!!

You look GREAT. And so does the rest of the bunch. What an attractive lot!!

And hello, check out your loot. Your baby is so loved. It's very exciting.

(I know exactly what you mean when you say that words can't describe how appreciative you are. I felt overwhelmed with the love that others showed Babboo even before he was born.)

Here's to an amazing rest of your pregnancy!

I used a Medela Pump In Style Advanced for a year with each of my kids and I absolutely loved it. You got such great presents. It looks like it was a great day

Wow, what a great shower! You look so great! And so does the rest of your family -- Freka's got some beautiful genes, for sure.

I am so excited for Freka to come out and meet the internet already! (Not too soon, of course, but I am looking forward to December!)

Luke's note on the shower dog made ME cry.

And, Frema? You look amazing. Radiant and beautiful. What a lovely shower.


Look at that stuff! It had better really be a girl...

Also, your hair looks fantastic.

That actually sounds like a pretty fun baby shower. I love love LOVE the idea of people writing letters to future Freka. That's such an awesome idea. Mind if I steal it? (That is, if I even remember.)

I'm so excited for you guys!

Isn't it fabulous to know that your baby is so loved before she even enters this world? Brings a tear to my eye.
I love seeing all the family. I see a line of good genes that Freka is coming into. Lucky little girl.
I see where Luke gets his height from.
You! You? Look amazing. You are making me miss being pregnant.

You look great girl! What an awesome shower. I really like the letters to the baby. What a wonderful gift to lil' Freka!

What a great shower! You look as glowing as ever. And I am JEALOUS of the height genes that Freka will inherit - ours is destined to be "cute" rather than "stately" or "supermodel-esque" :)
Also congrats on Freka turning head down! Mine turned last week and I was so relieved - let's hope they stay in position until the end.

What a great weekend! The shower really makes you feel loved doesent it? Sort of overwhelming but great. Love all of the pictures, you and luke both look so elated.
I wish you luck with the unmedicated l&d, I really wanted it but couldnt hack it.

yay! I see quite a few clothing items that we had for Maggie (that I just packed away this morning, actually *sniffle* she's outgrown almost everything!!!) You look beautiful, so calm and ready for this (even if you don't feel it, heehee)

You mentioned holding a 3-week old- it's so funny, because my friend had her son about 2 months before Maggie was born, and I held him when he was just a couple weeks old and I was like 'Whoa.' It's SO much different holding a baby when you're so close to having one of your own, kind of a reality check. So I know how you must have been feeling :)

I can't wait for these next weeks to be over and to see your little girl!!!!!

It was so great spending time with you. Thank you for letting me rub your stomach till that sweet baby kicked for me! I loved it! Can't wait to fly down and see the 3 of you!

i come back and there is that dang cake all up in my face again. please post picture of raw steak or something that will make me not want to run to the nearest bakery and buy all cakes. mmkay..thanks!

I cannot wait to "meet" little Freka! Clearly, there are so many people who already love her so much. What a fun baby shower--you look so great!!

The shower was wonderful. Your family gave a wonderful party. Your mom's cake is to die for. Everybody loves baby showers so that they can ooh and aah over the cute baby clothes. And just think those cute little clothes are for our little girl.

Great baby party. I am glad I was there. So much love was all around.

My two cents on the breast pump - my Medela pump in style has been through all three of my babies plus two girfriend's babies, for a total of about 24 months of pumping, and is still going strong, never had to replace anything. Love it!

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