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October 29, 2007


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Too cute!

I was thinking the same thing about it being an investment. That looks like a really warm coat. :)

You look so great and cute!! I lucked out in the coat area. My first was born on Thanksgiving, but it hadn't snowed yet, and I was hot walking around in short sleeves (typical hot pregnant lady). My other two were born in April and August.

Bravo!! The coat is great. I bet I can wear it lol

You are beautiful and that coat is awesome! When I was pregnant I bought an Old Navy fleece jacket and it got me through two pregnant winters (two different pregnancies). But you...quite nice!

Damn, girl. The belly? It is impressive.

Last winter when my sister was pregnant, she had the same coat issue. She is 5 foot tall and was about 135 at her due date. Her husband is 6 foot tall and probably a little over 200lbs. So I gave her one of my coats since I am five inches taller and about her pregnancy weight. So she wore my coat with long arms. But she is a teacher which means she has bus duty and recess duty. And this was her last baby, so no buying a coat for her.

And just so you know, you are going to be such a beautiful mama. You remind me of my sister a lot because she has similar gorgeous curly hair.

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any cuter :)

You crack me up.

Three cheers for a new coat!!

Luke is so brilliant! Horray for the belly shots!

That coat is adorable! And looks very cozy. Charlie was born in November and we live in TX so long pants were my holdout. I finally broke down and bought a pair with five weeks to go. I wore those pants nearly every day and then gave them to a friend who said they were her favorites too. You have to be warm!

We DO like belly shots on the internet! You look wonderful and warm. I may have to hit up Old Navy Maternity one last time myself. Not because my coat doesn't fit (it does and I'm BOILING HOT all the time anyway) but because I am BORED of all my maternity clothes. And thanks to you I have justified this planned expense with "I'll have more kids and so will my sister so nothing will go to waste." The countdown is on...

I've been debating the maternity coat issue myself. Last time around I wasn't that big during the cold winter months so I just wore my regular coat and left it unzipped once I got too big. This time around I'll be big during the cold months and am thinking I'll need something to stretch around my belly. I think I'll go check out Old Navy.

I know how it goes with the tall husband...I'm 5'3" and my husband is 6'3". Good for Luke on insisting on the purchase of such a lovely coat. Also, you and your belly look magnificent. December is oh, so close now!

That coat is beautiful! As is Luke's logic. That is my kind of budget-conscious thinking!

"ass on toast", I'll have to remember that one!

The coat is fabulous. Maternity wear keeps getting better and better.

Oh, what a pretty coat! And that belly!!! Hee!

That is an awesome coat and one georgeous belly! Im so exctied for you, mimi-bree will be here before you know it. Sadly, you may still need that coat for a few weeks after she arrives.
*shakes fist at uterus- shrink FASTER!*

Oh, I needed a good laugh today, Frema. And your husband Luke is quite the wise one. He must've used the force!

And so cute in the new coat!

There's a bonus use for your new coat: While you're on FMLA leave, and little Freke will only sleep while you're holding her and walking, you can strap her into a front carrier or a sling, put the maternity coat on over her, and go for a walk. For weeks 2-6, I was walking like a mile/day.

And not only did they live happily ever after, they were HOTT in the process. Hooray for cute winter coats!

So adorable! Both you AND the coat!

So cute. And what a good husband you have!

Very cute coat, very cute post, and very cute Momma. Until I got to the part where you bought a new coat, I was thinking that we have a few coats here in M-ville.

Now, the Internet can get a good night's sleep.

the coat thing was only a real problem during one of my pregnancies...and i remember freaking out and then just being too hot to actually button anything up anyway...so i just wore my non-maternity coat unbuttoned.

Cute coat! I love Liza's idea, using it for walks with Freka after she's born.

That coat is SO adorable! And I totally agree... It will be an investment! :)

The coat is super cute!! Love the belly shot!!

Luke, he is wise, no?

Hey found you through a mutual friend - Michelle Z.

I really have enjoyed reading your blog - - nice job!

That coat is SO SO CUTE ~ ENJOY IT!

You both are wise beon your years.

What a cute coat on you! Nice choice. :)

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