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October 24, 2007


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whew! just reading all that made me tired. go frema!!

Somehow I think the wedding stuff is going to end up in an album with Freka pictures. I'm just saying.

Seriously though, you have been so productive. All this plus that hospital visit, plus blogging, plus work plus teaching--it's official--you are superwoman. Hell, I can't even keep my blog updated!!

That Suze Orman kit looks interesting. It seems almost too good to be true though - the "you get what you pay for" attitude. Update us if there are any problems with it as you go through it.

"Target's got 'em both. Enough said." Not for me, boohoohoo. But I already went through my bra woes in detail last time you mentioned nursing bras. But I'll mention it again, because this Saturday is *the day*! By the end of Saturday, I may possibly, hopefully be the owner of a bra that actually fits!

Katie: I'm a big Suze Orman fan--her books were a huge help when it came time for me to select funds for my 401(k), and the account is growing fairly well--so I have faith in her products, and the kit is online, so the pricing makes sense. If I have problems, I'll let everyone know, but I think it's just a matter of following her templates to make sure everything's legal.

Look at you, little miss productive! Way to go!

Good job. I think that is real list progress. You are moving right along. Maybe, a list of work items would be good for me to achieve some short term goals: Grade lab reports, grade chapter 4 test on Newton's laws, record and average said grades. Then move on and redo that work for the other classes.

You have been busy! Tell me more about this online will kit and Suze Orman.

The day after my first was born, while I was sitting in the hospital bed learning how to nurse, my husband was in the back seat of our Blazer trying to figure out how to put the car seat base in.
Because I was so hugely pregnant, that the last few weeks I did nothing, and threw the car seat IN THE BOX, into the back of the car.

You're way more prepared. Go you.

That Sam is wonderfully clever and thoughtful; pre-printed labels for the shower guests is a fabulous idea. That and your return address labels probably saved lots of time for you to write the lovely and thoughtful thank you cards.

Just a word of caution from a Trust and Estate attorney. First of all--good for you! I can't tell you the nightmares I've seen involving minor children who lose one or both of their parents and the parent has not made for provisions for just such an event. However, be sure to look up the law in your state (try findlaw.com or the legal services webpage for your state) regarding formalities of your will. For instance, how many witnesses are required? Is a notary necessary? Must you acknowledge that you are executing your will in contemplation of the birth of your child in order for it to be valid? Those are usually the technicalities that are not addressed in those types of kits. I would hate for you to be responsible enough to make the effort (which I'm still harping on my friends about--they won't sign even after I e-mail them the docs) only to have it be for naught due to some technicality.

Been lurking a bit and tracking Freka's and your progress ... wanted to stop in and let you know you and that baby of yours been on my mind. And all those UTI's ... ack!

Continue to enjoy your nesting ... preparation. Momma Frema.

Since you're getting so close to being finished with your own to-do list, how about coming by and working on mine? K,thanks.

I think The King and I are going to follow suit and order the Suze Orman kit you recommended. Thanks for doing the research for us!

Your getting closer and closer. Hooray.

(And you might want to add..."buy christmas cards". Maybe even get them all addressed and ready to go. You could write them out while nursing mini Bree!)

When I had my 1st baby & didn't know where to turn for a pediatrician, I asked my midwife who she used for her kids and ended up with the BEST DOCTOR EVER! Now that we've moved & I don't know anyone again, I did the same thing. I figure a doctor knows more about finding a good pediatrician than a freelance illustrator who may-or-may not be having serious 3rd trimester emotional difficulties...


First off, whew. You set a break-neck pace and keep it up with verve and aplomb...Bravo!

Second, Suze Orman is a badass in that she fought her way to the top of Merrill Lynch at a time when women were a curiousity in the financial business. She has her chops and I buy I lot of what she says.

Third, as for dressing a boy as a girl, let's remember that gender roles are a construct meant to keep people in their places. Beyond that, in early modern Europe (c.1500-c.1815), it was common practice to dress boys as girls. It was supposed to confuse evil spirits and make them take the (useless) girls instead of the (useful) boys.

And people wonder where we get our sexual hang-ups from...

To cite a particularly prominent example, Philippe, the Duc d'Orleans and the brother of Louis XIV (1643-1714) of France was raised, in clothing and everything else, as a girl. He supposedly led troops into battle during the Thirty Years War dressed completely as a woman (imagine that, on horseback with a sword...)

Relevant item? No, but interesting all the same (to me, at least).

In closing, send me your current address so that I may add you to the Christmas card list (a Victorian tradition, but you see, I like the Victorians).

I love Suze too! Don't forget she says _not_ to consolidate those school loans WITH your husband's loans.

Amy: I'd never forget. Anyway, those loans are all mine!

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