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November 26, 2007


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WOO HOO - you answered ALL THREE of my questions AND I'm the first to comment. Could blog-commenting get any better?!

I kind of agree with you on The Office. I am so glad that Pam and Jim are together, but it HAS been kind of slow with everything...and now the strike - we shall see...

Thanks again for answering...! :)

Just thought that you might like to know that we know a girl at Matt's work who is due Dec. 11th and she just went in to labor today! There is hope for you.

Okay Baby, what happened to the deal we were trying to make about the WEEKEND ARRIVAL? It's after midnight on a Monday/Tuesday, I'm in mid-living room paint job, and you're going to send me to bed with dreams of racing down to Indy in the middle of the week?! (Secretly: Yippee!)

This weekend would be perfect, Bree. Do it! (Because you totally have the choice when, right?)


Yes to the 90210 memory -- the gang went up to Tahoe (I think...) for a weekend, and Brandon and Dylan went hiking, and Brandon proceeded to, like, tumble off a cliff, and in an uber-dramatic moment only 90 could pull off, Dylan pulled him back from the gaping jaws of death. I'm pretty sure this venture coincided with their high school graduation, and when they came home from the trip they went and hung the big W Bev Hi banner off the Hollywood sign... so that would have been, um, 1993, if memory serves.
Why, I ask, is there no 90210 trivia game??

I remember that 90210, too! But Brandon and Emily I have mostly blocked out. Dude, she was crazy. I do remember her setting something on fire. That visit to San Fran was after she left Beverly Hills, right? So that could have been a Thanksgiving episode, I don't remember.

But I believe the camping trip was a back-to-school episode (after the "summer season" 90210 had to bring in viewers).

I don't have your answer, but I did see a tote bag at Target the other day. It was neon colors and it had Brandon and Dylan's faces on it with the 90210 stamp. I tried to find it on Target's website, but no luck. It was terribly awesome and brought back a lot of memories.

I'm sure you're tired of the pregnant comments, and would rather eat your own foot than hear another one, but... You are SUCH a cute pregnant lady. Even pouting. Just think of the pictures that you'll get to take soon of you and your BABY! That should put a smile on your face! It put one on mine! I can't wait to have another one!

Ah... 90210... my heart is all a-flutter.

First, you look adorable!

Secondly, I feel the same way about The Office this season. I mean, I want Jim and Pam to stay together because if they break up it will break my heart. You are right though, they need to spice thing up a bit overall. There is always a funny moment or two in each episode, but lately I've said "eh, not my favorite" after many episodes. Plus, I got spoiled by the hour long ones, which I'm not even sure were a good idea to begin with.

Aww, you look so miserable. Adorable, but miserable.

Thankgiving Day is a time to mark process of this year compared to last year. To do that analysis, one would to do that thinking. I just might wait until next year to work on that analysis.

Ok, the hanging off the cliff and the San Fran trip to see Emily were definitely two different episodes. The San Fran trip was after they were out of school.

I believe Brandon and Dylan were hiking, though, not around the Hollywood sign, the gang had gone camping, and I believe there was some tension between them, but I am not sure what. Probably Dylan's drinking. Dylan saves Brandon and the world is good again.

Rachel: Oh, I know they're separate. But I think they both aired on Thanksgiving!

You know I love 90210. But damn, I can't remember that one.

And honey, I feel your pain. Seriously, the last weeks of pregnancy suck. But, like I've said before, after the baby comes you won't be able to remember what being pregnant feels like.

I hear the last few weeks are the worst, so it's ok if you don't want to smile. :)
You're almost there!

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