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November 13, 2007


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I've only been reading you a few months, but your birth plan over at the other site is what made me comment. I'm an L&D RN so the words "birth plan" make me cringe, but yours is actually very very doable. Those are all things that are within normal policy for my hospital but just in case they aren't for yours...contact the manager of the OB dept where you will be delivering. We have had women who developed birth plans and the doctor "approved" them but since requests were outside hospital policy we RN's could not allow all things without the approval from our department head to waive current policies. So, our policy is that unless the paper that you sweet women give us has been initialed by our fearless leader we cannot ensure that all requests can be granted. So, just check that out? I'd hate for you to be disappointed...

Amy: Luke and I took a few childbirth classes at our hospital, and the only issues I included in my birth plan were ones that were specifically addressed by our instructor, who's a labor and delivery nurse there. So I know they're all doable. Whew!

I'm fearing my future children's teeth, thanks to the snaggle-tooth that plagued me as a child and my hubby's less-than-straight chompers.

And lil Freaka blogging? That just made me shudder. Why? Because that will make me OLD.

The glasses! The acne! I agree whole heartedly that I'd do about anything to avoid my baby girl having the skin woes I do!

She will be a knock out either way! I can't wait to see her! I am wondering if she is going to have your beautiful curls!!

You are so cute (last post). And you're lucky the baby won't drop till labor... all 3 of mine dropped at least 3 weeks early, and while it's easier to breathe, it's not so comfortable to sit!
As for traits of mine I hope my kids don't have: poor eyesight and crazy messed up dental /orthodontic woes.

Ewww.... my SO makes me do that blackhead thing for his back. I've never told another soul!

Growing up I had a lot of complexion problems too, and being adopted, didn't inherit my dad's good complexion. My early teens years have many memories of dad steaming and scrubbing the first 12 layers of skin off my face and popping the blackheads. So as gross as it is, I totally understand.

Teeth & glasses seem to be a theme here.

At least we've both got blond hair and blue or hazel/gray (all are in our parents too, so there shouldn't be any brown...) eyes to make up for it. At least, that's how I think it should work. :)

I have this picture in my head of your coworkers hopping around all day as they keep the other foot in their mouth. Can the place you work possibly be populous enough that you've had so many tactless run ins? Or are you dealing with repeat offenders?

I wonder if we can get those human genome project people on the acne gene. Sounds like it's traumatized a lot of us. Then again, in the scheme of things, it could have been worse.

I know so many people who say they have or had bad skin, so I've always felt so blessed that I've always had great skin. I would have my occassional very very mild breakouts when I was 16, but it wasn't anything big at all. My brother, on the otherhand has acne woes. He mostly gets blackheads and bad ones. He uses face washes and blackhead clearing cream, but the poor kid still gets them. So, even though I might not be able to relate to having really bad skin problems, I understand not wanting your kids to go through it. I hope my kids don't get it either!
I had really bad teeth when I was younger, and had to have a lot of painful dental work done, so I'm hoping my kids have really nice teeth!

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