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November 25, 2007


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I totally agree with you about the 3rd trimester - getting to know someone through her movements inside of you is amazing! Btw your "placeholder" nablopomo entries are hilarious - if I'd bothered participating my whole month would have been one-liner postings :)

We have all done things that could be thought of as bad in our youth. I just don't remember what I did during that time of life. Maybe, I could dig up something from the past, but not now.
I am glad you got the computer thing figured out. It is a real link with the world.

I love your description of the third trimester!! I did not have such a good attitude as you. I couldn't wait to sleep on my stomach and every night I laid awake imagining a special mattress with a hole for my belly so I could sleep comfortably.

Your description of all trimesters is perfect, as I sit here, trying to push his foot or arm back in for jutting out uncomfortably from my side. I can't wait to sleep on my back! As for missing pregnancy, this is definately my last so I am trying to enjoy and remember every last minute before he comes, because this is the last time I'll be doing this, come on 5 kids is enough!

You cracked me up with the Chunk story. I thought, no WAY did she do that, and then bwahahaha Chunk. (Baby Roof?)

Those kicks and jabs are what make it all worthwhile, eh? Thankfully, those are the parts of pregnancy we hang on to the most. That's how we convince ourselves to have multiple children, haha.

I was starting to freak out about that puke thing... Ewwww.

So I just had a thought.... what if Freka comes early... I mean, still in November... and then you can't finish NaBloPoMo?! What would you do?! ;)

It sounds like you have a lot of things to be excited about post-baby. The most exciting thing clearly being the baby herself. Although, New York and Company definitely comes in as a close second--they do have some cute things in there these days! :-)

That last trimester is the best. I totally miss all the kicks and jumps and the hiccups too.

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