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November 19, 2007


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I'm so impressed that you're all decorated for Christmas already! But disappointed that you didn't mention the AGONY of putting on shoes with laces. Because it IS its own whole workout these days isn't it?

December 1st sounds like a great day for Freka's birth. That day would also give you, Luke, and the little girl time to rest up for the holidays. In any event, she will be here soon. I am very excited to hold my little granddaughter.

Don't worry, I don't think your doctors will let you go that far past your due date now-a-days! Is it completely unbelievable to you and Luke that this will be your last holiday sans baby? You're still looking great! :)

Oh WOW. I can imagine that those late baby comments would be the worst of all. I'm still calling you early, Bree - somewhere in week 39. And yes, a weekend would be positively splendid. (Kids never listen to us, btw.)

Do we get to place bets or have some sort of official due date competition?

So I guess you don't want to hear that I was 22 days late. In August. My poor mother.

But I'm sure Freka will be much more considerate than I was.

But if the baby comes in November, that December elephant will provide great story material! I was way premature, and the stuffed bear that my mom had ready for me was bigger than I was when I was born. I always loved that story because it made the birth story feel real.

Do you have access to a trampoline? Just kidding. I'll send happy Dec 1 thoughts your way.

Don't you wish you could send her little messages? Like, "Okay, you can come out now," or maybe a giant flashing arrow to show her the way out.

I say that December 1st is a good day, Freka. But, then again, none of my kids listen to me, so why should she.

One word of assvice though, whatever food you have in your stomach when you go into labor, will, in most cases, be purged one way or another, so you may want to consider eating kind of light on Thanksgiving if you even think you could be having real contractions.

You look great, and you are decorated for Christmas already!

It'll be over soon, that's what I keep reminding myself.....but I hear you on the getting into bed comment, walking with a full bladder, everything!

You are so ready. The plan has been worked out and now you wait on nature to bring the baby into the world.

You are one of the cutest pregnant women ever! Can't wait to see this baby!

Aww, you look so cute! I was a pig by this time. I was also a week late and cried everyday so I'm feeling you. Just hang in there! Best to you!

I keep saying it...you look WONDERFUL!

(and also? I tagged you for a silly meme)

I think December 1st is totally ideal. It sounds good, and it fits well in your schedulte, but hopefully Freka thinks so too! :)
When is your due date again?

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