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November 21, 2007


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I was just flipping through channels and saw Howie and immediately thought of you and how happy you must be right now! And then I come in here and you blogged about it!

Way to go with getting things done...I have so many long term things like this that I need to do that I am even afraid of writing a to-do list.

Can't wait to see the re-upholstered chair!

Seems like you've got everything ready for when the baby arrives, hopefully she'll come sooner than later for you :)

You really have completed lots of things on the list. Heck, Daddy D and I do not even have a list. Maybe next summer, we will make an actual list and work on a number of those things throughout the summer. No list-making today; it is a holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving

You are a very impressive pregnant woman - you have your act together. I as a pregnant woman, did not.

By this time in my pregnancy I would have been freaking out, because you know, I waited until the day I actually went into the hospital to pack my hospital bag (he came 3 weeks early, I can use that as an excuse, right?!)

I'm really happy for you guys, you are really going to have fun at this parenting stuff!

All the baby prep work has been great. We never were ready like that at all. We just worked it out as the baby work came along. It was easier the second time because of the first times work.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like you are so close to having your to do items checked off. It's very impressive. Oh and hope your hand feels better soon.

I agree that NaBloPoMo is kind of a drag this year. It's like everybody's doing it, but with no real purpose. I didn't even sign up and my b/f is guilt tripping me into keeping up. Fight the power! Set us free!

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