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November 29, 2007


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I am not pregnant, but I have told a few people that I feel like I've been nesting the last few weeks myself. Cooking, cleaning, straightening, re-arranging. I think that non-pregnant women can go through periods of that too.

Or maybe I just caught something from Molly?

The countdown is on! Only a short time left. Enjoy these last special days the two of you (and I mean you and Freka) have together in such a special way!

Bastard computer just ate my first comment, and boy it was a doozie.

I nest constantly. Even if there really is no such thing as nesting, it would have to be invented for me. I never stop, day or night.

Also, I think you should have that fabulous baby this weekend. I'm free. You?

how did the rocker turn out? love to see a pic of it

First, we are waiting for THE CALL... whenever that is in the next few weeks.

You are right being sad is not depression. When bad things happen being sad, even incredibly sad, is a normal response. I am not sure about nesting. Two and half weeks before Luke's brother was born, we moved into a new apartment. I did work kind of non-stop to get the new apartment ready, but that was probably due to necessity rather than nesting.

People thought I was nesting, too. I just cleaned my house like I always did. Nothing different. My clue? I didn't leave the house to go shopping or do anything for the few days before I had Ryan. THAT is what was unusual for me.

I'll bet your stats are skyrocketing- I keep checking every morning to see if you've gone into labor yet! :)

My mother was washing my hair -- while having contractions! -- right before my brother was born. Now THAT'S nesting. And I do think everybody, pregnant or not, goes through periods where they need to make sure everything in the house is taken care of RIGHT NOW.

It is annoying when everyone accuses you of nesting. But I'm not sure you can identify the behavior in yourself. I had a crazy fit of organizing our junk drawer into ziplock bags at 10pm one night just before my baby was born. I think that counts now that I look back on it!

I had the nesting comments too but really Im just anal about cleaning and being organized. Plus, I think its bs, for us it was more about the 7 week parade of visitors coming and them not seeing the goo in the bottom of the fridge.
Heres hoping for early!!

Someone told me near the end of my pregnancy to not worry, because OF COURSE the baby will come. In the history of the world there has never been a woman who just stayed pregnant forever. I know it sounds lame, but it helped me during those last few weeks.

Good luck!

I know what you mean about the nesting thing. I get so annoyed when everyone tells me they have OCD, because they don't. Everyone has those weird little quirks that they have... EVERYONE. OCD goes with rituals that the person feels like they HAVE to do, otherwise, they think something bad will happen.

My bet is still on Dec. 5th!

I too think she will come early... I check several times a day for a post that you're off to the hospital...
P.S I followed you here from Parents...

My first baby came at 40 weeks and one day. I'm rooting for December 11. Come on Freka!

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