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November 14, 2007


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I'm no prude, but I doubt I could have said "breast" to that man either. Regardless of its context.

Congrats on all the work you've gotten done! You're SO CLOSE.

I didn't feel like signing in over at your Parents blog, so I'll say it here. When I interviewed the pediatrician we picked, she also gave us a copy of that book AND.....a STROLLER. A GOOD UMBRELLA STROLLER THAT I HAVE USED LOTS ALREADY! But, no, that didn't persuade me one bit!

Wow - it looks like you're insanely busy! Just came by your blog and saying hi!

What an odd question for an interviewee older man to ask you!! Who in the hell does that?? Yow.

I swear if I lived close I would attempt your rocker in a heartbeat. You're doing great with your list, though! Do you think you'll be able to take on the picture projects?

HOLY SHIT...you're having a baby!

(Dude, I HATED having to mention anything to do with breast milk with my male coworkers. And crap, I can't believe that guy asked you. Creepy.)

I felt weird about saying "breast" to people, too. Now I just say "I'm nursing." To me it is just a phrase I like better, especially with strangers! :)

I went back to where I used to work a few months after my baby was born and the very first person I saw when I walked in the door was my former boss - a ridiculously proper and stern man. Within 2 minutes he wanted to know if she was breastfeeding. I couldn't have been any more uncomfortable! Gah! When I said yes I proceeded to get lecture about how breastfeeding is the best blah blah. I agree but I SO didn't wan to have the conversation with him!

Congrats on the progress on your list. If you don't get around to freezing yourself some meals I highly recommend going out a stocking up on those frozen dinner in a bag type items. They might sound kind of gross now but I can almost guarantee that in the first few weeks that will seem delicious simply because it required no effort to make!

OY. Do the inappropriate comments/questions from strangers never end?? And yeah, that's extra squicky coming from a man. Sheesh.

CONGRATS on getting so so much done! I'm especially impressed by the Christmas presents. You GO, Frema! Woo! :)

Lists are good to make and do. I may do more of that work some time.

I am envious of your ability to get soooo much completed. Especially since you are so far along and I know you've got to be tired.

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