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November 22, 2007


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You are so ready! And, yes, so much to be thankful for. :)

I am thankful for what's to come too. Your home looks very ready for a baby.

I'm excited that your home has been turned into powdered parenthood: Just Add Baby! Hooray!

And as for the B&J flavor I was enjoying in the tub: Neopolitan Dynamite. Not that great, frankly. I much prefer a good Karamel Sutra or Brownie Batter.

Congratulations on exciting events to come!

Everything is so darn cute!

I know you claim that you WILL be using that crib, but I won't be surprised if you don't ;-) My husband REFUSED to even listen to the idea of co-sleeping. . .until we were in the hospital, and he could not bear the thought of that brand new, precious baby sleeping alone. All three of us were squished into that little hospital bed all night :-) Even now, I tell myself "OK, I need to put Baby #3 into the sidecar crib so he can learn to sleep alone." But no - there's no way I can tear that soft, cuddly body out of my arms, when I've been separated from him all day at work :-)

Good work in the organization. Everything has a place and everything has its place. So neat. I could learn from that level of organization.

i have the same bassinet for codi. but something i learned with brandon was to purchase a thicker matress for it from babies r us and a softer bassinet sheet. brandon wouldnt lay in his till i got the thicker pad. codi now loooves his!

Yay, all your stuff is so cute! She's going to be here so soon! :)

That seat is so pink! That bassinet is so wee! This stuff just makes me wanna squee so bad. How do I get my biological clock to SHUT UP, already?

How sweet everything looks! I really love the basinette - great colors.

That bassinet is beautiful.


Oh, they are all so cute! I just love the crib set!

Freka is going to be living in style!

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