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November 10, 2007


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Oh my god, those automated phone lines drive me NUTS. I hope you finally got to talk to a real live person!


Sallie Mae and Verizon are cousins. Married, kissing, cousins, who ruin my life as often as they can.

Oh, that made me laugh. ..With you, I swear! (and also a little at you, sorry).
I've had a similar experience myself... and rather than have them call me back, I stupidly waited on the phone for a LONG time and when I finally got a live person, my cell phone battery was just about dead.

How true, how true!

Something EVERYONE can unfortunately relate to...

Thanks for the laugh (of course I KNOW when it is actually happening, laughing is the furthest thing from the mind!)

My favorite is when auto-bot #1 asks for your account number, you punch it in and navigate through a zillion menus, before getting transferred to auto-bot #2; who asks for your account number, you punch it in and then navigate eleventy trillion levels of menus, and sit on hold for 30 minutes before you finally get a "customer service representative" who again asks for your damn account number! But you can't understand them because they are sitting in some hell-hole call center in New Dehli due to severe cost cuts by the company you are trying to get some freakin' service from already. Or, alternately you get cut off and have to start over again from the beginning.

Not that I would know anything about that. Augh!

I freakin' HATE automated call centers. They are even worse when you are trying to get through to the airline when you haven't been let on to the plane you were booked on. And according to the real live people when you finally talk to them, the only way to reach someone is through the 800 number. They don't have direct lines. Seriously, your husband, wife, child cannot contact you directly at work? Give me a freakin' break.

That was pure gold. We hate the auto voice fembots in my neck of the woods too.

Oh my gosh, that's funny. I'm sorry for your pain, but FUNNY!!

In my house, Sallie Mae is evil simply because we are going to be paying her for the next 15 years...

Been there done that! Your description is hilarious.

Hey, I used to be a Sallie Mae Actual Real Live person. Ah - the sweet, sweet memories of quickly realizing someone was not MY problem after all and transferring them into the Blue Nowhere. :-)

Anyway.... this past Friday, I was in Fembot Hell myself dealing with some medical stuff. Bah.

In the old days, we would have called this a Communist plot. These non-persons seemingly having control over our lives is very frustrating.

Our electric and gas company does that!

Oh, I have so been there. It completely bites! I really hope you can get it finished soon. Dealing with stuff like this really irritates me. (Sorry; if I were smarter I would make these into links but I don't know how...)

http://shinelikestars.blogspot.com/2005/01/customer-service.html -- That's my experience trying to consolidate my loans...and I was talking to an actual person. Pretty scary...

Oh my goodness, I freakin' hate those things! Did you ever actually get to talk to someone who COULD help you?!

Heh. Just reading this made me want to scream. I cannot stand automated phone stuff.

Great work.

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