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December 08, 2007


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I wrote "Olly olly oxen free" at the close of my last post before the babe arrived. It worked. Here's hoping yours does, too!

Are we there yet? Almost,just a little while longer.

I just laughed when I read that you have three packs of size one diapers. Plan on using at least thirty packs instead. LOL

Bailey was late and I ended up being induced, and she was still in newborn size diapers for well over a month. So you might want to have more on hand just in case. Don't open them and almost anywhere will let you exhange for a bigger size later on.

Good luck with everything and I am excited to hear about Freka's arrival VERY SOON!!

Two Lines on a Stick: I wasn't implying that we were done buying diapers, just saying we had a (small) stash of a couple of different sizes. Once she's actually here, we'll know what we'll need to stock up on!

OH I hope Freka comes soon for you. You never know, at least you're dilated some. Here's wishing you labor vibes.

Good luck with timing labour for your favourite doctor! Totally hear you - in fact now I'm hoping to hold out until Wednesday when my favourite of the 3 midwives from the practice we're using is back on call for a week or so...

Hmmmm. I'll have you know I've moved into the "refreshing" portion of our relationship. I'll be checking in on you something like, oh, thirty, forty times a day from here on out.

Since you didn't blog yesterday and I haven't seen you on gmail chat yet, I am wondering!!!

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