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December 06, 2007


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Uhm... Maybe you should go back to work? Just kidding', but I'm only 19 and I totally remember the second Parent Trap! Maybe I shouldn't admit that? Hmm... Now I wanna watch them both... Netflix here I come... I've never seen The Sound of Music I think I'll put that one on there too! Thanks, haha.
Come on baby, I'm sure your mom wants to meet you...
If you can't tell my mind is everywhere... and it's like this ALL the time...

such randomness, made me laugh outloud. That is how I'd be if I was not working. Hell, that is how my mind works WHILE at work. I'm lame.

I totally remember Parent Trap 2 and 3!!! I was totally a fan. The third one was a joke. And had Barry Boswick in it.

But the second one? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I loved Parent Trap. Even the new Lindsey Lohan one. There, I said it.

And dude, you must read my friend (in real life) Jihan's account of meeting Kurt Von Trapp (in real life). It made me cry when I first read it. That movie is AWESOME.

Here is the link (I couldn't get the link to work in your comments): http://www.whereintheworldisjihan.com/2007/02/im-encourageable.html

Aww, I loved the Sound of Music! When my family lived in Germany, we did a little "Sound of Music" tour and visited many of the sites from the movie...and yes, I totally danced on the fountain!

Love those movies! And I saw the Sound of Music recently and DID notice that Captain Von Trapp was HOTTTT.

I saved $350 specifically to buy a purse and then just couldn't do it. I bought a $70 purse instead and I still have the rest.

Warm Vanilla Sugar, ALL THE WAY. Save the Country Apple for springtime.

You crack me up.

I hope that at this time next week you are posting gobs of baby pictures on this here website. ...Not that I don't enjoy reading your every thought (even though I've never seen a single Parent Trap (go on, hit me)).


I heart The Sound of Music!! And The Parent Trap. I remember the sequel but I don't know that I ever saw it.

Parent Trap 1 and 2 are classic! But I always wondered why the didn't just twins to act in it instead of making Hayley Mills do twice the work. Also, I had NO idea there was a Parent Trap 3. I'm totally going to google it.

I'm with Emily. I have Warm Vanilla Sugar in the bathroom right now and I find myself uh, using the facilities, just so I can wash my hands. Perfect for this time of year.

Do you remember when Hayley Mills was a teacher on Saved by the Bell? I think it was the first season.

1. Agreed about Climb Every Mountain. I HATE that song. And it totally gets stuck in my head.

2. I totally did the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, too, but they wouldn't let us dance in the gazebo (it is seriously not very big!)

3. Either I'm not into older men, or I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I always thought Captain Von Trapp was just kinda old. Also, I felt sorry for Baroness Schraeder. The kids were really mean to her.

The day gets filled up. There is so much to do or get done. I am glad you get this chance to get some time to yourself.

I'm having such fun being on Frema Baby Watch! Even more exciting than my daily Young and the Restless fix - and that is a compliment :) This is depressing, and you may not even believe me, but I've never seen The Sound of Music. But I promise to put it on my winter to do list!

I love the Sound of Music, although I agree about Climb Every Mountain. One of my mother's favourite stories about me took place when I was about 5 and we went to the theatre to see a production of SoM. Apparently about half way through Climb Every Mountain, I could be heard asking my mum in an inappropriately loud voice "Mummy, why do those nuns have to sing so LOUDLY?". My mum half-heartedly told me to be quiet, but she silently agreed... ;o)

I remember Parent Trap, I think....As for the Sound of Music, couldn't sit through it. So what are you watching today?

On a Sound of Music related note, what I want to know is who decided that "My Favorite Things" counts as a Christmas song?

Maybe it's just me but it makes me want to poke out my ears with a sharp stick when I hear it on the radio!

I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks impure thoughts about Capt. Von Trapp. HOOOOT, indeed!

I was the same way about Capt Von Trapp! I watched those tapes over and over when I was about 13.

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