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December 07, 2007


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I remember when scooters were big, but I don't think my sister or I ever had one. On second thought, I think my sister did, but it was more of a younger kids plasticy one. We were fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where we were allowed to ride in the streets. Those were the days...

I just had to say that I bought a scooter with my First Communion money too! Except mine was turquoise.

I'm still totally bummed that Freka didn't come on my guessed due date! My 2nd one was Dec. 9th, but I didn't want to make you mad by saying it was after your due date. But that's what I'm going for next.

I read to Babboo all the time these days. Way more lately. And I love every minute of it.

Poor Lil' Frema! I love reading to my kids. Kaylie always wanted a bedtime story and lately, we have gotten away from that. Alyssa brings me books all the time and wants to read.

I still say the 9th!

I'm buying my nephew a scooter for his third birthday!

I really really do not judge anyone's art preferences. Well, maybe Anne Geddes, a little. Those poor babies! And I am as suspicious of anyone who doesn't have some sort of art that they like as those who have no favorite song, band or musical style. It's just crazy talk!

Too bad about the scooter. I don't know how someone can ride someone else's scooter and like the ride. That is just plain wrong.

The hours and hours I spent reading Nancy Drew...I used to be such an avid reader when I was younger - not so much anymore...

Gosh, I must check in here 5 times a day. Just in case. How is it just hangin out at home? I think I made a guess a while ago and I lost already. My new guess is the 14th. She will weigh in at 8lbs 6oz. 21 inches long. You are going to have the best Christmas. I am so excited for you both. Have I already said that 1000 times? Yes, I thought so.

Ooo, scooters! We ha two oldones that used to be my dad's. LOVED them! Until the one came apart as I was riding it and I went sprawling onto the sidewalk.

My favorite book for little ones is "Hippos Go Berserk" by Sandra Boynton. Actually, all of her books are great. My favorite book to read to my middle child is "Once Upon A Potty"... I love the pictures. I love the library, where I can pick up all sorts of different styles and stories.

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