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December 10, 2007


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I say have your cake (and eat it too)! Maybe the promise of cake (even if it's a few years down the road) will tempt Freka into coming out.

Oh dear... I do hope that you go into labor soon! I could give you useless (well, maybe not useless for you) assvice for getting labor started, if you want! Most of it probably doesn't work, but some of it is even fun! Just e-mail! :)

While I was expecting my second child, and ready to see her pretty little face, I polled several people and read several "old wives tales" that recommend eggplant parmesean to get labor started. You might want to consider it since you and Luke are dining out tonight.

Ohhh boo, when you didn't post yesterday I thought she had finally decided to arrive! Looks like I guessed too early in the baby poll :) Maybe the spinach dip will urge her to come?

When I checked my feed reader this afternoon and saw no post from your or Molly, I thought maybe Freka came on her due date.

I'm sure she'll be here any day now. I'd say have some cake with a side of cake. :)

Well now both my guessed days are out, so I lose! But she'll be here very soon! Any day now! :)

I'm super jealous of your materinity leave. I wish I had end-of-semester leave, because dude, I need it.

Dinner out is a very good idea. Spinach dip has a lot of iron in for red blood cells. Good stuff and good for you.

Wow, I cannot even imagine what you're going through right now--- the excitement, the anticipation!!

Good luck, and I hope she arrives soon.

I didn't get on the placing of bets for Freka's due date, but if I had, I would have lost! I was just sure it would be December 6 - Thursdays were my baby-having days.

I've been gone running errands all day and just now raced to my bloglines to see if there were bay-beeeee pictures. Can't wait! Sending good wishes your way!

Go run some laps or something. Just kidding, I guessed tomorrow;) Enjoy your dinner out. Yum, spinach dip sounds great!

Not to doom you two another day or two of pregnant misery, but I hope you have the baby on Wednesday because that is my birthday and I consider it the coolest day EVER. I mean, 12/12? Who can resist that??

I think the dinner sounds like a wonderful idea! I planned to make a cake as a during-labor activity. But I got tired of waiting for the cake, so I ended up making it a few days before the baby was born!

Good luck whenever she comes! Mine was early, so my only advice is to read any books that you've been putting off. My recommendations are anything about BF and The Happiest Baby on the Block. That book was, by far, the best book I've read about calming down newborns... really- it's great!


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