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December 14, 2007


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Well, you've got an incredibly great attitude about everything, that's for sure! Here's hoping Freka makes her appearance soon, although you could just wait until next Thursday and then she would have the same birthday as me! I don't think it could possibly get any cooler than that ;)

Oh yes, please be one of those ladies that walks in, pushes two times and gets a perfect baby!! :-)

I saw the update in my feedreader and I was all "FREKA IS HERE!" but no. Not yet. Good golly kid, don't you know how many people are WAITING!? :)

And of COURSE there would be a blizzard. Of course.

Hey, when I was preggy with my oldest, I was 4cm and 80% and having contractions exactly like you are. When the contractions were strong and painful, I went to the hospital. When I got there, I was almost 10cm, pushed 3 times and she was born. I got to the hospital at 3am and she was born at 3:51.

Come on Freka!!!! Come out so we can see you!!

I have my fingers crossed for a quick and simple delivery that is, most importantly, soon.

You know this lil' sweetie is going to come in the middle of the biggest snowstorm so far this season:) You have got to be the most positive person...I went over by one day and I was all sign me up for the induction! Good luck girlie!

I'm sure you're done with the waiting bit, but your progress is fantastic! I am hoping things go perfectly for you - that you get to the hospital at the perfect time, that your favorite doctor is there, that you stretch beautifully and have no tearing or bruising, and that little Freka is fantastically healthy and a champion nurser :-D

OOH, this has ALL the makings of a soap opera birth - giant snowstorm, crazy fast delivery...that just rocks. GOOD LUCK! Cannot WAIT to hear all about the birth and see that gorgeous little baby!

I just have to commend you for wanting to wait it out. Every one of my friends/family members who have had a baby wanted to get the labor going, they were going to the hospital all the time and getting sent home. Then when the hospital finally admitted them, they were in labor for over 15 hours.
I agree with the ladies at the counter... you'll push for 10 minutes and be done. :)

I'm ridiculously jealous of you! Do you realize that 5 cm is half way to a baby!? My baby (I'm not exaggerating) took about 30 hours to get to that point. I'm 100% sure you'll have her before Monday. Good luck!

Wow! Go body go, indeed!
Im sure that they told you this but if your water breaks you'd better HURRY girl.
Good luck, best wishes,, all of it! I really think you are going to make it natural the way things are unfolding.

You have it all figured out. Keep up the good work.

I've been thinking of you with this damned weather we're supposed to get. You sound fantastic, and as everyone says, 5 cm is amazing! I hope it goes great, I can't wait to hear!

I shall keep my fingers crossed that you don't go into labor in the middle of the blizzard, but that you also have that kid soon. Come on, Freka! Give your mom a break!

You ARE extremely positive.

Hey, how are we doing on our time-and-date predictions? Wasn't there a wager in there somewhere? I think my guess has long since come and gone. :o(

Impressive! My body was only willing to cooperate to about 1cm before we induced... sounds like you are HALFWAY THERE!!

Aaaah! I am so excited for you! I'll be thinking of you all weekend and just praying that the weather doesn't impact your trip to the hospital...because, dude, my gut says you're so having a baby this weekend!

holy cow! I was (supposedly) 4cm dilated the morning I went into labor. The doctor at my appointment had pretty much the same attitude as your doctor- "are you SURE you're not in labor??" She told me not to wait at all if I started feeling contractions, and later that day, things started moving... but then the doctor at the hospital (different one) said I was 2cm. ??? Apparently he had big hands... so to this day, I'm not sure if I was really in labor, or if I should say that I was induced because I got Pitocin when things didn't move faster. heh.

Either way, it's a great sign that you're halfway there already, wow! I definitely wouldn't waste any time driving to the hospital, hehe... you don't want to be one of those ladies on the news who have their babies at the gas station! hehe Can't wait to hear the news!!!!!!!!

Hang in there, Frema! The baby really truly will come out, I promise.

It's the great baby watch of 2007!

Definitely rooting for a hospital birth, and not one in the car because you are stuck in snowstorm clogged traffic!

What great progress you are making! It's so great that you are still comfortable to go out for dinner. It's getting close!

This is great news! I hope it means less work required once you get to that hospital. Good luck and drive safely in all that snow. I'm also getting induced Monday if the baby hasn't made her appearance by then :)

Go baby, go!
I'm praying Indy's city workers are on top of the plowing this weekend.

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