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December 10, 2007


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It WILL HAPPEN. That baby will come out. Just remember that. One more week tops, right? TOPS.

You can do it!

The two main reasons I can remember for hating the What to Expect series are 1) though they gave out the standard recommendations, they seemed to be neutral toward or against breastfeeding, especially after one year old, and 2) they emphasized how homebirth was so dangerous, and you must be in a hospital (insert roll of eyes here). However, please keep in mind that it's been 3+ years since I read either of those books!

Katie: The editions of What to Expect that I read were both very pro-breastfeeding, though they don't condemn any mom who chooses to formula feed. Also, in the second edition of What to Expect: The First Year, which came out in 2003, there's a whole chapter dedicated to breastfeeding techniques and advice, which I read this morning and thought was very good. I know the first edition, originally published in 1989 (!), didn't have that.

I may regret not charging my camera batteries tonight. Possibly.

Happy Due Date!

Love your blog, follow you at parents.com as well. You look great, good luck with the contractions

I've done 41 weeks and it really isn't so bad. I do complain about the fact that I have 4 children and not a single one was willing to come out of their own free will. I'm quite sure they'd all still be up there if they had their own way. Which really doesn't make for a pretty picture.

Maybe today is the day. Take care. We are thinking about you.

What a wonderful attitude! A day on the couch with a book sounds heavenly, and a perfect way to pass the time.

Even at 40 weeks, you are still looking great! Now, little Freka, any time you are ready, my dear!

Hang in there.

I'm with Katie - you've got that glow about you...

Ok I'm scared for you. :) My grandson (first) was born in February. I took photos of her each month and she did not look near as huge as you (no offense) yet her baby was 8 lbs. I'm scared worrying how big your baby must be. :)

Did I mention how lovely you look? Glowing and ready. :) Fingers crossed everything goes well for you. :)

You look fantastic!

I hope you're feeling pretty good and enjoying some rest. And yay for more regular contractions!

Keep us posted :-)

You look fantastic! Truly, you do.

I've been thinking of you a lot the past couple of days, and hoping Freka cooperates and comes out SOON!

I gave up on What to Expect when it advised me to have my microwave checked for radiation leaks by a professional and said I couldn't swim in water deeper than my head for the duration of the pregnancy.

But it was good for reference.

Good luck! You look awesome.

I have my fingers crossed for you!

Hooray for your beautiful belly!!! I can't wait to see the sweet little girl that living inside there. (Wait, that sounds sort of creepy. Sorry.)

Just a little longer...

I could only hope to look that good at forty weeks! I'm not even pregnant and you still look better than I do most days.

Obsessively checking for any updates. Hang in there!

You are so stinkin' adorable. That's all.

You are definitley glowing. And it looks to me like it's more of a new mommy glow now than that pregnancy glow! Aw... can't wait to read your birth story!

What a great photo! I hear you on the hello, good-bye. Hopefully you won't be posting a 41 weeks pregnant entry like I did this morning :)

You look amazing! I hope I look that cute next time I get pregnant. You make 40 weeks look good.

Everything looks good to go. The baby gets a chance to do her timing on coming out, up to a point that is.

You look terrific. I can't wait to hear the big news when it finally happens. Is this weird, but I actually have had a dream about you having the baby the last two nights...I hope it is soon!

God be with you and little Freka! (It will be so strange to actually start calling her by what her actual name will be! Can't wait to find that out too!!)

OMG! You look so great and I am so excited for you!!

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