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December 04, 2007


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I swear I don't sit here stalking your blog or anything, but I do love being the first to comment!

The chair looks awesome!

I, too, am worried about the writers strike and how it will affect things.

YEA to be done with work! I hope that you do not have too much time of nothing to do, AKA, Freka come soon!

I cannot wait to see a picture of you rocking her in the new chair on this very site soon!!!

I am so excited for you! . . . and also a
little jealous :-( You absolutely deserve that free time, and I hope it goes fabulously :-)

I have to admit, I've been eagerly awaiting the results of the chair reupholstery...it's beautiful! They did a really nice job! It looks nice enough to have in any room of the house, regardless of having a baby to rock.

Yay for being off work! I was off for two weeks before having Ryan. Have fun going to bed knowing you don't have to get up to go anywhere the next morning.
It's almost time!!

YOUR DAUGHTER! (I think that just blew my mind a little, too. But in a GOOD way!)

That chair looks wonderful, Frema. Perfect for many many hours of sitting and rocking. And I love that Freka will be the 3rd generation to be rocked. LOVE IT!

Cheers to giving your Blockbuster membership a workout! Enjoy your break...you deserve it.

The chair is so pretty! But, your daughter(!!!) will be even prettier whenever she deigns to join the family.

The rocker looks great!

I almost called you first thing this morning, knowing you were home, to tell you that I dreamed you went into labor today. Also realizing that you are currently home with a child who cannot wake you with a shrill shreiking voice, I decided that maybe 7:30am was not the best time. Go into labor today! I called Freka's birthday for tomorrow!

Happy maternity leave!

Oh my gosh, the chair turned out beautifully! And the fact that it spans so far back in your family is so amazing. Also, I've been eagerly checking your blog every morning to see if Freka has decided to make her grand debut yet!

The chair is beautiful - Samantha must be jealous! I just bought "Women and Money," too, but I'm a little scared to start it...

Can't wait for the baby! :)

Gosh, every time you pop on my Google Reader my heartbeat accelerates. I am so excited for you! Enjoy this period of relaxation, you have earned it! I think DVDs and candy is definitely the way to go. I think I did the coffee shop and a good book. Enjoy!

It is so cool that you have something from your grandmother, that was passed to your mother, and now to you. I'm such a sucker for heirlooms. I'm lucky enough to still have 2 great grandmothers, and I LOVE going through their attics. I'm a nerd, I know.

I hope you enjoy your time off and GET SOME REST! :)

I like the chair's history. I looks really great. Time at home is well spent in many ways. Get stuff done that otherwise just does not get done. Rest is one of those activities.

Free time? Wanna write a paper? Or two?

Enjoy the quiet down time while you have it!

That chair looks amazing! People always say to try and enjoy these last few totally free and selfish days and it sounds like you have the right attitude (unlike me - BORED already, 2 days past my due date).

Congrats on being done with work. And hello, the chair is AWESOME.

(Also, I'm curious to hear what you bought Freka for Christmas.)

Wow, congratulations on finishing up work! You are so very close. May I share yet another little bit with you? My fav addition to my 2nd bed- aka rocker is a travel pillow. It really helps with the neck-snaps during that 3 am feeding..
Im so excited for you, I will be checking a few times a day now, I just know it!
Enjoy your little break, rest up, eat spicy foods, chocolate etc. all of the things that may upset her belly now while you can!:)

The chair turned out beautifully! You guys definitely made the right choice in having it professionally redone, and Freka will be able to use it when *she's* ready to have her own kids. (In approximately 45 years, that is, when she's allowed to start dating....)

Enjoy your time off before Freka gets here!! I love the chair!! That guy did a really good job!

Freka, please come on the 9th like I picked.

The chair looks great! Enjoy your free time while you have it.

I love the chair- it's beautiful! Have fun rocking and rolling

You're going to have to post every day now (or more). After any absence of more than a few hours, we will assume you are birthing that baby!

That is an amazing chair! Squeal! Baby soon!

Thank you so much for the kind words about our upholstery work for you!

One of your friends emailed me this link and I was thrilled to know how happy you were with our work -- that never gets old!


David Rhyne

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