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December 18, 2007


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I keep coming back to look at sweet little Kara and those squeezable cheeks. So precious.

Hope all is going well!

She's beautiful. :) Congratulations!

I keep coming back to look at that beautiful girl. I want to take a bite out of those rolllllssss! YUM! Delicious baybeeees.
And that video? Makes me cry over and over and over again.
Blessings to you and your family.

Hugs and kisses to all! I'm so happy for you all. And, Frema, my goodness girl, get some rest!!

Congratulations! I couldn't be more happy about this baby and her name! I predict a very successful life based on name alone!!! :-)

isn't it amazing how sweet bew baby faces can make you cry , even when you don't know the family that they belong to?
those are definitely two gorgeous girls in that video.
i would also like to add: holy shit, with the eleven plus pounds. that is seriously amazing.

i would also like to add that i'm sorry for swearing in the comment section of the post that welcomed your baby to the internet...but, seriously? eleven pounds?

and every ounce stuffed with cuteness?

congratulations, new little (but not really) family.

YAY!!! Congratulations family!! And Frema 11 pounds?!?! No wonder you had to have a C-section. As we say here in the South, bless your heart, darlin'! Enjoy your baby girl!

Congrats, and JESUS CHRIST. 11lbs.

Congratulations! :)

Well first off, the comment above me made me laugh...

Congratulations to you guys...she is cute and beautiful and amazing.

You've done good so far, I know you will make a wonderful mom and I can't wait to continue reading as Kara's life begins! I hope to see all of you in "real life" sometime in the near future!

omgosh. she is absolutely beautiful, guys! mom and dad just watched the video with me. they both had happy tears in their eyes. geo is super happy as well. well, we all are. especially her youngest, hippest auntie donna!! oh i want to be called auntie d. its official =]
love you 3..!
kara leigh..such a pretty name for a pretty little girl..

Congrats! She's beautiful! I can't believe she weighed 11 pounds! I commend you mama! Congrats to you and your family! :)

Delurking to say Congrats! I've followed you here from Parental Discretion Advised and am so excited about the arrival of little sweet Kara!
I was just as happy to hear the news as I would be if it were my relative having a baby! Thank you for sharing your journey- you're a really great writer.

She's gorgeous--congrats to the whole family. And at that size, no, she probably wasn't coming "out of down there" any time soon.

Oh my goodness!! That is one amazing baby! Congratulations!

I thought Molly was overtired and made a typo at first - 11 pounds!! That's some really good baby-growing!

Congratulations, Bree and Luke. :) Welcome, Kara Leigh. Be good to your mamma so she can have some time to blog about you!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the pictures, she's absolutely gorgeous, with a gorgeous name also. No wonder you needed a c-section. Well done!

Congrats!! What a gorgeous (albeit big) baby!!

Congratulations -- such a big beautiful girl!

OH MY GOSH!!! I am the great Auntie Don Don...!!! She is a beautiful gift from God. I cant wait to love on her....

Ohhhhhh, Congratulations! Welcome darling little Kara Leigh. (Although, really, there's nothing little about her, is there?!?)

Hot diggity damn! You went and had yerself a BABY.

Congratulations!! :-)

Im mostly just a lurker... but wow they are both beatiful and holy hannah no wonder she wouldn't go into labor.. and i thought my almost 9pder was big.. wow... beatiful job momma!!!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I'm happy for all of you. Start exchanging the newborn sizes that haven't been washed yet for the 3-6 month sizes!

Wow ... beautiful baby and happy new family to you and Luke. AWESOME labor shots. LOVE IT! What an awesome Christmas this will be for you three! Glad things went well for you.

Better late than ne ver, she's beautiful!! that's a big girl, like you haven't heard that. I love her name. :)

Oh my good gracious! ELEVEN POUNDS!!! Congratulations on the birth of a gorgeous little girl.

Oh my goodness! Little Kara is adorable! Congratulations! She's just in time for Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas as a mom!

oh p.s....as an 11-pound newborn myself, let me tell you firsthand that kara will NOT appreciate you bringing up her birth weight in front of friends and/or boyfriends! hahaha :)

Molly? Luke? Anyone? How is Frema doing? I hope her recovery is speeding along fabulously. And of course I wouldn't mind seeing some newborn delicious baby pictures ;-)

Congratulations! I love the name Kara Leigh. She's perfectly gorgeous - let us know how week #1 goes...


That adorable clip at the end made me cry!I hope all is going well at home!


i'm coming out of lurkdom to congratulate you on your beautiful new arrival...but 11 pounds?! oy! i had a c-section in august, and i tell people that my baby had to come out the window instead of the door...but she made it here and she's wonderful and that's all that matters. enjoy your new chunk of love.

Congrats! She is perfectly adorable!

CONGRATS! From one new Mama to another! She's beautiful.

Im very late to the party but a huge heartfelt congrats! Im so sorry I promised you she was smaller than she looked, Goodness Mom thats one healthy baby. My heart breaks for you and your c-section, I know how much you wanted the unmedicated v-style but considering her size... well you know.
Merry Christmas new Family!

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