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December 11, 2007


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yay!!! She's coming... almost 4! You could have her tonight or you can have her tomorrow... or the next day... but let's cross our fingers for asap... OMG that's so exciting... I'm 34 weeks tomorrow... and I can't imagine being as far as you... Just hearing about you being so close has me anxious...
I can't wait to see pictures... wait are you going to post pics on here?

I'm starting to freak out a little bit on your behalf. Any day now!!

Your little family is in my prayers this week! Good luck & think only happy thoughts! Women have been doing this since the beginning of time. It is, in truth, why we are here on this earth :) Yaa for a baby, yourself & Luke & your new family! (And of course yaa for Auntie Samantha too if she reads this!)

I was in painful early labor for about 24 hours before I hit 4 cm so you are doing awesome! You're almost there - this is it!

Fantastic news. Yes, you can do it!
SO excited for you both.

Yaaaaaaay! So glad you're still not too miserable to give us updates. 4cm? Good news for you! (assvice warning...) I was 4 cm with my second baby before going into "actual" labor, and delivered her in 6 hours, no drugs. I am a firm believer that all that early dilating makes the "real" thing so much better. WOO HOO for little Freka!

Almost 4 is great! Can't wait for the post telling us she is here!

That's great news! I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of days!

Congratulations!! It must have been SO wonderful to hear 4 cm instead of "no change yet"!

I also made it to 42 cm this time. Why do we little ladies get such big bellies? Maybe it's God's way of teasing us, lol.

I happened across a very good blog post about urinalysis in general, but it specifically addresses protein in the urine, and mentions how normal it is. So if you are starting to worry, read this - it may calm your concerns :-)


Katie: Thanks. My doctor's not worried, though, so neither am I!

I'm so jealous!! I wish my body would have progressed on its own. You are so zen. It's great!!

Totally unrelated, but I think it's funny: Every time I Google "Frema" (because I am lame and have not set up a bookmark on my work computer), the following also comes up as a possible link: FEMA - Are you ready? And my brain reads, "Frema are you ready?"

Today, I think the answer is yes!

How exciting! Sounds like you are doing great! Nothing like a little good cervix news to put a spring in your step, so to speak.

You are so brave. I hope I handle it as well as you when I'm pregnant and on the verge of giving birth.

Dude! Your body already did almost half the work and you didn't even know it! Awesome!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Tonight would be a great night for a baby, wouldn't it?

your cervix is a total rockstar!

You-re amazing--yeah Frema. 0-6 is the toughest, it all goes quickly from there--so you being at 4 is incredible. Most women are admitted at less than that. I'm guess that by tomorrow night you'll have that beautiful little girl in your arms.

And your body CAN do this, and it seems like potentially it can even do it fairly easily.

Rock the labor girl!

You are going to be a great mother if the patience you have with going into labor is any indication. Most women would have jumped on an induction!

I am getting anxious for you!! Can't wait to see her and find out her name!

I'm getting so excited for you, and I can't wait to hear all about what happens! I'm sort of obsessed with birth stories right now even though they freak me out since I'm about 20 weeks away from having one of my own. My husband keeps teasing me about not thinking the whole pregnancy through, i.e. that I knew I wanted to be pregnant and have a baby, but the actual birthing part didn't seem so real until just recently.

Your body WAS made to do this! SO true. I remember after having my son, my first, that hey, I can do this, I was made to do this. It's not so bad! It was such a relief and an empowering, very body-empowering thought.

That is all good baby news from the doctor. Yea, just a little while longer.

Indeed, these things are good.

Oh man, being without the interwebz sux!!! I have been thinking about you and Luke and little Freka and I will be refreshing the hell out of your page until she's here! Good Luck sister!!

I had a dream last night that you were at the hospital. I hope it comes true very soon! Good luck, take care, and rock on wee cervix!

Congratulations! Thinking about you. I'll be taking care of laboring women in my birthing center tonight thinking of you, hoping some nurse is taking care of you at the same time!

Things are moving along fabulously!

Your cervix is a freaking rockstar. Good luck!

I hope this lack of an update means you are holding a perfectly healthy little Freka in your arms after breezing through an easy delivery!!

Just so you know, I was on a different computer (no bookmark) and wanted to catch up here, so I popped "Frema" in the Firefox search bar on top of my page. Well, apparently it was the weather.com search choice. Guess what? It didn't find you. Just in case you wondered, you need better weather search engine placement.

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