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December 12, 2007


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I think that the 12th is a great day to be born. Hopefully, she waits until you finish watching the show.

Sounds like she has a mind of her own;) I hope you get to finish watching, or maybe she will make her appearance before Howie comes on...that way you can still have dinner! See I'm always thinking about the food. Here is to a great delivery and a new baybeee! Good luck and best wishes!

I am requesting hourly updates from here on out ;-) At least during daytime hours!

Yesterday would have been good; my last baby was born yesterday seven years ago. OK, I know you've heard this but here are my two cents anyway. Castor Oil. Two tablespoons in a glass of orange juice. I carried late all three times and this did the trick each time. Or I just knew when I was about to go and did it anyway. Or something like that. Good luck and don't worry; baby is coming.

My ex's birthday is today so I'm not so sure, but twelves and twenty-twos have been the numbers most significant in my life. I got engaged on May 12, but I think we already established that awhile back :-)

Yay for Freka and Howie! :-)

Awwww, she's being thoughtful! She knows how much you love Howie and doesn't want you to miss him because of her.

Alecto: I'm definitely in the know about all the old wives' tales about jumpstarting labor, thanks. Also, hell no am I ever drinking castor oil!

I see you already declined Alecto's advice, and I heartily second that. From what I have read, mostly what castor oil does is clean you out, forcing you to be stuck on the toilet for hours!

No oil. Wait for nature or Saturday as planned. Thinking of you three

Some people swear by these remedies. Me? I thought I would knock my OB out if she told me have *more* sex.
Nature's taking care of it's own business, as witnessed by your 4cm dilate cervix.
So just kick back and let Howie work his magic!

Hey... You don't know me... I stumbled on your blog recently after an LJ friend of mine mentioned in a post that she had delivered a knitted baby blanket to you. *waves*

Have you checked your biorhythms? A pretty high percentage of babies are born when their mother is on a "critical day" (when everyone waits for things to happen on their own without inducing or anything)... My dad predicted all four of his kids' birthdays by charting our mothers' biorhythms.

I looked for a birthday post in your blog (found one) and if you're one of the predictable mommies who does go into labor on a critical day, it looks like Little Freka might just be there before Saturday... Considering you don't have another critical day until the 17th.

(Yeah, I promise I'm no stalker... I'm just so ready for my husband to be ready to have kids that I just have to live vicariously through others at the moment.)

I can't wait to read the wonderful news that she's here and wonderful and beautiful. :)

I think I have already guessed twice. Here's one more guess just for the hell of it. And since I have been hanging around here off and on all day I may as well comment. Tomorrow is my granddaughter Natalies 2nd birthday. I am going with her date and weight. Dec 13th, 8 lbs 14 oz. You are walking around already dilated to what some women suffer for hours for. You are doing great. I am so proud that I have offered no assvice.

I remember thinking that the anniversary of our engagement would be so poetic and perfect for a birthday, so I totally get your line of thinking.


SQUEE! So excited for you!! Is she here yet, is she here yet?! :)

What the heck is this biorhythm stuff? It sounds interesting! How can you know someone's critical days just by reading their blog?

I should have added that my first husband and I were married on the December 12th. So I'm glad you didn't have her yesterday.

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