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December 16, 2007


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Promise me that you won't waste a single minute feeling even the LEAST BIT guilty or sad that you are being induced or that your body didn't cooperate fully with the whole "before 41 weeks" thing. Because when you finally hold this baby, and kiss this baby, and get to know this baby, you'll know it was wasted effort worrying about the way she got here. That she gets here is the important part, not how or when.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. See you on the other side, Frema. You won't be disappointed.

Also, P.S.


Good luck and best wishes tomorrow!

I'm so excited for you! Good luck tomorrow and get a good night's sleep tonight!

Here's to a healthy baby and a safe delivery. I'm so excited for you!

How exciting! For the past week I've been anxiously checking your blog, wondering if Freka's made her debut yet. I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow & hope everything goes smoothly!

Can't wait to see you (all three of you!!) tomorrow!!

Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery. Can't wait to find out her name, either! And yay for Molly!

An epidural, a little pitocin, and Freka will be out in no time at all!
We'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck, sweetheart. And congratulations to the new Mommy and Daddy, welcome Freka!

Your post made me think back to when I was induced, back on May 31st. And on June 1st, my boy was born. It was amazing and incredible, and it will be for you, too.

Can't wait to hear the good news, and her name!!

WOO HOO! Good luck - I promise it will be the most wonderful day of your life. So happy for you!

There's still time for Freka to come on her own. My mother went into labor with me when she was in the car on the way to the hospital to have labor induced. Perhaps like me, Freka just needs to know that her time is up!

Good luck tomorrow!

Oh yippy! Just think, by this time tomorrow night she will be here. I have my doubts about the epidural. Maybe just breaking your water will do the trick. Your body has done a great job getting you to 5 cm. Thanks Molly. Hope the weather doesn't give you any trouble.Keeping the lot of you in my prayers.

I really can't believe it! I thought for sure you'd have her in your arms by now! I bet you'll have a baby by 10am! Good luck and congratulations in advance!

Debi: No doubts about anything please! Just think happy thoughts!

Good luck! I'll be thinking happy baby thoughts all day for you!

Good Luck! I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow morning, and we can't wait to "meet" your new baby.

Best of luck tomorrow, to all three of you! Can't wait to meet Freka!

Good luck tomorrow you 3 - oh and Molly too!

Do not feel the least bit guilty for kicking her out - it's time!! You got my 2nd set of twins beat by 10 weeks!!! WAHOOOO! Good for you!
Rest up.....it maybe the last for a VERY long time! Cherish every single moment - even if it hurts like hell!!!


The time has come for the coming out as you have planned. Good plan.

Good luck! You and your (VERY soon to be) expanding family are in my prayers.

I'm so excited for you! And you just barely made it to the average length of non-induced 1st pregnancies :-) I am sure it will go very well - inductions done on women at your stage of dilation and effacement usually go great.

Take the epidural! It's great! :o)~

Sweetie, don't forget that although women have been doing this for millions of years, up until the last century, a huge scary number of them have died in childbirth. Jump-starting labor is but one tool modern medicine has that helps you avoid that.

I'm so excited that later today you and Luke and Molly will actually get to meet and see and HOLD your darling girl. (And extra sorry that even my pessimistic due date guesstimate of yesterday was too early.)

I think you've done amazing waiting so long and letting things happen the way they have.

I know things will be wonderful with Freka, no matter how the events are started!

Perhaps she wanted to be a Christmas gift? ;)

i don't know if i've ever commented before, but i've been checking your blog every once in a while since amalah mentioned on the club-mom sight.

and, well? now i'm in. i can't resist babies. at all.
i'll be checking back for updates and sending thoughts of slippery babies that slide right out with very little effort your way.

internet hugs surround you, but you know that already.

Good luck today! Can't wait to see pictures. How awesome that Molly will be able to be there.

Yaaaay!! She's almost here, for reals! Good luck and best wishes. And thanks in advance to Molly for taking over blog duties.

Go, baby, go!!!! Such an exciting time.

Thinking of you, and looking forward to hearing all about it!


Good luck!

Thinking about you. Good luck!

Tons of luck! I hope everything goes well and that you and Luke will happily welcome your sweet baby girl into the world very soon! :)

Thank God my daughter has tooth trouble and we didn't have to leave the house. All I can think of is Luke, Frema and baby Freka. Can't wait for Mollys update. Oh happy day!

You and Luke (and bebe) will be in my thoughts all day.

Looking forward to the updates from Molly!

Good luck Frema!!!!

Just adding to the chorus of well wishes. You've done great and you will be great today. This is very exciting and I cannot wait for pictures.

My mom coaxed my sister out by saying "PJ we want to see you. PJ it's time to come out now."

We're fully convinced that Alice came when she did because she was tired of everyone thinking she was a boy and calling her by a boy's name.

You'll do great today! And I'll be obsessively checking for updates.

I'm checking here and at lostasock for updates! I think you will get about 300 times more hits than usual today! Also, I think it is time for some live blogging :-D

Cannot wait to see her! And find out her name!! Good luck to you and Luke. I will be thinking about you guys!! Eeeeee!

Oh my God, how exciting!!! You're probably having a baby right now!!!

I am so excited for you guys!
All kinds of wonderful, warm, happy wishes to your new little family! I cannot wait to see pictures!

OK, seriously, I have checked this page it feels like a million times today! Hope you're doing well right now Frema and I can't wait to hear the update!! :)

Yay! I'm so excited for you! You will do great! And I can't wait to see her!!!

Thinking good thoughts and anxiously awaiting news!

squeeeeeeee! OH my gosh, you might have already had her by now! How crazy is that??? I'll be totally checking my Google reader every 5 minutes tonight, waiting for news.

And don't feel guilty or weird about being induced- she's fully cooked, it's time to meet her! :)

Jen -
don't rely on Reader - it's so slow! Sometimes things take hours to show up. Best be sure and check here directly. That way we can drive Frema's hit counter up to something like 40000 hits today :-D

I have a update....
bre is 8 and half cent. and she took the happy juice they give you in the spine

Okay what a relief to see that I am not alone here with the checking every 5-15 minutes for news.

Oh thank you for the update auntie betty. It won't be long now. Bless her heart.

fully effaced and loving her epidural. So maybe baby?
as of 5:30 indy time

Thanks Auntie! I've been on this site at least five times today.

There will be no dinner cooked until this baby comes. I cannot concentrate and who could blame me? Hey family, how bout some fresh made Fruit Loops?

talked to her sister AT 7:00 chicago time and no one heard anything yet

I just keep coming back...hoping.

Baby Freka, come out, come out wherever you are! :)

Hi: I talked to Molly....and as of 7:45p no baby. She stop dialating and they think the baby is to big to get through. Maybe a c-section. I bet she is going to be a
10 pounder! :)

9:49 indy time , she is in c-section now

Oh goodness!! ((hugs)) and thinking of you! Praying the c section is going well and she's in your arms!

baby born info in a few


We are all thinking of you and praying Bree!

Congratulations Bree!!! I hope you are both doing well!!

Congrats, Bree! Hope you are all doing well!

Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear details. I must have checked this blog 300 times today. So exciting!

So very happy for you! I hope all is well. Congrats to you and your brand new little family.

So excited! Can't wait for the details. CONGRATS!

She had the BABY!!! Molly sent me a pic on the phone! She's a cutie! I don't know the weight yet. I will let Molly reveal the name.

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to meet her and hear details!

11lbs 4oz 23inches girl

Sounds like a healthy beautiful baby! Can't wait to find out her name and see pictures!! :)

Congrats Luke and Frema!

WOW. You DESERVED that c-section, girl! I've heard of 11 pounders in legend only. I'm amazed. Welcome to the mommy club...you're going to love it. Best wishes! Now WHAT is her name?

And auntie betty, I don't know you, but thank you for taking time for updates! :)

Congratulations you guys! Can't wait to meet her and hear all about.

I'm so excited for you two!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yay, the impatiently awaited baby arrives! And wow, what a big girl... Lots of love to baby and parents.

Oh my gosh Frema!! 11 pounds!?! And I was SO smug about my 9 pound 13 ouncer. And you're an inch shorter than me.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you heal FAST and can enjoy every second of your maternity leave with little Freka :-)

Excuse me, I misspoke. I meant enjoy every second of your maternity leave with HUGE Freka ;-)

Holy Moly!! Congrats guys.

Oh, and the name. WE NEED THE NAME!!

I am in shock. How did they(Drs) not notice that this baby was getting so big? She must be a beautiful girl. I am so happy for you all. We all made guesses but none of us even got close to her true weight. I hope you are resting peacefully now after your long day.Wow!

Rest well tonight! I am so happy for you guys. Can't wait to see more pictures!

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