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January 17, 2008


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I think you look absolutely wonderful! Congrats on losing that pregnancy weight so quickly! Thanks for the yummy baby pics too!

You look awesome, and also really really happy. I will say that for me, exercising with a little baby was easier than I thought it would be. Carrying Asher around in the Bjorn was a lot more work than I thought it would be, and when he got old enough to sit in a stroller, I found that we both really enjoyed the time outside together. Kara will be the perfect age for stroller walks when the summer and warm weather comes around!

But still: You're doing AWESOME. You're only, what, five weeks postpartum? YOU ROCK.

You look wonderful! (and you always did!) But I know what you mean. There is one picture of myself I am particularly horrified by where I look enormous holding this teeny tiny baby and eating a cupcake and holding a large fast food drink. I love your new attitude about health and body image! I'm facing the same realization now that Charlie is aware of what I am eating vs. what he is eating. I want to set a good example.

You look gorgeous. There's a site for women addressing this topic exactly. http://www.theshapeofamother.com/ It's wonderful.

Good for you for the progress you've made! You are doing wonderful and still look wonderful (and, as someone else pointed out, happy - which is really the most important thing)

you look AWESOME!

You look wonderful.

I've been struggling to find time to work out, too. I'm thinking about adding some workout DVDs to my Netflix list.

I hate the pictures of me in the hospital. All those IV fluids, too... I had a neck that bulged out from my chin to my chest. I looked like a frog! A huge fat frog. But hey - I gained almost 60 pounds with each kid.

First... the weight isn't done coming off! It takes at least 6 months before most women can even consider pulling their old jeans out of their closets and BEGIN the torturous process of trying to fit in them again. Your body is nowhere near done re-adjusting,trust me. That takes close to a year - sorry, but it's true. So don't be so hard on yourself.

You are so right that it will be harder than ever to fit in healthy habits, but that it is also more important than ever. For yours and your family's sake, I hope you are able to really get going and reach your goals. I haven't. For 6 years now, I've been "too tired" to play with my sons. I can cuddle them on the couch or read to them, but playing on the floor for more than a few minutes? No way. Running and playing in the park? hahahahahaha. My husband gets (mostly) free gym memberships through work, so I am going to start going. It will mean I have to be away from my kids for even longer each day, but it will be worth it if it gives me the energy to actually be their mother when I am with them!!

Let me just say that you're doing great and everything your describing is totally what happened to me. The pictures of me right after the c-section are ridiculously horrible. Not only did I swell up like there was no tomorrow but repeated bouts of crying made my face extra beautiful! 5lbs left after only a month is amazing and I bet at this rate just LIVING this crazy life (ie - being a Mom!) might help you lose more without much effort. Good luck and you're doing awesome!

I agree with the other...you look AWESOME. Double super awesome!

Yes, you want to be healthy for your children. I assume that if you continue to play with her and want to play with her, you'll keep in shape enough to be able to do so.

(Did any of that make sense?)

I just wish that moms would be given a secret dose of energy. It would help if I had just some of the energy that Babboo has!

Girl. It takes lots of women a YEAR to lose the weight that they gained with a pregnancy. You have only five pounds left? You are going to be FINE. I lost all my weight really quickly with my first because he was super colicky and I just cried and rocked him the first four months. THEN I gained it back over the next four months because I had some extra time to eat again, and boy did I ever! I am hoping this time that I can do what you're doing, smaller meals, etc., and mostly an awareness that I want to be a healthy person and live a long time so I can see these kids of mine grow up. You look wonderful and you'll be fine!

I honestly think you look gorgeous in that last picture. People always talk about that "glow" of happiness, and girl, you've got it!

With that being said, I can also understand to want to stay in shape and trim off the extra bits that are annoying you, so good luck with that too :)

You do look amazing and the love in your eyes is so apparent.
I think you hit the nail on the head though, kara is your reason now. You can do things with her that dont feel like a workout but are, like pushing her in her stroller on a spring day. You may find taking care of yourself easier in a way becuase you do it for her? It may also be helpful when you get back to work to plan your meals again rather than having your own kitchen at your disposal.
Good luck!

You look gorgeous!!! I don't think you will have any problems losing a few pounds because you seem to be super motivated! Good luck!!

You look great, and I really admire your drive to be healthier for your baby. Who is adorable. Possibly the 2nd cutest new baby girl in the world. Possibly...

You look great, Frema, and that is one beautiful baby. You'll get there!

I think you look great! Seriously, it's awesome that you've almost lost it all in a month! Wow!

I have the same problems with staying within a 5 pound radius. I work out SO hard and I try desperately to eat right, but I just can't seem to lose a significant amount of weight. Usually it's 2 or 3 pounds. It can be tough to be a woman!

Isn't the body amazing? I have also been shocked at how fast the weight seemed to fall off. And the tummy DOES look like corned beef hash! What's up with the gelatinous blob??? (Now if the friggin' foot swelling would just go down...)

I've been wondering how you're doing with your recovery. My own little guy was born on Jan. 5 and I'm still in a whole lotta pain from the c-section. He only weighed 6 1/2 lbs. Every time I lift him, all I can think of is you doing that with an 11 pounder. How has your recovery been?

Congrats on the quick weight drop and on your super-beautiful daughter. Take care of yourself and love your body for what it's done!!! (At least that's what my mom told me to do.)

I think you look great and you should be very proud of yourself. Also just a little assvice, nine months on, nine months off. it takes that long to gain it, it may take that long to get rid of it. It will happen.
Good luck!

You look fabulous - congrats to you! Unfortunately for me, now that the first baby is FIVE, I guess I can no longer call it baby weight...it's all mine now. But I'm working on that! Great job to you!

You do look DAMN good sister! DAMN GOOD!!!!!

You know, in case I have not said this to you yet, you have this glow about you lately. You look just beautiful. (You too, Kara baby, you too!)

Three cheers for taking this challenge on. I'm with ya. ;o)

The mysterious hand sticking out of your right side...I'm presuming is Luke?

Congrats on doing so well so quickly. You look beautiful!

You do look wonderful...and happy in both pictures. I'll bet that you'll be back close to your pre-baby weight before you have to go back to work.

On a related note, how much does Kara weigh now?

You look amazing, seriously! I hope I look as good in 3 more weeks! I just had my baby on Monday after a similar birth experience (very long labor, giant baby, late-night c-section) and I so understand the feeling. My husband took a photo of me in the recovery room when I was breastfeeding for the first time and I seriously look like Jabba the Hut -- just rolls upon swollen rolls. Ew.

I can totally related to basically everything you said -- I am only almost a week postpartum and feel the same way about wanting to take care of myself now, for my daughter's sake.

Now that I've rambled on forever (thanks, Percocet!) I will just add that we have the same sleeper with the bear on the bum; I love that one.

I think you look fabulous! And I think that is excellent motivation to lose the weight. And we KNOW you can do it!

Oh, I was hoping to find a picture here of you and the baby! You both are just beautiful. What a happy mom smile.

She makes me think of the future. What am I going to be like and able to do that could help. Health is the first thing to mind. I need to work on more fitness for now and then.

yay! baby!! i'm so happy for you, frema! and i think you look fantastic! could i use any more exclaimation points?!

What am I lookin' at? I'll tell you: a beautiful little girl and a most GLOWING and COMPLETELY SMITTEN mommy!!

You, my dear, rock.

I've been reading your blog for many months now - my due date with my first child was a little before yours, November 30. I delivered via elective c-section (thank God!) a 10 lbs 4 oz girl on December 7. You're definitely not alone! I still have 12 lbs to lose from a total of 50 gained in pregnancy. It's frightening to look down at my gut - I had no idea it would look this way. I asked my doctor at my 6 week visit whether it was mainly fat or a lot swelling, and she responded that it was both. I'm so misshapen! I can't wear any of my pre-pregnancy pants. But despite this, the horrific lack of sleep and other numerous discomforts, I'm in awe of my daughter and enjoying getting used to this new life as a mommy.


P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog!

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