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January 15, 2008


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What a beautiful baby and what a beautiful family and OHMYGOSH another one on the way!! You all are so wonderful. You are such a wonderful mother! :) (Also, Since you have my email can you please send me Sam's address at home? She sent it to me awhile back, but I can't seem to find it.)Congrats again!!! God Bless!

I'm so glad she did well!!! And I am so, so glad you do tummy time. I'm not sure if you read my blog "way back when" but E hated it so I never made him do it, and he ended up with a flat spot, helmet, woe and strife, etc. I remember telling the pediatrician's nurse "but he hates it!" and she said "well he's not going to like going to school or brushing his teeth, either, but he has to do that, right?"

I love that last picture! So cute! I'm glad things are starting to get easier for you :)And congrats to your sister! How fun that the cousins will be close in age.

Thanks for the update - I don't know how you do it! The pictures are lovely!! How wonderful you have all four parents to spoil and cherish your daughter. How Jealous I am that Molly gets to visit...

Hooray for cute pics! Also, that is SO COOL that she'll have a cousin around her age to play with.

Ohh, so cute. And it sounds like a great family time for everyone. Yay for babies!

The pictures are precious! As is that baby of yours but that is old news.
Id like to add a HUGE BS to that comment about some one elses best being better than yours on the nursing front. You DID everything right and you still are, this is no fault of your own, you shouldnt downplay your effort. Four weeks is excellent, those four weeks will keep her very healthy. Pat yourself on the back, damnit you are to be proud.
Sorry kara is growing up so darn fast, if I knew how to stop that I would, Nathan's growth is killing me.

Blog when you can. All your readers who have BTDT understand what life with an infant is like. Especially at first.

By the way, especially in that first pic, Kara looks just like you!

gah. she's delish!

Another great post and more great pictures! Thank you!

I'm laughing my arse off at her last pic --- and hearing those scary noises too. Cheeky Kara!

Oooh, what fabulous pics! I love getting to see all of your family pics - thanks for sharing. Kara's hair just gets better and better, and I think she looks lots like you! Enjoyed your birth story at Parents!

If I were Molly, I'd be wanting to take her home too! I absolutely love that first pic of her. It is so cute!

I love the way babies can so comfortably sleep in all situations, especially when being passed around to family members. My little cousin likes to lick fingers whenever he's passed around.

A great time was had by all. She did a really good job the whole time. Such a joy. Nice church service also.

I love that first photo! She’s all “yay! I’m four weeks old!”

Glad to hear things are going well!

Great pics. I love that last one. :) Congrats on the Baptism! You're a brave woman to do it so young (meaning: I am terrified to yet go out in public/public (ie: not the clinic) with my 4 week old!).

Sounds like you're already getting the hang of it mama! Getting through that... "what the heck do I do with this crying baby" phase is sooooo hard. But you've already made it through the hardest part in my opinion.

Congratulations on the baptism. We just had our children baptized this fall at the Episcopal church we attend. It is such a beautiful ceremony. Your daughter is adorable. You look great too!

I would TOTALLY take her home if you'd let me. I'd return her at night, of course, and pick her up in the morning. Wink wink

We had a great time this weekend. Thanks for having us over practically unanounced. I owe you comments over at Parents, but your house was perfect. You'll find in time that you move from "Clean Mode" to "Keeping at Bay Mode," haha.

I just love her hair. Codi has hair (my first son didn't so baby hair is new to me)almost liek hers. I'm wondering, after you give her a bath does it fuzz up into a sort of full head mohawk? Codi's does that, I call it a fuzzhawk, I loooove the fuzzhawk. Her face in that last picture is so sweet and cute! I'm glad we finally got pics of her.

Kara is gorgeous with all her hair. :D Congrats on such an awesome baby!

I don't even know where to start! Your family is just so adorable...all of them! I can really see where you and Luke both get some of your wonderful features. And I can also see that you two have passed them onto Kara. She's just such a doll. It's still so funny to me that I have never met either one of you but I can so see Molly wanting to run off with Kara and you just laughing at her...loving that you have a friend who is so fond of the life you created. Feels good, doesn't it?
So, first a mom, now an aunt! Congratulations to your sister.
Last thing...I have a pic of Mia when she was about that age, just after she got done with her bath, making that same face Kara is making in the last picture. It's one of my favorite pictures of her from that time.
Keep up the good work, dear.

She looks so much like you! Is it too early to tell? Because seriously, I think she does. :) Too cute!

Kara is just the cutest thing ever! Nothing to do with bias...she is very photogenic.

Kara IS beautiful. And sweetie, so are your families. It's no wonder Kara turned out to be so perfect!! (And would it be wrong to say that your dad is a very handsome man?)

Congrats to Sam to Dan. That is exciting news.

The baby fever is all around.

Congrats on the baptism and no poop on her christening outfit. (Of course Babboo pooped on his.)

I have printed and placed in frames the making a fist picture and the surprised during my baptism picture.

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