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January 08, 2008


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Sometimes it gets real harder than other times. Wow is that insightful.
Take care. Kara looks some much older in her swing.

Sorry the past couple of days have been hard! I hope tomorrow is much better; I'll be thinking of you guys. (By the way, she's completely adorable!)

I guess some typical days will be easier than others. Kara looks especially sweet in her star jammies. She seems to be looking intently at the hanging toys and giving them a thumbs up...such a bright baby.

Here I was thinking she was contemplating sucking her thumb. But so cute! (and I so want to nibble her little footsies)

Do you and Luke have discussions about whose features she already has?

This part is so hard with the unpredictability. I'll think content, sleepy baby thoughts for you guys!

Good days and bad days-they are all precious. She is soooooo beautiful!
I'm a day late and by the way:
Love AD

Huh. I guess there really isn't a "typical" day, is there? Still, this was insightful (for me anyway).

I love her hair.
Typical days will come, but not for a while.
Happy Birthday Bree! Enjoy your first one as a mother.

Sometimes we fall into ruts where I actually wonder if the chaos is not the typical, haha. I hope Luke feels better.

And -- Happy Birthday!!

She is so precious :-) And happy birthday!!

She looks just fascinated with the swing in that picture! :)

And "typical" may as well be a "four letter word" as far as newborns go... but of course you know that already! I hope Luke gets to feeling better and I hope that you and Kara don't get what he has.

I felt like nothing really "settled" down until 7-8 weeks which made it hard when I just wanted a bit of a routine.

I think I said this the other day, but she had the BEST hair - already needs bows! Its adorable

when I was on mat leave, I loved watching TV land. I watched Love Boat every day. Couldnt miss it :)

I am here to tell you- there will be typical days, there will be a routine...but it will sometimes bend.

Hang in there! You are doing a wonderful job. Three pumping sessions is great with all the other stuff going on.

And don't feel guilty sleeping while the dishes aren't clean. You need sleep, too!

Aww. She's starting to look more like herself. Not so much like a generic (though adorable) newborn, if you know what I mean.

Happy Birthday!

She gets cuter everytime I see a picture of her, and it sounds like you're doing a WONDERFUL job. :)

I haven't read the post yet, but wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday first!

Off to read...

Everyone has these days. It gets better. Just look at that baybee! She makes it all better!

Happy, happy birthday! This is a great week to be born, although Jan 8th is cooler :)

You're going to get tired of this but,
Oh mah holy hell, that hair!!!!

Happy birthday!

Hey, and to top it all off.

Happy Birthday Momma.

Hi, I am a new reader. I found you via your MIL (MJD Return of the White Robin). I started following you when she said she was waiting for the call for her granddaughter to be born.

I have to admit, for a woman who chose not to have any children, (that would be ME) I have tuned in to see your on-going saga since a few days before her birth. I was hooked. I kept checking in to see if she had been born yet.

I love the way you write. I love your honesty. Your daughter is beautiful. What a head of hair!

If your husband is anything like his Mom, you are blessed in this life as I love what she stands for and I'm certain by reading your blog that your husband shares that with her.

All the best!

Happy Birthday!

And yeah, sounds like a non-typical day is typical of motherhood. But I guess it doesn't matter when your baby is the cutest thing ever like yours!

And .... Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe Kara's beautiful, wild dark hair! :)

H.appy Birthday! She is such a cutie pie. Your days will settle down and you will get a routine going. Then, something will happen and you will go through the whole process again;), something to look forward to heh?

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