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January 22, 2008


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I was acclimated to Lost via DVD as well - and I couldn't believe I hadn't been watching it all along!! I would temper the watching of Six Feet Under though - it's a great show, but you might want to pepper in a more feel good show between DVDs - Six Feet Under can get a little depressing!

And, of course, thanks for the adorable baby pic!

I love both LOST (watch it on TV) and Big Love (Netflix), and I suggest Weeds if you haven't seen it yet.

I feel so lame doing it, but I like to get the old episodes of reality TV, like Survivor or Amazing Race.

Such deliciousness of baby certainly trumps the hideousness of network TV without writers.

I'm not so much into reality or the evening game shows...so we've been scouring our HBO and Stars On-Demand for anything we can agree on (very limited). I'm so not the one to ask about shows...the geek in me loves "Numb3rs" and "Eureka" but I don't know if they are on DVD yet.

(and I love that you note on your gmail persona when you've posted here! :)

I would usually skip this question since I don't have a TV, but since it's for delurking. . .

We are contemplating if we should ditch Netflix and switch to Blockbuster Online. We like that we could get extra DVDs at the store. But really, I don't have time to watch anything. The last movie I got from my Netflix queue was "Amazing Grace". I got it on December 29th and just sent it back yesterday. That's how long it took me to find time to watch it!

I forgot the most important part. That face is absolutely adorable! Whenever my husband or I are holding the baby, we freak out whenever he makes any face - "come look at this! It's so cute!!1!" Even though we've seen those faces a hundred times, on three different babies, they never lose their magic :)

How about the British version of The Office? That's good stuff.


Okay, not that I've got that out of the way....welcome to "Lost". Oh yes, season one is good. But damn, season two sucks. That when I quit "Lost". But have no fear, we're back together again and I'm patiently awaiting it's return next week.

So yeah, don't give up on it. It gets better (again). I swear.

Oh she is too much of a little doll. Pinch, pinch, squeeze, squeeze. You know, you delivering such a delicious little baby didn't help at all with my baby fever. And now Molly's news. Are you two secretly talking to my husband? I can't get pregnant yet! Must fit into bridesmaids dress in May! Boo.
Anywho...TV...I'm not such a huge TV fan, simply because the time just isn't there but I did love, love, love me some Dawson's Creek and knowing you now like I do, I am shocked (!) that you never watched it. To me, Dawson's Creek just screams Bree. (Warning: Katie Holmes talks out the side of her mouth a lot and it's kind of annoying but manageable.)
I'm loving me some American Gladiators!
The Sopranos is classic. It really is. You can't go wrong there.
You did watch Sex and the City, right? If not, do!
Grey's Anatomy? Oh dear, I'm forgetting what you watch. I know Molly watches it but I can't remember if you do.
My plan is to get on board with The Office. (I know. It's fabulous and awesome and you love it. Trust me, all of my friends have said and are still saying the same thing. TBS is kind of right smack dab in the middle of the series right now though so I have to wait until they start back over with it.)

delicious is right! Love her cute little cheeks!

we were late to the LOST bandwagon as well and holy hannah, is it a good show. I've got to go get Season Three when tax season is over.

We spent the week before Megan arrived watching season three of "Lost." Annoying but awesome all at the same time. The main annoyance is that there are so damn many unanswered questions! We don't have cable or even regular TV but that does not stop us from being dvd rental addicts and watching every TV series going. Others to try - "Entourage" and "The OFfice" (brit & US versions) and even "Heroes". And dude, GET "Dawson's Creek" - that teen in you who read the BSC books and made a recent "Full House" allusion on the other blog will ADORE it!
ps your child is so CUTE! Megan makes that same pursed-lips face and ... awwww, nothing's cuter.

DE-licious indeed. What a cute little bundle of joy. :)

Just de-lurking to say that I never watched Dawson's Creek when it was on (I'm almost 25 so I was the target audience), but I did catch all 6 seasons on TBS one summer in college and I'm OBSESSED with that show. I would highly recommend it - especially when you can watch the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle in just a few short weeks!

I'm also a huge fan of Lost, and have recently started watching Arrested Development with my boyfriend (who I'm pretty sure is the president of the Arrested Development fan club). I would also highly recommend this show if you've never seen it.

I also have a weak spot for all things HBO. Six Feet Under was great in its first few seasons, so they are definitely worth a watch. I stopped watching around Season 3 I think. I would also recommend Entourage if you've never seen it. And without question, Sopranos is one of the greatest shows on television.

Wow...this comment makes me sound like a tv-aholic. :)

Also - love the blog!

Shows I recommend:

Veronica Mars
30 Rock

I would also recommend Flight of the Conchords if it was available on dvd yet. It's the most awesome show!

We watched all of Lost this summer -- 69 episodes! It took longer than I thought, but it was totally worth it. I also highly recommend Six Feet Under, but it's a highly emotional show. After my daughter was born, there was a period of time that I couldn't watch anything violent or related to death, so depending on how you feel, it may not be time. It is excellent, though. I've also watched all of Sex and the City -- excellent for all of that newborn holding before they are aware of language and content. :)

Definitely delicious. Can I have her for lunch?

I don't call Jack "Charlie", because that's the Hobbit's name though I do occassionaly look at him and think "Merry". So yeah. Mostly what I do is associate Jack with "Know It All Who Actually Knows Nothing and Is Kind of Insufferable". :)

OH, definitely do Dawson's Creek. I watched once in a while when it was on and when I broke my ankle two years ago, I had nothing better to do than watch repeats on TBS in the mornings and OMG, it was love. HATE Dawson, actually but Pacey is the BOMB, yo. It's all about season 3 and watching Dawson turn into the biggest whiner on the planet. :)

I like Psych from TBS (or TNT...) I downloaded that via iTunes. I'm currently catching up on Six Feet Under and I LOVE that.

I've never been much of a network TV girl so even though some of the stuff they're airing are reruns, it's all new to me. We also LURVE our Blockbuster subscription, so we've been revisiting old favorites now that we've run out of watch-worthy new releases.

And the fish lips? Adorable.

LOST is awesome to watch on DVD. I would also recommend... let's see.

Alias, if you missed it. Friday Night Lights. I second the Veronica Mars recommendation. Rome. The Closer. I like Psych, too, and Monk.

Oh, I just read some more comments and I agree with Hilary that you should totally be watching The Office.

And Gilmore Girls would be good, too.

Mmmm... cuddly baby...

We're weathering the strike with "Friday Night Lights" and (via Netflix) "Doctor Who." We'll be moving on to "Torchwood" once we run out of "Who." Yes, we're nerds.

And also, more baby pictures please!

I've got a season of 30 Rock to watch. And I also dig DorND, for some reason. Even my husband gets sucked into it despite his protestations beforehand.
We don't have cable, otherwise I'd be watching Project Runway and HGTV or TLC all day long.
And I'm really pissed about the latest Grey's Anatomy episode, which I finally got to watch online after some "errors" where they weren't having them available for viewing there. So that episode is the last one now, even though it exploded everything wide open and I've been all up in arms about it since Sunday.

Ah, sweet baby face to calm me down.

Argh!!! She justs gets cuter and cuter!

And yes, I soooo call Jack Charlie. Sadly though, there just is no Bailey.

Can't WAIT for Lost to start up again.

My latest TV fixation? TLC on Monday nights, "Jon and Kate Plus 8". I MISS MY SHOWS. The strike is killing me. I just have to tape Young and The Restless every day so I'll have SOMETHING come 8:00.

You guys, I'm LOVING your suggestions. Luke and I are already addicted to the U.S. version of The Office, so that one's covered, and check off Sex and the City, too. I wonder if I can get Luke on board with Dawson's Creek?

Also? Seeing Matthew Fox (who is also a hottie, and not insufferable at ALL, Marilyn) on Lost REALLY makes me want to watch Party of Five.

No suggestions on TV... we've been renting movies and watching a lot of HGTV. But what a sweet picture!

Oh yes, definitely Six Feet Under. Possibly the greatest television I have ever watched....
And yes, I do want to compliment your baby on her general gorgeousness!!

I knew what you were talking about before I read the post! I still call him Charlie.
Honestly, I feel like the strike is at a good time for me with Nathan taking up all of my time or just my innability to look away even when he is just sleeping.
kara is georgeous! Im totally jelous that she looks like you.

We have just finished netflixing our way through the first two seasons of NCIS, and last night, I was exiled to the couch because I COULD NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THE CHARACTERS.

Seriously! It's a character-driven ensemble drama, and I'm finding myself wishing that I could hang out with McGee and Abby in real life. I want more backstory on how Abby wound up working there. Maybe that's in Season 3.

The only thing is that you have to get the disks in the right order, because there are several storylines that develop over the course of multiple episodes. We inadvertently flipped the order on just 2 episodes and kept having those "ah-ha! NOW that makes sense!" moments during the second one.

The only thing you should know is that it has some very graphic medical examiner scenes. About every other episode, I have to squeeze my eyes shut for a few moments at a time, and except for the larger-plotline development issues, I could completely have skipped the episode about the Paraguayan double agent and the eyeballs.

What a lovely and beautiful baby! And also, LOST is my favorite t.v. show...so addictive!

Delicious indeed!!!

I haven't watched Lost either and have often wondered what all the hype is about. But, I did LOVE Dawson's creek. I have seasons 1 and 8 on DVD.

I don't really have any suggestions for you. I am not too excited about prospects for the rest of this season myself. I am kind of excited that because of the writer's strike, CBS is doing another season of Big Brother next month rather than in August as usual.

Oh my good lord, that is one cute baby. I hope you are doing well and settling in to motherhood. Relax, it sucks a lot of the time, but that little girl is so precious and amazing you won't even notice. (much)

I can't watch serials, precisely BECAUSE I get sucked in and they take over my life.

I've been watching lots of HGTV (I go in spurts) and Mythbusters. And Tivoing lots of movies, which I watch in snips of half an hour at a time.

I'm hugely recommending The Sopranos. Though if you're going to watch that series, do it before Kara can repeat the English language. (Or after she's in bed, ha!)

We've been watching tivo'd episodes of Paula Deen, random shows on the Travel Channel, and dvd's here and there. There is a new season of Big Brother starting soon, and Oprah's got a charity-based show coming out as well.

We are also using Netflix to get us through the strike.

I love Lost. I does suck for awhile in season two but I promise it gets really good in season three.

We're watching Weeds right now. Highly recommend it.

Matthew Fox is a total hottie and not at all insufferable. But he will always be Charlie to me too. I got my son's name from Party of Five - Owen, the youngest brother.

Hi! I'm delurking!

The writer's strike has been a bit of a blessing for us. It's a harsh reminder of how addicted to TV we've been! We used to stay up way too late, but we've been making an effort to get to bed before midnight. We've played a lot of Scrabble since Christmas, and read some more books. But thank GOD the Daily Show and Colbert Report are back on. It's filling the void for the mean time!

Never considered renting full-season DVD's. GREAT IDEA!

And, for the record, I could totally eat your baby up with a spoon. ADORABLE.

I can't wait to eat her cheeks!

I'm totally de-lurking to give my 2 cents worth (in this order):

1. Gilmore Girls
2. Felicity
3. Party of Five
4. Grey's Anatomy

PS - Your baby IS beautiful. Keep the pictures coming.

Don't do Six Feet Under, it never rises above it's darkness (and I like dark) - Do DEADWOOD instead! Hands down, it is the best show HBO has ever made.

I gotta chime in that YES DO SIX FEET UNDER. It's my favorite show of all time. I can't believe someone recommended not renting it. Cagematch!!!!!!!!! Anyway, um, yes, 6FU, Felicity, um, that's all I can think of for now. I loooove Lost, too, but just FYI, Jack is mineminemineminemine...hands off!

I loooove Kara's little pouty lips! SO cute!

Quite delicious indeed, look at that sweet face. I wonder what she is dreaming about.

Ohhhh, how I loved me some Dawson's Creek back in the day. However, in my opinion it should have been called Pacey's Creek but whatever. Bygones. But really, if you're going to embrace the teenager inside, I highly suggest going the route of The OC. I can't even explain my love for this show. Cheesy? Definitely. But will you fall in love with the character that is Seth Cohen? I can all but guarantee it.

I also just rented the first season of Weeds and I looooooved it. I'll be renting the second season sometime this week!

And the child? Beautiful. Obviously.

I'm a big fan of British comedy, and I'd like to suggest Coupling. (If you saw the American pilot, don't judge by that... The British version is much better.) It's funny, and it ends after four seasons. And anything with John Cleese in it is awesome. :P

Welcome to the world of Lost. Oh how I love it. I posted about it yesterday. It seems you have a lot of catching up to do so you can enjoy the premier of season 4 next week, eh? Or are you one of those patient people who waits until it's out on DVD??

I love Kara's hair. She is beautiful.

Great, now I have lipgloss on my monitor.
Kisses baby. Kisses kisses kisses

ooh love Netflix! I did the Dawson's Creek thing too via Netflix, and also Gilmore Girls (if you haven't ever seen it, DO. It's my favorite.) Right now we're watching 24, which is also good.

Kara? Is beautiful. I love that little kissy face she's making! hehe

I forgot to also recommend "Weeds." It's hilarious and clever and perfect. Happy viewing!

I can not help with TV shows very much. On the other hand, the baby is a the real joy. She looks like she is thinking about kissing her grandpa ... both of them.

you have to watch prison break! it is seriously like the best show evah!

Learn to love the Wii, you'll forget TV exists. And all forms of life for that matter.

I just finished the second season of Big Love and it was FABULOUS!!! I can't WAIT for season 3. I heart The Office and I was a die hard fan of Dawson's, and I think the 15-year-old in you will love it. I loved it at 20! :)

Kara is SUCH a cutie!

I'm allowing myself to get caught up on season 3 of The Office during the strike. I really need to finish the dang season!

Oh, and side note... I won 200 tickets at an arcade (which was the largest amount) playing the Deal or No Deal game. Yea, I rule.

damnit, i always call him 'charlie' and i always hear that stupid little owen kid whining "no charlie no"

Did you see that chick on Deal or No Deal last night? I thought someone was finally going to win the million.

Our new wii is helping us through the strike. As is being buried under so much school and freelance work that we've still got plenty of new-to-us shows backlogged in the DVR. It's helpful, for sure.

I've been tearing through my Netflix especially while watching "My So-Called Life." I never watched it when it was on in the '90s, but it is SO teen-angst and SO perfect. Also, reading more, which is fun.

Such a pretty baby!

Re: surviving the strike. I'll add my support for Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights. And add the following:
* Fame (the TV show---Season 1 is on DVD)
* The Wire (one of the best shows on TV; the first four seasons are on DVD)
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly (Joss Whedon is an underappreciated genius)
* Footballers Wives, MI5, the original Office, Mile High (British television shows are just so much better; these are all on DVD)

Hi. I'm delurking.

I'm adding support for Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights. ESPECIALLY Friday Night Lights.

Also, for some weird reason I'm into Gossip Girl this season to quiet my inner teenager. You can't catch it on DVD quite yet, but you can watch full episodes on the CW website.

Your baby is absolutely adorable. I love each picture you post of her.

Only one other person recommended Prison Break, but I will second it!!! It is amazing, and the actors are hotties, and they are actually running a season as we speak!! On monday nights on FOX. But start at the beginning. And House too. My hubby and I make a point to watch that one.

SO CUTE! Cutest baby ever!

I always want to call Jack Charlie! Man I miss Party of 5.

I suggest Gilmore Girls, if you've never seen it.

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