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February 25, 2008


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7-3:30 is PERFECT! I am so excited for you. And I am also jealous of your new skincare regimine and work wardrobe. I work at home so I still dress like I did in college.

Welcome to the lap of luxury that is Sephora! It's one of the only places that I allow myself to spend extravagantly. I swear by the Healthy Cleanse Foaming Cleanser and Toner and the Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam... I used to buy this awesome foaming mask that smelled like oranges and made your cheeks tingle, but they either stopped making it or I can't find it. My life has been a little sadder since my last bottle ran out.

I love Old Navy jeans. Congrats on the new work schedule! Sounds wonderful.

That is great news about your work schedule. I work 6:30 - 3 (with an hour+ commute each way) and it does give me much more time in the evenings. I have friends who get home at 6 and their babies go to sleep at 7. Heartbreaking.

By the time I went back to work at 10 weeks post partum, I thought I had lost all the weight I was going to lose and made my peace with size 14. Hopefully you will be surprised as I was to learn that less free time in the evenings to watch Tivo + increasingly mobile child in a house with two staircases / shorter lunch breaks = weight loss!

It's so true about the numbers for pants sizes- but I remember when I had to buy a size 15 (FIF. TEEN.) at Target when I was 5 months post-partum and I wanted to cry. It was my first non-maternity pair since having Maggie and that was exciting and all, but seeing the number on the tag was horrifying. HOWEVER- a few months later when they were too big and falling off of me? THAT WAS AWESOME.

9 weeks pp and already able to zip regular pants? Girl, you are WAY ahead of the game. And yay for great work schedule, that will be fantastic!

I wish I had taken such advise before baby. If my "size" didnt fit I just tossed it aside, too chicken to try on a bigger one. Now, forget it. I buy what fits. Im SO glad that it helped. Its so dang hard to be a girl.
I agree that your work schedule is fantastic! Not just becuase you will have more waking hours with Kara but becuase you will have time without distraction at work in the morning. It's amazing what you can get done when you're alone.
Have fun with that girl this week!

First, my belly button still does not look the same 2+ years later, which is a shame because it was a nice bellybutton and used to be pierced but never will be again.
Second, I also surrendered to the size I swore I'd never be, but loving it because they were just so comfortable. I'm glad I'm not alone.
Third, I started proactiv after R was born, and now I can't live with out it.

I totally flaked out on Friday's entry, thinking that I needed time to figure out my FAVORITE quote. I racked my brain through Billy Madison, Caddyshack, and all the greats, but in the end concluded that I'm way indecisive, and here's the Monday entry already and I still have nothing for ya.

Also, I think you're very brave to hit makeup counters alone. For whatever reason, I feel like I need a shoulder to lean on and some extreme guidance. Maybe I'll print your entry and take a trip to the mall. ;o)

Man 1987 was only a year after I was born. I have been thinking lately about the fact that I'm about to turn 22 and can't help but wonder... Does that mean I'm kinda getting old, or am I way young? It's so confusing!

Congrats on the new clothes and makeup! I absolutely love shopping, and just hearing someone else mention it makes me happy. :)

Glad you had a great shopping trip!! And, I am excited for you that you are excited about returning to work! And that schedule is awesome!

Hey, that's the same shift I work and it's great. I hope you like it (sounds like you will).

Okay, congrats on the new goods from Sephora. I'm anxious to hear how the primer works. I have never been able to talk myself into buying the Smashbox primer. Instead I'm using the Monistat stuff that was recommended in Amalah's comments. Dude, it rocks and is only $7!

We get to see pictures of your Sephora score, but not your new clothes? Come on, the internet demands pictures.

And could little Kara get any cuter??!! I heart her!

Congrats on your awesome shopping finds. I've been thinking a lot about that "nobody looks inside your pants" comment too. I even ordered a bigger pair of jeans this week, because I'm seriously fooling NO ONE in these size 10s. NO ONE.

And yes, I want pics of the clothes, as well as more of Miss Kara. I love her repertoire of facial expressions.

What an awesome work schedule. Ann Taylor Loft has great clothes and they seem to fit the shape of a woman's body. Especially one that has had a baby;0) I know it is expensive, but I love it cause the clothes fit so well. Hope your first day back at work was ok.

Isabel: Seven-dollar primer? Where were you when I needed you?!

Erica: My first day back at work isn't until March 5, and thank goodness, because I won't get my hair cut until Saturday.

Good deal on the work timing. Missing the traffic is just the thing to do. There is then a net saving of work day time. Joy.

Raising Arizona is so fantastic. As our work schedules that, well, work.

THanks to amalah I too LOVE sephora...and we don't even have it here, I have to order online and pay the ripoff exchange rate and shipping costs and my skin thanks me every day. And NO ONE looks at labels is such wonderful, liberating wisdom. Thank you:)
ps - if you want other ideas for your parents blog can you write about your napping routine for Kara? I'm getting desperate and looking for ideas and inspiration!

Kara totally looks more like you every time I 'see' her. Cute cute cute!

I've been battling an illness for over a year, I'm really excited to go shopping again. I haven't been to a clothing shop since September! Because of illness I've gained some weight, so I'll have to make peace with larger [but oh so cute and comfy!] sizes too. Then when I'm better, I'll totally be exercising again and I'll be able to have oh so cute and comfy smaller sizes again.

It's all cycles.

"And when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand."
"You ate sand?"
Had to thrown one more in there from Raising Arizona. ;)

YAY, Sephora! It's one of my favorite things about living in NYC.
Girl, I did the same thing in NY and Co. And I DID eventually end up back at Motherhood! My best friend saw me in my undies the other day and said I look like a toothpick with a little life-preserver around my waist and 2 water balloons on my chest. Nice.
Congrats on your most excellent work schedule--sounds like that is gonna be great!

Needless to say? Kara = huggable. ack!

Oooh I love hearing about your shopping spree. I gotta say, it was good for me, too. Even if the pants are giving you trouble. That Christina is right -- no one knows what size the pants are. Glad you found some things!!

Be sure to let us know how that Philosophy stuff works out. If it doesn't work and/or you want to try something different/cheaper, I started using the Neutrogena Stress Relief line and it made a huge difference for me.

Oh my god, I just love that shock of dark hair...

I love that Clinique eye stuff. There's also a great Avalon Organics night cream that really seems to smooth away the eye lines overnight.

That babe sure is a cutie.

I love that so many of you went to Raising Arizona. I was on Youtube trying to write down the closing scene from that very film. That and The Never Ending Story. The long scene with Atreyu and the Gmork. In the end I pooped out and did nothing. Watch out for "The Nothing".

I totally congratulate you on your thoughts about sizing. We DO get so hung up on that sometimes. Reading what you wrote is rather liberating!

And that is great news about your work schedule.

And I'm also with Molly on her comment. Makeup counters intimidate me. So we can all make a trip to the mall together so our fears can be relieved!

Oh, Sephora. I miss Sephora. Madison does not have a Sephora. In fact, Madison is entirely devoid of Philosophy products. This makes me sad. But let me know how the acne stuff works anyway (I can always order online).

And Clinique does make an awesome oil-free foundation with SPF: Barely There. It's a super-light foundation---more like tinted sunscreen---so I don't have to worry so much about blending or looking cakey. Love it.

Good luck with the clothes shopping. Just remember that fashion hates women and you made a little human with that body of yours.

I tried to email, but my computer hates me sometimes...anyway...depending on what side of town you live on/where you like to shop, there is a Sephora in JCPenny at the Greenwood mall. No Express though!! Let us know how your new products work out. I am in desprate need to up grade from Neutrogena

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