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February 11, 2008


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I too love the hotness that is Matthew Fox. Lost would be pointless without him (although, to be fair, I love Sawyer too, for the exact opposite reasons).

Aw, good luck with the shots! Kara is ADORABLE, by the way.
Also- I think your hair looks pretty! (I have curly hair, too, and it isn't nearly as pretty and shiny as yours).

I can't wait- and I think your hair still has a loooong way to go until it looks like Hurley's. But a haircut sure makes me feel better. Kara is so adorable. Happy 8 weeks!

assvice... if your comfortable with it give her tylenol before you go. My Ped suggested it to me. And for you? Maybe a shot of tequila. Good luck to you Bree, I cried when Nathan cried.
Cant wait to hear her new stats, too.
I like your hair long, btw.
Happy 8 week birthday sweet-sweet girl!!

Soooooo CUTE! I say keep the baby pics coming!

Oh come on, you're much cuter than Hugo "Hurley" Reyes!

Matthew Fox would certainly work well in the scenario for TLF II which I proposed BK (Before Kara). I'm all for whatever works best for you...

oh no, shots! I hope it all goes well (for baby AND Mama!)

And your hair is WAY better than Hurley's ;) hehe

I love the picture of Kara with the pink elephant :)

It will be awful, and you will cry, but it will be over quick. Alyssa just got her 2 year shots recently and I still cried.

I would LOVE for TLF to continue!!!

And your hair is cute!!!

So is it actually, the Oceanic 7 and not 6?

I would love for TLF to continue, but I'm afraid my fiction writing skills are abysmal. I might need to watch from the sidelines for a couple of weeks before mustering up the courage to try penning an installment of my own.

Brain Fest Friday sounds like it will be completely awesome!

Kirk: You're lucky I have no idea what you're talking about. Luke and I are only on the second disc of Lost's third season; we're taping the current episodes until we're caught up enough to watch them.

Your hair is not even close to that guy's (sorry, i don't watch Lost, forgot his name).

I do tend to comment more on blogs when they ask me a question, I have to admit. Otherwise, I feel like I give unintentional ass-vice. So I like BFFs!

I'm digging on the long hair. I assume you'll be getting a cut when you're in the city next weekend? (Seeing me?!) I can't promise anything on the TLF front since I'm barely any good to my own blog right now, but I promise to enjoy the heck out of it. :o)

Let me know how the appointment goes. I'm cringing for you.

You (and Kara) look adorable. Really, your hair looks cute. And um, I love Kara and the picture of her in the hat I made. It makes my heart ache to see that.

(Did I tell you where I got that yarn for Kara's hat? When Ken's grandma passed away, I was given all of her yarn. I thought that green yarn was the perfect color for babies and I wanted Grandma's legacy to live on....so I've been making baby hats with it.)

And about TLF....since I never read VC Andrews books, I'm not sure I would do it justice. My stories would all about about ME making out with Jack. And Charlie.

Oh, hecks to the yeah on the TLF getting started back up. But I'm in Isabel's boat, never read any VC Andrews.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Now, go try to jump on some dynamite there jumbotron.

(You really aren't a jumbo-tron, but we just rewatched a season three episode, where Sawyer calls Hurley Jumbo-tron, as well as International House of Pancakes. And well, since you made the Hurley comparison, I thought it was free game.)

Kara looks so adorable in that hat! Her cheeks are to die for! So adorable! Isabel is so awesome.
I think your hair looks great! You are looking fabulous Mama! :)

No she is NOT 8 weeks old. When did that happen?? she's sooo cute and lovely! And you? Nothing like Hugo -- your hair is much more enviable. As for Matthew Fox...thank you...I needed a dose of hottness!

There is no such thing as too many baby pics of Kara! She's adorable...good luck with the shots.

Car seat Kara looks like she is ready to go. What a baby! Always thinking.

Yes! I will read anything if it relates in any way to my Matthew Fox fantasies! Bonus points if you can fit Sawyer in there too.

I also think your hair is cute, but I know how much BETTER I feel when I get 2 pounds of hair cut off. Go for it!

Can't wait to hear Kara's 2 month weight and height - she's adorable, as always!

I've been reading through your archive for the last two weeks and now I'm caught up so I can play too! I love love love TLF and I'm up for doing anything I can to help it continue!

Also I think your hair is so very cute at its current length. And I cannot believe how much hair Kara has! Absolutely adorable.

Incidentally, I tried the spinach dip this week and I think I must have had too much spinach. I've got a little left in the fridge, I'm going to doctor it and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

She is so cute! I want to chomp on those chubby cheeks...

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