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February 28, 2008


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Fact: Kara has the best hair ever.
Fact: That is a fabulous sweater.
(I'm in a Dwight mood today.)

I think you should do song lyrics for BFF. Or? How about Worst Bathroom Incident? (Or Best Bathroom Incident, depending on how you look at it...)

p.s. - Kara is the best ever. That is a fact.

p.p.s. - If I was feeling in a Dwight mood, I would have to say "shun" and "un-shun" with corresponding arm movements everytime I said something. LOVE it!

omg, i want to eat her up! she is DELICIOUS!

I love the song lyrics BFF, but I think it should be a twist: the lyrics you THOUGHT and the actual lyrics (ie, "revved up by a douche in the middle of the night..."

I cannot even begin to tell you how highly I recommend the Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation. I have problem skin what with the oil and the acne, and this foundation covers beautifully without looking like you've caked on a mask of makeup. It looks very natural, and there are a bunch of colors to pick from so that you can find the right one for you :)

And oh, Kara is just such a little beauty!! I love how it looks like she's rocking the faux hawk in that picture! Gwen Stefani would be proud.

Mmmm cake. Have a great first day back! Sounds like you are doing great already!!

We must all be on the same wave-length--I was thinking Song Lyrics for BFF! You could also do the song that gets stuck in your head and won't come out.

Kara=Gorgeous. You co-workers are gonna freak.

Are you using the sealer/primer/whatever it is called in the philosophy acne set? I couldn't use it b/c it made my makeup peel off and/or look like I left a clear face mask on.
Try the face wash, lotion, smashbox primer, foundation combo and see how that works before you retrun the foundation. My skin is a lot happier with it.

Liz - that's so funny. The correct lyrics are: "revved up by a douche by a ROLLER in the night."

I had chocolate pudding for breakfast... do you think that counts as "health food"?

Love the new wardrobe.
LOVE Kara's rock-star hair.


Awesome clothes spread! You will totally rock the back to work look :)

Liz and TasterSpoon: I'm racking my brain to figure out what song you're spoofing, and I've got nothin'.

dcfullest: Interesting observation. Tomorrow I'll skip the sealant and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

I do SPF and foundation separately. For SPF, I use the Clinique Sheer Oil-Free City Block SPF25. It's non-greasy and my face stays unshiny for the day. I do use the SPF in place of a morning moisturizer, though. Then I can use whatever I want for foundation.

(If you go with the City Block, do NOT let them talk you into the SPF45. It's an entirely different formulation and feels greasier and will totally make you shiny. Is no good.)

Frema, it's Blinded By the Light, made famous by Manfred Mann.

The correct lyrics are: "And he was blinded by the light/cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night/Blinded by the light/he got down but he never got tight, he's gonna make it (alright) tonight"

No matter what, it's still a douche in the middle of the night in my book!

Oh look, OF COURSE there's a whole Wiki post about it (including deuce vs douche). Also, I'm not cool enough to know how to do a hyperlink in comments, so:

You are ready for the world of business. It was a lot of work to get ready, but nice job. The baby is a wonderful sleeper. She is a joy.

I'm sure Austin Powers would have the perfect line for your new wardrobe, but I cannot attempt. I do love them, though, especially your new sweater and the shirt next to your purse.

I'm so jealous of your new clothes for the body that you've recently reclaimed as your own, right as I head down Frump Lane, haha.

Give me a buzz when you have a minute (which is code for, an hour plus) to chat. :o)

LOVE that bag. I believe the perfect Austin Powers line would be, "Yeah, baby!"

Is there anything sweeter than chubby sleeping baby cheeks? I think not.

Not only am I totally jealous of your colleagues getting to meet Kara, I am also majorly jealous of the new wardrobe!!!

de-lurking to ask: do you let your primer dry completely before applying the foundation? same thing happened to me with smashbox primer until i gave it a minute to dry on its own.

also...since i'm one of those people who has drunk the bare minerals kool-aid, i recommend that over anything else, especially for oily/acne-prone skin like mine. at least give it a try in the store :).

I LOVE the new wardrobe! Such cute pieces! Now I want to go on a shopping spree. Actually, I just bought a dress on sale for $42 over the weekend and I used the wedding to justify it. Clearly I can wear it to my shower or the rehearsal dinner AND I can take it on my honeymoon! Of course I HAVE to buy it.

I love it when you end your post with a picture of that sweet sweet little baby!

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