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March 20, 2008


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I think this is fantastic! Now, I am not saying that as a hit against your writing skills. I will miss your posts tremendously :-) (Yours is one of the blogs I check even if my feed reader shows no updates, just in case.) I just think it's fabulous that you're setting a boundary and making a change that you can see that you need. I am so not good at doing that, so it is inspiring to me to see others do it.

We'll miss you but I'm proud of you for making this call. Family is more important than the internet, whether we want to admit it or not. So get a nice, long baby head fix. We'll see you soon.

I say, good for you for taking care of yourself. Your real life needs you.

See you soon...

That's not my comment above.

Take all the time you need, sweetie. All the time you need.

We will be here when you return :-) Your family and your sanity are waaaayyy more important! And, good for you for being able to admit to it! Have fun with that adorable baby!!

Honey, do what you need to do. Enjoy your baby while you can! The internets will live and will be here when ever you get back.

Please don't feel bad. You've got so much on your plate right now. This struggle, this "working mom" think is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and it seems like it's going about the same for you. Good luck.

Take your break, love every minute of it!
I wish you the very best in finding this new version of yourself and then learning to balance it all as well. I struggle nearly every day with- who am I now? I am still trying to figure it out. Take care of yourself and your family, take as long as you need. I know I will be here when you are ready, I bet the rest of "us" will be too.

Sounds like you've got all your ducks in a row and know what you need to do and what can be put on the back burner for a bit. I know that whenever I take a break from my blog (hello, 5 regular readers!) I feel guilty and anxious about losing readers, too. But then I actually LIVE my life and realize I could care less. :) Enjoy your break, and take as long as you need.
And if you want to ever do something in the real world, let me know!

Good for you!
I know that it will be like that when I go back to work.
That's something that I always need to remind myself, too - to take care of myself.
Take care!
And know that there will be readers to read all about what you have to say when and if you feel like you can sanely return. :-)

I think one of the most difficult things about motherhood is admitting defeat, or rather that even if you don't want them to, things have to change. You'll be a saner person for acting on your own behalf, and as PP have said: Don't worry--we'll still be here when and if you decide to come back!

Ps: I found that being back at work got easier after a month or two. It's not so much that you miss the baby less, it's that you've transitioned into the next phase and get used to it. :( It helps if you know your child has a great caretaker (and yours does) and if you like some aspects of your job/working.

You will be dearly missed, but snuggle that little baby as much as you want. She smells better than the internet, anyway. Probably even when she poops.

Bravo! I never know when to say "when".

I will miss you too, but good for you for setting priorities and limits for yourself. Enjoy your family, and we'll be here when you get back!

Jeez, no need to beat yourself up. Blogs are a huge burden, psychologically if nothing else, feeling like you "owe" your public. But you don't.

Your (real life) friends will know what you're up to anyway, and to your internet fans you were undoubtedly a lucky find so they take what they can get but hardly expect anything.

Busyness and overwork and tiredness aside, this is one of those times in your life you'll never be able to get back; it's great you've decided to throw yourself into your family 100%.

We'll miss you but seriously- only you know what you need to do for your baby and your family, and most importantly, YOU! The Internet will be here when you've got things back in order- be it 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years ;) Go have fun with that baby!!

Oh, Frema - you just wrote my life story! Even though I'm not working a job outside the home now, I've done the mommy / working combo and IT IS SO HARD. I thought staying home might afford me a few luxuries that I didn't have when I WAS working, including things like blogging and reading blogs. It has definitely not worked out that way. I think all the time about writing, but it is just so damn hard to fit it in.

We all take on waaaaaay too much as moms, and most of us never listen to the nagging voice in our heads that says "Just STOP - what are the actual priorities here?" Good for you for actually doing it!

I'll definitely be checking in on your parents blog. Enjoy your break and that gorgeous little girl! (Oh my God how I adore her hair!)

Oh my gosh, we love you and when you return, we'll still be here. You rock!

Look at it this way, I can barely keep up with my own blog because of a stressful job and a wedding. I am amazed that you've been able to keep up with all of this for so long! You deserve a break, girl!

Oh, Frema! Take a well deserved break! We love you and we'll await your return. And we'll still love you then!

Hugs to you Frema! Do what you need to do. It's amazing how one little baby can totally shift priorities. Yea Motherhood!

Bree-I admire you for taking on so much for THIS long. It's hard. SO HARD to find that balance. Especially when you have those cheeks to snuggle up to. Good luck and don't forget about the Ladyblogs! (Not that you ever COULD forget us:)

Good for you Bree! Draw that line where it needs to be to make your life better. Of course, you will be missed, but it's better for us internets to miss you than for Kara and Luke.


Another well thought out choice. It is a joy to see your thoughts work out answers to truly hard problems.

Don't worry, every new working mom goes through this. You'll get it, and then everything will just click. But until then you will feel unorganized and crazy. And during that time you should be enjoying your free time with your family :)

Can't wait for you to come back!

How dare you think that your precious new baby, your awesome husband, your family, and your career are more important then us people inside your computer and "Tragic Love Friday"?

Oh right...because they are more important.

We'll be here (excitedly) when you find some free time.

(Oh, and posting pictures of sweet Kara without any words are totally allowed and don't take any time to do!)

Everyone else has already said it better than I can.

Taking care of you, your baby and husband are way more important than anything else could be.

Changes take time to adjust to, so take your time and feel better.

I'll be here when you get back - and it looks like a lot of other people will be too.

And this is why we all love you...
Good for you for making this call, lady! Enjoy living the good life. See ya on Parents!

I'm glad you're gonna try to take it easy on yourself sister. I'm sorry I made you cringe with my comment. I know you know that I didn't mean to make you do that. I love you and hope you're having a great weekend!!


Well, you amaze me. Really. Do your thing. We'll be here. You are amazingly talented and a fantastic Mama. That is very very obvious. Enjoy your babe. Enjoy your husband. You deserve it all. Have a fantastic weekend.

Taking time for yourself and your family is THE most important thing! Do your thing! Be happy! We're all going to still be here when you get back!

Aww! Good luck adjusting to this huge new phase in your life. You can do it!- you can find the best way to do all you need and want to do for yourself and your family.
I'll keep checking back from time to time, even if just to look at your scrumptious baby :)

I miss you already but will be sure to keep up with your Parents blog. And good on you for making the best decision for your baby :) Enjoy her and keep taking the time to smell her little head as she snuggles in your arms!

It always hard to find good balance when you have kids, whether you are writing a blog or just managing everyday tasks. It's hard for everyone. Don't put yourself down for having to put something aside or take a break. If someone judges you because you didn't get the laundry done or you can't "get into the rhythm of things", that person obviously doesn't care about all the things in their life that you do. Outward appearances are not everything in life. Luke and Kara will always be more important and you already know that. Some people have to find out the hard way.

Take your break. Take as long as you need. People that care about you will understand. Kara is only going to be little once, so snuggle that baby until you can't snuggle anymore.

I miss that new baby smell. xD It's nice when they cuddle up to you and sleep and you're just like WEE GOTTA HUG!!

Welcome to "falling out of love with your blog part I" It's happened to me several times and you'll come around to it. BUT FOR HELL'S SAKE DON'T EVEN TRY BEFORE YOU'RE READY. In fact, when you think you're ready wait three more days. What's even better is you'll find out who your loyal fans and readers are, the ones who will stick by you when you leave to take care of yourself. And what's EVEN BETTER, is that dozens of more people (strangers, lurkers, stumblers) will love you immediately for your honesty.

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