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March 11, 2008


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I love your money posts. They are always inspiring. It's so tempting to DO something with that extra money before it gets dwindled away at Olive Garden. We have our tax refund and our "economic stimulus" money coming and we, also, are trying to choose the most honorable avenue. But I need a new kitchen floor!

Good lord, but Kara is cute. And expressive. And she looks just like you! That must make Luke's days much more enjoyable.

That dimple on her right cheek just slays me. Too cute!

We're dealing with many of the same issues currently, and it is hard to decide. I told my husband I'd like him to contribute to an IRA, and the other stuff will fall into place eventually. Even though an apartment isn't our dream home, we have a roof over our heads for now and a retirement account will help go towards having a roof over our heads when we retire. It's tough though, because all of the other options are reasonable too. Good luck in making your decisions!

I was nodding right through your post with you, and am so jealous of how on track you are. I won't even utter the words, If We Could Only Sell That Damn House. (I did.) Kevin and I decided to sock money away in a Roth this year, though I'm getting a little nervous on whether we'll be able to follow through with it now that we have a surprise baby coming, a surprise car to buy, and are still paying, surprise, two mortgages.

We've still got nine months left in the year, though, and that's a positive.

Oh wait -- also, I was laughing out loud with your picture commentary!! I love it!!

I know I'm the VERY LAST PERSON ON EARTH from whom anyone should take financial assvice, but we just opened an ING Direct Savings Account with Henry's money (kid's barely two and has more money than us!). Rather than earning a crappy interest rate at the back, it's earning around 3% in interest until we decide what to do with this cash.

I also love your money posts, they are so ORGANIZED! *sigh*

I'd love for you to do a financial makeover on me, but I'd be SO EMBARRASSED about what we have and make.

The only point I would like to make about Luke's car- is it still reliable? Reason I ask- DH and I just came to agreement- the person who has the baby gets the "good" car. We have a '94 Taurus and an '05 Mazda 6. (At least, we did... stupid drunk neighbor! see my site :( ) If, heaven forbid, something happens to the Lumina, what is your contingency plan? I ask because you are much better at this than I, and it's a situation we're facing as well.

Professor Art Nerd: I drive a 2005 Cobalt to work every day (aka the "good" car) because I'm not used to all the nuances of the Lumina and oftentimes Luke won't ever leave the house. If the Lumina craps out, we've talked about Luke driving me to work on the days he'd want the car. A pain in the ass, definitely, but the most affordable option right now.

However, to ensure Kara's safety in BOTH vehicles, we bought the Chicco Key Fit 30. According to the inspectors we met with, it's the only infant car seat to pass every crash test. Works for us!

I, too, love your money posts. But I love those photo captions even more. No mustang for my 16th birthday??

I vividly remember thinking how UNFAIR LIFE IS when all my friends got cars from their parents and I was stuck buying a crappy 12-year old Jetta with my hard-earned cash. But I really feel that it taught me to be financially responsible, and I'm in much better money shape than most of my friends now. There's no way I'm buying my future children a car. Sorry, kiddos! Unless I win the lottery. Then, maybe I'll share.

OMG The first smile picture! UGH- *grabs ovary*.
Our thinking around here is very similiar, I mean Mike is driving a 94 Saturn and ho-boy do we want to replace it but she's still running and until she kicks the bucket we are keeping it.
Since we already have a house we have gone with the savings account for Nate. My 401K stauts is pretty good so we are just letting it do its thing.
It is the ideal time for you guys to buy a house, if you were to make that decision. Not having a house to sell and the market's condition you could get something much better than you may think you can afford.

That dimple? To die for!! Oh my gosh! You're so screwed, you're totally buying her a car. and maybe a pony!

We did our will a couple years ago, and while I was pretty blah about the whole thing, once it was done? HUGE relief. I think you can buy software & do it yourself for a very reasonable cost. Although we did it the expensive, pay a lawyer way.

Your blog reminds me of playboy, I want to say I come here to read the articles, but really, we all know I come just for the adorable pictures of the cutest haired little girl I've ever seen!

Christina: I know! If only we were in a position to capitalize on the real estate market right now. But the last thing we want to do is buy something, score a job that can move us closer to our families (our ultimate goal), and lose all that money. Or worse yet, have to turn down the job because our house won't sell.

Pink Herring: My parents actually did buy me my first car when I was a sophomore in college: an Oldsmobile Cutlass that was already ten years old! I wouldn't mind helping my kids get a beater like that. But nothing brand-new or fancy.

Delurking to 1) say you have a very cute kiddo :) and 2) I recommend getting Dave Ramsey's 'Total Money Makeover' book. He's on the radio and has a bunch of books...which is why I gave my husband the 'look' when he came home with it....but it totally works and it gives you an idea where to start your saving and where to go from there. I highly recommend it....we were able to do some serious savings on some very sad salaries (without eating ramen). Hope it helps!

Real estate is always the way to go. In 2 years you will get your money back and not to mention the great write off at tax time. The market will be stronger in 2 years. My 2nd choice would be a roth ira. The roth will also be great way to save for Kata too.
p.s. what a cutie

You guys are so awesome (in all ways, but I was thinking financially). Most Americans are buried in debt. We are. I calculated yesterday that if we had no debt, we could EASILY live on my husband's $12/hour job. Yes, we'd be stuck in our crappy 750 sq. ft. apartment, but it would be possible. But no, we have (what feels like) billions of dollars of debt. Sigh. Your responsibility is inspiring. It is rare to find that in a person, but even more rare to find two married people who feel the same way!

I loved the picture commentary!!

I think that you and Luke are making very good decision where money is concerned. The fact that you contribute to your 401k is awesome and something that alot of people our age don't take advantage of.

Something you could do is not fully fund a Roth for Luke right now. Put some money in, and maybe take some and put it into some kind of cash account that is earning decent interest. That way, if something were to happen to Luke's car, you would have some saved. And, with the market being so volatile right now, interest rates may go up.

Just like everyone else, I love your money posts. Sounds like you guys are on your way to being totally "set". And that, my friend, is a good feeling.

We save and sock away all that we can right now. While we don't have a lot of "cash", we have money in good places...like savings, and CDs, and (of course) real estate. We've hoping that with our third house (hold me!) one of us we'll be able to quit their job. It's a hard road now, but it will be good in the long run.

I know I've told you before, but we also put "$1 a day" into an account for Babboo, plus we double that amount on his birthday. It's a plan we came up with before he was born. We're not sure what the "restrictions" for using the money will be...college, travel, car, but he'll have to make some choices to "earn" it.

Recently we also started using the "Keep the Change" program at our bank in a separate "Disneyland account" for the kid, as well as putting all of our change into the account. We'll use that money to go to Disneyland as a family. It will take a while to get enough money-but we figure it's will be a good lesson for him as he gets older.

Anyway...keep these money posts coming.

Very fine money thoughts. You have it very much together.

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