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March 14, 2008


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TLF foreva!

Okay, first off, what do you mean when you say "bringing these characters back to life. Literally, for some."??!! I got giddy just reading that line.

* My fave was probably Jenna. Maybe because she was so tragic. And maybe because I related to her, although I'm not sure why.
* Kayla was my least favorite. But not because I didn't like her character (it was so important to the story), but because I didn't like her as a person.
* I think David died too soon. Is that considered a "loose end"?
* I want to see more of Jenna kicking Kayla's ass in part 3. And more about Katherine, of course.
* I know what I can't do without....I can't do without the naive sex scenes. More, please.
* Favorite couple? Kayla and Michael...but only because it was SO tragic.
* Well, the most defining moments are any that include a rape. So...there is more then one.

Dude, TLF IS tragic. I miss it so. I can't wait!!

Oh, and how could I forget to mention THE COMMENTS...both grown up Frema's comments AND the readers comments. That aspect of TLF is priceless.

I am new to TLF, and can I just say? I. Can. Not. Wait. I just spent the last, ooohh, 30 minutes reading the recaps (unless you happen to be my boss, then I was laughing out loud in my cubicle about nothing more than the hilarity that is child care center evaluations). I would love to read the entire series, but I know I'd get nothing done all day. And? I might be fired... But then I could just find the brother of a best friend's sister to hook up with and I be right back on track!

I'm having surgery on Thursday. I'm going to re-read the entire TLF archive as I recover at home. Can't wait! Wish there was a printed version!

Knowing what I do about what part 3 has in store, I am super excited to see next week's installment. It's going to be so great!

To answer your questions:
1. Michael. Just because his stupidity and bad decisions have lead to some of the best TLF moments ever.
2. Cassie. But I think that's just because she hasn't had much development thus far. I think if we get to know her better, I'll like her more.
3. Jenna, for sure. I mean, she had the Folger's Account stolen right from under her nose! Doesn't get much more tragic than that.
4. None that aren't on their way to being tied up already. :)
5. Tragedy. Love. Betrayal. Babies.
6. Ummm....nothing. I love it all.
7. Michael and Kay, for sure. Because of how incredibly dense he was about the whole thing.
8. Ohhh...tough question. I think probably any time someone's baby belly went *pop*!

This may be old news to some of y'all...but thought I'd share anyway - The Return of 90210!


I also can't wait for what comes out next week! (Of course, it probably won't have Lil' Frema's adorable mis-spellings, but then, nothing is perfect.)

Arg. The tiny url is to an article. I'm sure you can read all about it via Google.

OMG... I can't wait for the new season!

I really need to get off my bum and do some reading. I'm going to Denver for a girls weekend and I will have some time to kill on the airplane. Perhaps I'll have some printed work to bring with me?

And dude? What's the deal with the return of 90210????

I was a personal fan of the Jenna-Michael marraige, of course until he went and cheated with his new pal Kay. Awful.

I thought the most tragic character was poor Katherine, caught in the middle of the giant mess, with her own lost baby to boot. I would love to hear more about her (she was a survivor by the end of the sequel, yes?)

It would be fun if you decided to bring a person or two back. You know, like their death didn't REALLY happen, because hell, that happens in soaps all the time. Maybe David did survive that car crash so early on, and was so afraid of the double baby mama situation that he decided to go into hiding?

I was always so happy on All My Children and General Hospital when my favorite characters came back from the dead...some of them a couple times.

I agree with Audrey, since I already know some detail, I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!!!

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