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March 12, 2008


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That right there is one of the things keeping me from going to the gym. I went for a couple of weeks, then we all got sick. Now I don't want to go back because it will eat up our whole evening, it feels like. Sigh. I tell myself that I'll be a better mother if I exercise because I'll have more energy. I've already committed to the gym for a year; I guess it won't hurt to just GO for a few weeks and see if I feel like it's worth it.

I'm full of ass-vice, which I am keeping to myself. How 'bout I saw something you can agree with? Kara is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Just hang in there- eventually you will all settle into a routine, you'll get the hang of the new schedule with work and Kara. Having a screwy schedule wreaks major havoc on my eating habits, I know that! You're still doing WAY better at this stage than I was PP ;)

With all the extra evening light I too am getting overly excited about post-work activities. Picnic dinners in the park and then running around! Walks around the block after dinner! If only the temperature would PICK A STEADY RANGE these things might be possible. Gah. All in good time, I suppose.
On work days with a small child, the best I can manage in the winter is 20-30 minutes of yoga in the evenings after he's asleep. I save the sweaty workouts for the weekend.

AMEN. I can do fine until and through lunch time at work. I pack snacks that are good for me and a lunch of dinner leftovers and salad. Then there are only 3 hours left to the workday. But I always end up hitting the strategically placed candy jars around my floor or the vending machine. At least I have learned that if I don't BRING Hershey Kisses to stash in my drawer, I won't EAT them. (sometimes I'm even too lazy to walk to the chocolate jar)

We are still planning our dinners in advance to get the most grocery bang for the buck, so if we do halfway decent with that I'm okay because I feel too guilty eating out during the week. But there is still ice cream after E's bedtime.

I pay $55 a month for the guilt of never going to the gym. It's AWESOME. The best I can manage right now is a few jaunts around the neighborhood with the jogging stroller each week. You do what you can.

I'm all revved up after reading the comments at your Parents post. Very interesting stuff!

My God she's adorable. I just can't say that enough. I love that we got a little shot of those legs, too.

Kara, Daddy is right!

Oh, that onesie is just the most precious thing!!

Good luck with your weight loss challenge--the first few days of getting into exercise mode are always the hardest for me, but I KNOW you can do it!!

Um NO! And Im home all day and I still struggle with getting to the gym. My main problem is (oh god im going to jinx it) Nathan sleeps till 10, by the time he's eaten and dressed and Im dressed its about 11, the childcare at the gym is only open until 12. So Im stuck waiting on Spring. too.
I have lost my weight but I look and feel different. I know the only thing I can do at this point is move... its just not easy to work it in with nap and feeding schedules and laundry and cooking and cleaning and, and, and. What Im saying is this "situation" as you put it, is a very valid excuse.
Keep up the good work though, eventually all of the pieces will fall into place. Eating well during the day still counts as progress!
and once again, I want to gobble up your child!

I am trying so hard to eat better, but like you, I have problems AFTER work and school. And weekends are terrible. I do work out every week, but not as much as I'd like. I need a new system.

Best picture of Kara ever! What a cutie pie.

That sounds so hard. I could not function on that little sleep day after day. I can see why you wouldn't want to add on one more thing.

It does sound like Spring might take care of itself - you guys are so eager to show Kara the outdoors you can't help but be out there, too. But of course it's frustrating until then.

I read recently that you can improve fitness by stretching. (I think it was research showing that people who lifted weights and stretched gained 30% more strength than people who just lifted the same weights.) Maybe that's something you could do, inside, with Kara?

I've been really exhausted these days too and I don't even have a baby. I've been trying to work out a lot, but my exhaustion from working out and not getting enough sleep has made me want to eat more...and I'm not talking fruit and veggies.

How can a second helping of ice cream be so wrong when it feels so right?

I always found great weight loss motivation in the springtime. Something with finally being able to get out of the house and see the sunshine is really motivating. You guys will be putting those miles on the stroller in no time, and Kara will love it.

I love that onesie!!

no WAY I'd leave that face for longer than I have to. That is the CUTEST baby ever!

only 16 lbs to lose? *sigh* I wish I was you.

Oh mah word. She's a baby now! A personality smiley baby, not a little teeny tiny infant!

And no, with that waiting for me, there's no way I'd be on a treadmill.

Omg, She's absolutely GORGEOUS! Nope, i'd be ditching the treadmill too. You are almost to your goal. I've got 15 to go too.

Love that face!

Ok, Frema, so I usually just lurk. But after all these absolutely adorable pictures of your new addition, I have to say something. She is seriously like the cutest, most snuggly looking baby. And I've never seen a baby that young resemble a parent (you, of course!) SO much!

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