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March 05, 2008


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I have the best weight loss tip ever. No, seriously, it works. Get the flu! It totally worked for me to get rid of 5 stubborn post-baby pounds. I mean, it wasn't fun feeling half dead and missing work and not eating for 3 days and then having a minimal appetite for 3 more, but hey, I really can't complain about how my pants fit now.

I can't tell you how many of those pizzas (and the cookies too!) we had after the birth of my daughter. So many. For me, eating became easier when my daughter developed food allergies. Not that I would wish that on anyone, but it made things...simpler. We "cook" dishes with only a few ingredients (most of the time).
She gets cuter every day!

Look at what a genius Kara is - holding her own toy! Amazing how fast they develop isn't it? Oh and the weight will go, or it won't go, and we'll still love reading about your perfect baby :)

Sounds like you are on the right track... eat well when you have the time and energy and don't worry about it the other times. The times when you have the energy will be more and more frequent as Kara grows up. Good luck!!

I wouldn't beat yourself up too much. You've only been back at work a couple days, and your routine and Luke's time at home with Kara haven't had a chance to settle out. Most importantly, you are aware of your nutritional issues, which is a great first step.

I love the expression on Kara's face - "Who knew world domination would be this easy. What should I do next?"

Oh, I hear ya, honey! I lost all the baby weight by 3-4 months post pardem, but within a year, I was back up 5-8 lbs. The fatigue and the lack of me-time starts to wear on you...and pizza is easy and cookies give you quick energy.
The key is to not feel guilty about it--you are doing what your body wants, just as you probably tried to do (and rightly so!) while nourishing Kara inside you.
Add a little sweat and trade some cookies for an apple and it'll come off. Good luck :P

Go, working mom! You are awesome.
I'm going to be a working mom, too, so I'll be looking for advice by the end of 2008.

I have to agree with you about work making it easier to lose weight -- I seriously had a way easier time losing weight while teaching than I did at home, just because there's a whole lot of self control involved when your kitchen is only a step or two away. That being said, once I got really serious and knew I had to do it, I did. And I will have to again, after this baby arrives. Cheers to the Bowl Full of Jelly (and baby!) Club.

Going back to work will definitely help you lose the weight - no cookies and chips calling your name from the kitchen. Once you guys get settled into good routine, you'll figure out quick and healthy things to do for dinner.

Glad to hear about your first day back on the other site. Sounds like it went pretty smoothly. I hope it continues.

I wish you strength and a strong will. R was born December 2005. I lost the baby weight April 2007. And somehow, over the last year, five pounds creeped back on. I need a good stomach flu or something.

Aw crap, I just had this big, long comment typed out and I hit the "esc" button on accident.
I just can't get over how adorable Kara is. There really are no words.

Damn the snacks! Why do they have to be soooo good? Control yourself at the grocery store and it won't be so easy to cheat at home. And remember, your body just went through an amazing 9 month experience. Pace yourself. You did good on 2 out of 3 meals yesterday. That's S.U.C.C.E.S.S. girl! And wonderful spring walks with your cutie pie are right around the corner. (Goodness she's cute!)

I absolutely love that you do Weight Loss Wednesdays because I try very very hard to eat healthy. Not just because I want to look hot, but because I want to be healthy. Reading your blog and reading your hits and misses makes it easier for me to do good, and makes me not completely feel like a fatty when I mess up.
Thanks so much for being awesome enough to do this! And congrats on your victories so far! Honestly, I don't think 145 is bad at ALL! :) My goal is 136.

I know that I, personally, thrive more with a structured schedule. I'm actually a bit worried about the first few weeks, before we settle into a routine, than I am about going back to work. Oh, and the expected damage to my womanly bits, that part is scary too :)

Do you bring your lunch? I find that this is so much better, for me, than deciding what I want around 11am. Because at 11am? I always want Wendy's.

Good luck with your new schedule, and I hope you settle in pretty quickly.

On the other hand, since you will soon be the target weight, telling the BMV personnel your target weight is realistic because with your busy schedule you will be at your goal weight in no time. (Besides, I wonder how many people have accurate pound numbers listed on their driver's license.)

The picture is sweet. We miss her already.

A regular lunch at work will be a good thing. I do the same lunch each day at work. That is a constant and a move ahead. The baby has real grip, such a joy.

I totally get how hard it is. I'm up at 4:15 to work out and that means bed by 10. I don't know how you do it with an infant. It's hard enough with my two older ones. I'm cheering you on all the way!

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